Choosing Change Podcast

Where we delve into life’s most impactful lessons. Discuss how simple small changes made from our personal challenges and experiences have a profound impact on our life. Listen to candid conversations with incredible people and uncover what it takes to make positive change. Whether you're looking for a boost of inspiration, or practical tips to help you create a more fulfilling life, the Choosing Change podcast has something for you.

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Hey there! I'm Lizzie.

Originally from the land Down Under, I've made Scotland my home sweet home. Think of me as your personal guide to smashing people-pleasing tendencies, boosting emotional resilience, and shutting down that pesky inner critic because your voice matters, and I'm here to help you share it!

My mission? Teaching you how to heal, thrive, and have fun along the way. No sugarcoating here—I'll give you honest, no-nonsense advice to take control of your mental & emotional well-being and live your best life. Get ready for deep dives!

Join me on this wild ride, and together we'll create a life where you embrace your authentic self, forge meaningful connections, and, of course, have a damn good time. Let's do this!


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