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EXCLUSIVE OFFER: When it comes to disrupting the need to please it's a journey.  In this jam-packed eBook, I share inspiring anecdotes for those of us who always find ourselves saying YES when we really want to say NO, doing MORE when we want to do LESS and pleasing the heck out of everyone BUT ourselves!! Get your journal out and use these 30 journal prompts to create the life you dream of! (ONLY $3 USD)

People Pleaser Workbook

Learn to stop people pleasing!

Discover your people pleasing patterns that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of over-apologising, over-committing, avoiding conflict and not saying No nearly enough. It's a habit that takes time to unravel but with the right tools, you can slowly peel back the layers and focus on yourself again. 

This practical workbook allows you to identify your own patterns and history so you can start helping yourself overcome people pleasing. It includes:

♡32 Workbook Pages
Learn why you people please and identify your current patterns. Explore how to re-write them so you can create change. 

♡How to Set Boundaries
A step-by-step breakdown of how to set boundaries with ease

♡Advice and Guidance
Understand yourself better so you can stop people pleasing