I’m Lizzie Moult.

Podcaster, Storyteller, and adventurous Aussie country girl who’s here to teach you how to stop taking on other people’s shit so you can learn to trust yourself and your vision while feeling confident enough to create it.

The sun doesn’t apologize for shining & neither should you.


Others had expectations and responsibilities for you from the moment you opened your eyes to this world.

As a baby, it was what the doctors thought you should be doing.

As a child, it was what your parents wanted you to do.

As a teen, it was who your friends wanted you to be.

As an adult, it’s who your partner, kids, friends, and boss need you to be.

You’ve had to compromise the brilliant shine of your soul for that heavyweight of “shoulds” and expectations for so long.

And I get it.

It’s taken me over a decade of self-exploration to disrupt my need to be seen as ‘good’ and understand that I was ‘enough’—after waiting years for validation that never really came.

But trust me, there comes a time when that weight bears down a little too much and becomes unbearable.

There comes a time when the wind pushes you just close enough to the edge that you stop and think, “Fuck. Where do I fit into all this? When do I shine?”

I see you, giving soul.


You’ve spent so much time giving to others that your soul is depleted right now. You’re looking at the happiness you’ve created in others and thinking, “What the actual fuck?”

When do you get a taste of that? When do you get to let your hair down? When do you get to feel seen? When do you get to be held in a space where you can say what you mean, and others will receive you with love?

The truth is, you get to have that happiness whenever you want. You just have to decide when you’re ready to fight for it.

Because no one is coming to tell you when it’s time—not a text, meme, or podcast episode. The only person who can tell you when it’s time to fight for your voice, energy, and magic is you. And if you’re here reading this, I think that’s a pretty good sign that it’s time.

Holy Moly! Did I just read you like a book?

It’s probably because our stories are on the same shelf.

I know the pull you’re feeling to stop living under the weight of everyone else’s needs and expectations because I’ve been where you are.

Except I waited too long. I didn’t acknowledge the red flags until my business fell to pieces over six months. (Thanks to Australia’s worst ever bushfires, local flooding, and Covid!)

I had hit rock bottom. There was nothing left of my pride, confidence, or determination. I was a big ugly anxious mess on my couch, surrendering to what was unfolding around me.

As I listened to my inner nudges, I heard the alarm bells ringing inside me, telling me to TRUST MYSELF—in this moment, right now—because my mind and body were done!

All I could do was write through the feelings, emotions, moments, lessons, and situations.

And what I discovered was that my life had revolved around everyone else’s needs because I had placed them before my own. Sound familiar?

I had become so aware of other people’s energy, reactions, and body language, that I felt suffocated. I had no choice but to unpack it all—my beliefs, stories, and habits—to uncover I was a serial people pleaser and a bit of a perfectionist. Not to mention, I had total imposter syndrome.

The funny thing is my clients were facing the same issues as me. So, I dug deeper. After self-discovery, learning, and further study, I infused my practical side with embodiment and mindfulness tools to strengthen my relationship with myself. And this is how I approach my work as a mentor—supporting the mind and body working hand in hand!

Today, I use my Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Certificate in Positive Psychology, and experience as a Certified Life Coach to empower and support thousands of amazing people as they take charge of their lives without excuses or the need for approval.

By mentoring them in setting healthy boundaries, learning the art of saying NO, prioritizing their needs, mastering their mind, and tuning into their bodies, I support them in finding a way to live in their true essence and expression.

I feel like that was a lot.

But here’s what it boils down to…

My deep desire is to immerse myself in life’s rich experiences.

I enjoy finding drops of wisdom in simple moments like:

  • Raising my children
  • Adventuring in nature and travelling the world with my family
  • Exploring the complexities of boundaries while creating art, writing, and running a business.

You get to enjoy the magic too.

The magic of life is not just collecting menial material things, ticking off lists, or climbing a ladder of someone else’s vision. It’s about interacting with the world to fill your heart, feeling what it’s like when you choose happiness, embracing opportunities with open arms, and living in the present moment, which is always available to you.

If you’re ready to step into that magic and a life that illuminates your soul, then it’s time to stop questioning everything you do and dimming your sunshine. It’s time to reconnect with your mind & most importantly, your body. And I can’t wait to support you on that journey!


Let’s Make Magic!