Guidance Sessions

Offering personalised holistic guidance to improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing


My role is to bring a fresh perspective to your situation to open your heart to new possibilities, deepening your awareness so that you stop looking to others for the answers and trust yourself. I work intuitively with my clients to create a deeply transformative experience that illuminates their individual magic.  Together we will walk through the negative thinking loops that play out in your mind. The ones keeping you stagnant from moving forward and sucking out your energy.

My goal with all clients is to connect them with their true authentic self.

“Strength comes from living your truth. To be true and authentic is your path to happiness, peace, and joy.”

How it Works

In my sessions, weave holistic modalities, positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy and intuitive guidance.  

During our 60-minute 1:1 sessions, we:

  • Look at your thoughts and behaviours, so we can identify where to spend energy unlocking your patterns using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
  • Use the space to address problems and big feelings while we release the stress and overwhelm you carry around. 
  • Learn to make decisions with your best interest in mind while creating supportive boundaries.
  • Retrain your mind, so you take positive action using Positive Psychology. 
  • Tap into your intuition and your souls guidance (your inner compass) to live a live of magic and wonder. 

And within these transformative sessions, you’ll get the space to take a big breath, exhale, and trust in yourself, allowing you to see your marvellous light and limitless possibilities as you step into your truth.

Life is for living, so let’s create the life you want. 

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Sessions run for 60min and are done online via zoom:

£75 for individual sessions

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How these sessions have helped others:

☆ Confidence issues
☆ Depression and anxiety help
☆ Self-belief and self-trust ☆ Making decisions
☆ Removing blocks and facing excuses
☆ Working and understanding emotions
☆ Help with fears of judgment, failure or not being good enough
☆ Crafting a plan for forward momentum
☆ Discovered intuition
☆ Reveal your soul's purpose
☆ Learn how to manifest
☆ Gettig back to the driver's seat (no  more running around endlessly after the kids, partners, friends and family)
☆ Finding peace
☆ Empowerment