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Believe Better.

Live Better. 

10 weeks to transform your life from meh to magical.

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You're ready for a better life, you know it, I know it and it's time you owned it! Let me show you how to trust yourself for a life filled with magic and wonder!

Let me know if this sounds familiar . . .


You've always been the go-to person for everyone around you. From your family and friends to your work commitments, you've been putting their needs ahead of your own. You're like a time-travelling magician, trying to fit everything into a 24-hour day. And that dream of attending that weekly yoga class, starting that business, getting a new job or even taking a solo weekend break, is still just a dream, lingering in the back of your mind.

But guess what? You've had those nudges, that pull for something more and you're still questioning it! Well, it's time for you to claim - what it is you want. A life that fulfils your heart in every aspect from your home, to work and in the depths of your relationships. Authentic living is for the brave-hearted soul who understands the importance of nourishing herself to give her all. 

We get it. The weight of responsibilities you carry can feel heavy, with that never-ending to-do list that stresses you out. From managing a household, earning a few dollars, and racing around after the kids to nurturing the people you love. It's a superhero-level juggling act. But here's the secret: you hold the power to create an authentic life  (your way) that fills you with joy.

can you imagine . . .

Seriously... visualise this with me for a sec.

Getting your hands on the exact tools to help you heal and come to peace with where you're currently at. We're talking all the things to get you unstuck and rewriting that never-ending cycle of 'meh'. 

Having step-by-step tutorials on how to believe in yourself and stop worrying about what other people think so you can implement positive change with confidence. 

Seeing my CBT meets woo guide to building and living an authentic life that suits you, because you're the designer, I have the processes to help you map out a plan that will put a smile on your face.

Learning about how to trust yourself (we get a bit woo) and how to manage the brain (those thoughts of doom)... I'll share what I would do differently if I were to start over today.


The Authentic Life Method‚ĄĘ

The Authentic Life Method is designed to support you to heal yourself, believe in yourself and live a better life. It's taking 'meh' to magical simply by reconnecting to yourself, addressing your patterns, standards and relationships to establishing an unstoppable self-belief in who you really are and what it is you want for your life. I have woven CBT insights, clinical experience and spiritual self-discoveries through this course so you gain a wide perspective on how to ultimately create an authentic life -  on your own terms.

And I'm handing over the step-by-step method I used to create my magical life, over to you! 

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You’re here!  


because you’re ready to …


Stop putting everyone else's needs in front of your own. 


Stop feeling unhappy, frustrated, stuck or overwhelmed.


Stop letting your excuses win and start asking for the things you really want.


Stop being "good" and doing the "right" things and start breaking the rules.


You’re here because you want to start really living!


You want to get your sparkly self out of the closet and feel alive.


You’re ready to heal and let go of the past to create a new reality that has you waking up with confidence each day.


You’re ready to unlock a world of magic and wonder, where self-doubt, hesitation, imposter syndrome and fear no-longer bother you.


You’re ready (finally) to step into your magic and enjoy your life.


And this is where you do it.

Who is the Authentic Life Method for?

Women who are tired of the suffocating weight of societal expectations, eager to break free and live life authentically (aka writing their own rules)

Women who feel trapped in the never-ending cycle of self-doubt and seeking a path to rediscover their confidence

Women who are yearning for deeper connections in relationships but finding it challenging as they don't know where to start with big conversations

Women who are seeking the tools to handle big emotions and establish meaningful self-care practices

Ambitious dreamers who desire to turn their aspirations into reality but struggle with self-belief and overcoming fears

Women who want to trust their gut and live in a world of magic and wonder filled with rich experiences that bring self-fulfilment


 Ultimately it's for anyone who wants a better life, who wants to heal better, believe better and live better. 

G'day, I'm Lizzie.

A Holistic Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, mindfulness lifestyle educator and writer passionate about mental health, dealing with big emotions and cultivating healthy relationships. I specialise in helping people to reconnect with their inner magic while navigating their internal dialogue (also known as the inner critic) while cultivating a solid sense of self.

My goal is to teach you how to heal, believe and thrive. I bring a no-nonsense attitude to my work, empowering you to take charge of your mental and emotional well-being to lead a fulfilling life. An authentic life, designed especially for you and by you. There is no one-size-fits-all all situation going on here. This is self-discovery on a whole new level. 

Join me on this transformative journey to live better, and let's work together to create a life you love.

