How My Life Has Changed In Just 2 Months

How My Life Has Changed In Just 2 Months

The world as we know it feels like it has been turned upside down thanks to coronavirus. It’s a crazy time for all of us. We all have our own unique challenges that we have had to face through the crisis. We have had to adapt, adjust, pivot, and change things up in lives, businesses, and relationships. 

In the past two months, my life has been dramatically changed and I could not be happier.

Here is my story. 

On the 9th of March, I had finally come to terms with the fact that the event I wanted to run in May was not going to happen. The event went live in November and ticket sales were down compared to the previous year. I was up against fires nationwide and the last thing anyone wanted to do was plan ahead. So I gave it a rest and started up again in the new year to have a solid week of rain on my promo week and it flooded in our area where the event was going to be held. Nothing. It was natural disasters no1 and 2, flagging my attention but I didn’t listen.

I set myself the challenge of #failfastfebruary and I went all in to promote the event. I created a webinar with all the speakers, I ran epic Facebook ads, I created videos and a press release. I sold two more tickets that month. And it felt like I was not getting anywhere, I felt so defeated and March rolled around and I was hesitant to call it because I wasn’t sure I could invest more money into the event as well as the effort and energy that I had previously been running on. 

I was exhausted, grumpy and my family were feeling it. 

Just as I was evaluating what to do with the event good ol’ coronavirus came into play. If there was any chance left to really give it a go. How could I go up against it? That same weekend I was in Melbourne and the F1 race was canceled as too were other larger events. I was only going to run Business Basecamp with a capacity of max 200 people on site.

It was completely obvious, now was not the time to run an event. 

And perhaps the universe had something else in store for me.

The weeks leading up to the end of Business Basecamp I knew I wanted to write. I simply just wanted to write because I felt like it, as a creative outlet a way to express myself. I didn’t know what I was going to write but I just had this inner urge to do it. 

The coming weeks after making the big call and announcing I had canceled the event. I decided to close the business completely it came with a heavy heart but also a feeling of enlightenment. I then had to release all the feelings associated with the money I had spent setting up the company, locking in keynote speakers, the marketing budget, and then to pay back all of the ticket holders.

It was like someone had ripped a carpet out from under me and I had to take the hit.

My emotions were all over the place, happy to be lifted from the weight of responsibility of running the event to deep despair of feeling like a failure to lose a significant amount of money and not get to see it through. 

It wasn’t until I jumped on a call with my mentor Gail Larsen who called me out for playing small. I have had a way of continuously wanting to please people and put others first. I am not sure if it just from my country upbringing but taking the spotlight for anything used to make me feel so uncomfortable and through my eyes, I saw everyone else as better than myself. 

She suggested that I should write. It was like she knew what I had secretly been thinking about. I was put to the test, the coming 30 days I was to create an ebook of journal prompts and stories about all the ways I have given my power away in order to pleas others. YES, I am confessing to being a people pleaser but I am slowly stripping the layers away so I can stand on my own as my own being. 

The journey over the weeks reflecting on the ways I was doing it, woke me up. And as Gail keeps reminding me that ‘’our wound transformed is our gift to the world’’ I just couldn’t resist it anymore. The work that comes naturally to me should be what I am here to share, makes sense to me now. I have known it but not until now am I finally living it again (I use to live this way when we were on our farm). I have done it in the past but in the last few years somehow I got out of alignment. 

But I am back in it now and it feels fucking amazing

So things just kept falling into place. 

I created the ebook, The People Pleasers Guide to Freedom which is now available to running a course to help other people to prioritise their needs. Because that has been the game-changer in my life, so I walk them through the same process I took to land back on my feet. It’s powerful. The 14 women in the group all had significant changes in their life thanks to the course and it feels so good to share this work with them. 

You know you are on the right path when it is easy and effortless

And I am writing again. I have blog post ideas coming out of my mind continuously a book plan on my office wall and I am a happy human that my family likes being around again. 

This all would not have happened if I had not surrendered and kept trying to do something that was not working.  The universe always has our best interests in mind. And it’s our job to listen and observe the signs. 


It feels good to breathe

It feels great to live a life on purpose again

One with meaning, where I am in control of my life, I am standing tall, proud, and no longer people-pleasing.

What an epic two months. What have the last two months brought up for you?


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