I'm currently based in the Scottish Highlands, UK

Before you say¬†‚Äúyeah, right‚Ä̬†and start doubting yourself, here‚Äôs exactly how we do this.

You'll learn how to:

Heal the past and let go of anything that is holding you back from the life you desire

Think positively about yourself (not in a self-absorbed way) but with confidence and self-belief

Shift your awareness away from others and focus on your own needs in order to give those you love the best of you, not what is left of you

Stop worrying about what others think and perfect saying no without the guilt

Deepen your relationships while maintaining boundaries with healthy conversations

Establish daily practices to create your authentic life filled with magic and wonder. 

4 Reasons why the Authentic Life Method is different than any other personal growth course out there:

#1 Our Relationships Matter

It's¬†about the¬†power of authentic connection‚ÄĒwith yourself and others‚ÄĒwithout compromising your soul or energy. When you unlock the tools to confidently express your truth, fear dissipates, and transformation occurs. Our arsenal of communication skills empowers you to enrich every interaction, paving the way for beautifully meaningful connections that will uplift and empower you throughout your life.

#2 Self-Belief is a Practice

You can't buy self-belief on Amazon, it's not one-and-done, it's a lifelong practice of self-cultivation and personal growth. I want to equip you with a personal "feel good toolkit" that will uplift and support you on your journey. It's about fine-tuning the tools and techniques that empower you to consistently nurture a positive mindset.

#3 Living Your Best Life is Not Selfish

Ain't no cheap tricks here. Guilt is not something anyone needs to live with. This tactic of making excuses lives in our heads, our inner critic that poo-poos what we really want. Let's arm you with what it takes to turn that negative Nancy down, once and for all!

#4 It's Not a Band-Aid

We go beyond surface-level strategies and dive deep into all aspects of your life. We address not only your mindset and behaviour patterns but also your emotions, relationships, and self-care practices. This comprehensive approach ensures that you experience true transformation from the inside out.

Your life will flourish once you can see the magic of living authentically. That’s why I created the Authentic Life Method.

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What Happens When You Start Living Your Authentic Life?


Mind-blowing change ripples through every aspect of your life. By breaking free from the daily cycle of meh and enough to reclaim your self-worth, you create a life of authenticity, fulfilment, and joy. You experience a newfound sense of empowerment as you confidently set boundaries, communicate your needs, and make choices aligned with your values.

Your relationships become healthier and more fulfilling, as you cultivate deeper connections based on mutual respect and understanding. You no longer feel overwhelmed by the demands and expectations of others, but instead, you find balance and harmony within yourself. You become the architect of your own happiness, making self-care a non-negotiable priority. As you embrace your true self and live in alignment with your desires, you unlock a life of purpose, abundance, and personal growth. 

Let's just all it magical!

Here's everything you’ll have access to:


This is the step-by-step process to heal, believe and live better. Addressing the mind, body and soul. Diving deep to investigate your own story and explore your next best steps to create a personalised roadmap for your authentic life. 


These sessions are where you get all your questions answered, problem solve any resistance with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in real-time. There are ten sessions over the course of the ten weeks and are roughly 60-90min long. 


These sit alongside you as you make your way through each bite sized lesson. The questions are so good they will surprise you with how much you will need to contemplate them. This is where the learning takes place. 


Once a week you will touch base with Lizzie, in your very own personalised chat. This is where any additional questions or tailoring of the material to suit where you are at takes place. Think of this as having a CBT in your back pocket each week! 


Writing through your experience will help you to heal but also open your eyes to your thoughts and emotions. I give you all the tools to give you a head start at establishing a journalling practice to support your journey. 


Personal growth takes support and you will have access to Lizzie throughout the course, plus an accountability buddy and a group chat with the other women (limit of 10 per group) yes this is about intimacy and getting you the results for a better life.

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This course is different from anything else out there.

  • Uncomplicated. The training is simple and actionable. With short videos that are easy to digest and workbooks that sits alongside each module, you‚Äôll never feel confused, overwhelmed, or behind (there‚Äôs just no such thing).

  • Based on Psychology:¬†¬†Each lesson is steeped in¬†cognitive behavioural therapy¬†insight, positive psychology, clinical work and¬†personal experience.¬†(Lizzie's CBT practice operates with a waitlist - this stuff works)

  • It's a bit Woo: This method is not just about getting your head sorted, it's about your body too (think emotions, feelings and inner knowing). This is where Lizzie, shares tools on spiritual practices, and mindfulness to help you learn to trust your gut and yourself.¬†¬†
  • Builds Your Personal Toolkit:¬†Each part is designed for you to come back to over and over again when you need that information. For example, if you are stuck in your head then you can revisit the mindset section, while if you need help articulating your boundaries then you would go to the communication section. It supports your learning while expanding your personal well-being toolkit in real-time.¬†

How this rolls:

week 01

Shifting Perspective & Tuning In

We kick off with a reality check and take stock of life thus far. We address what's going on and turn our focus back onto ourselves. 

week 02

Addressing Responsibility

Taking a look at what we are in control of we take stock of our personal responsibilities and what roles we are taking on that don't belong to us.

week 03

Big Deal Energy

This is where we connect you to your body and the wisdom that lives within. We start touching on self-belief and the excuses we make that stop us from being our best self.

week 04


Here is where we embrace self-care and self-love. Oh I know it sounds scary and a bit meh, well magic happens when you are tuned in to your body and expressing it authentically.

week 05

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

It's time to address the mind and all the games it plays on us. The first thing we get a grip on is assumptions and expectations. 

week 06

Recalibrate Your Inner Critic to be Your Cheerleader

We roll out positive psychology and get to grips with the power of our words and actions.

week 07

Removing Obstacles

Living our best life takes us to claim what it we want, create a plan and put things in place to help us make it happen. This is authentic living with a twist. 

week 08


Empowerment through setting boundaries,  protecting your energy & building support systems. This is your step-by-step-guide.

week 09

Healthy Relationships

Communication is key in life and it builds a solid foundation to get what you want. We look at communication skills to help you build thriving relationships with those you love. 

week 10

Magic in the Mundane

Turning everyday tasks into rituals that you enjoy instead of avoid. This is how our authentic life takes real shape, we can see the moments that matter and celebrate the life we have.

Ready to invest in what it takes to create your better life?

The Authentic Life Method


one-time payment

  • The Authentic Life Method program (10 weeks)
  • 10 x Live Group Calls with Lizzie (think Q+A and coaching)
  • Loads of workbooks and resources
  • Accountability (buddy & group)
  • Weekly personal check-ins & access to a CBT, Soul Guide and Mentor for 10 weeks (that's Lizzie)
  • Intimate group capped at 10.¬†

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When you Join the Authentic Life Method you’ll discover how to…:

Master Your Mind

Delve deep into understanding the inner workings of your mind and its profound impact on your daily habits. Gain invaluable insights and tools to cultivate a positive mindset that empowers you to conquer your inner critic and dismantle the limiting excuses rooted in fear. This is your opportunity to master the art of mind mastery 101, paving the way for a life of limitless possibilities and unwavering self-belief.

Rediscover Who You Are

Unravel the layers that make you uniquely magnificent - your innate talents, precious gifts, and vibrant energy. Prepare to reconnect with YOUR TRUTH and embrace the freedom of living each day unapologetically. This is where we get HONEST and REAL about what you DEEPLY desire. Let your imagination loose, surrender to your inner wisdom and craft your own rule book.

Establish Daily Practices

This is your opportunity to test out your new personal plan for living your best life. It's taking all the knowledge you have learned out into the real world. We discuss setting boundaries that align with your needs and values to support your own mental and emotional well-being. We explore the difference between internal and external boundaries to establish responsibility for creating our new life. 

Deepen Your Relationships

 Imagine a world where you can express your needs and desires with confidence. You will learn the art of saying "No" without guilt and cultivating healthy assertiveness. Gain the skills to communicate your needs, advocate for yourself, and foster deeper connections based on mutual understanding and respect. We are visiting the world of effective communication and giving you the skills for big conversations with the people you love. 

It's time to say goodbye to frustration, anxiety and self-doubt and finally learn the tools to help you become the person you so desperately want to be.

Let’s create your better life.

This course is designed to support you back to yourself, exploring how you ended up in a cycle of Meh, putting everyone else first and waiting for validation that it's safe for you to do the thing you really want. This is THE strategy to rewrite the past and establish new practices while deepening relationships.

When you're confident in yourself, there is no wiggle room for others to jump in the driver's seat.

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Forget everything you've been taught in the past.


Through my step-by-step method, you'll stop worrying about what other people think, The Authentic Life Method will help you confidently prioritise yourself in a world that wants you to stay hidden!


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Questions? Email me at: [email protected]