Working With The Days Of The Week

Working With The Days Of The Week

Each and every week is an opportunity for us to work with the flow of the energy that is available to us. When I first started working for myself full time I created a framework for my week, this was back over a decade ago. It seemed like a natural flow where I used the time I had to work for me to get my daily, weekly and monthly tasks done. 

A few years ago, I wanted to learn more about Astrology and my go-to for that is my good friend Tiarnie. Seriously if you want your chart done, hit her up plus for all the astrological goodness that is happening in the sky – she keeps my feet on the ground. 

So I dove into her course and discovered how the days of the week are connected to the planets and that we can feel that energy each day. It’s funny knowing this because I was surprised how there are certain days where I do tasks that really honour the energy. 

When I switched a few of my tasks around to work on different days, I noticed a big change. Things started to flow, they became easier and I knew the ultimate day to do my planning, when to make important phone calls, when to write and even take some luxury time out! mmm hmmm

I’m going to share with you the energy that rules each day of the week, how to use them plus how I incorporate them into my life.

Working with the days of the week



The moon: reflects the light of the sun, it rules the sign of Cancer. It signifies nurturing, healing, intuition, dreams, fertility, family, mother, purity, spiritual guidance and psychic ability. 

Moon day, is my absolute favourite day of the week. There was a time when Mondayitis would roll around each week. Until I surrendered to go easier on myself instead of pushing to get things done, I would try and write, I would try and tackle my to-do list but felt starry-eyed and dazed. This would usually see me collapse mid-day and take the rest of the day off. Once I worked with the energy of the moon I created a weekly ritual to fill my cup – this looks like a walkout in nature or yoga if it’s raining, oracle cards, journaling. Then I would map out my week and what I have coming up making sure that I was moving forward towards my dreams/goals. 

BEST DAY FOR: Connecting with your dreams, planning out the week ahead, starting gentle and nurturing self to prime you for the week ahead. Planting the seeds of goals and dreams. Journaling and reflecting on what is important and asking for guidance. 



Mars: this fiery planet rules the sign of Aries. It signifies power, action, desire, drive, strength, removing obstacles, passion and dealing with conflicts.

Tuesday is my get shit done day! I always felt that by the time Tuesday clocks around. I was finally ready to take action. I had some sort of superpower that would see me working from 7am to 10pm like a total boss who is ticking things off my list as quickly as I thought of them. pow, pow, pow. This fiery day would often fuel sleepless nights because if I didn’t use my energy, I would toss and turn all night. Now, this huge surge of energy seems to creep in as soon as my eyelids ping open. You might find this too after you have been a little gentler on yourself the day prior. 

BEST DAY FOR: taking action, exerting energy, tackling obstacles, checking off your to-do list, using your energy for good (think passion projects) 



Mercury: Is the messenger and rules the signs of Gemini & Virgo. It’s all about our minds, written and verbal communication. It signifies knowledge, creativity, learning and wisdom.

Wednesday for me has been used for a few different things from writing and pulling in my own knowledge, to teaching, strategising for clients or myself. This has also been a day where I write emails, empty my inbox or make important phone calls to make sure I’m clear with my message. Wednesday is always the day I run live training or workshops as I find that my words come with little or no effort. Wednesday is the day when my mind is at its best – thinking, pondering, processing or taking in new information. When I was trying to be creative on this day it often wasn’t the best use of my energy. Often Wednesday is also associated with Hump day as it often feels like we are walking with mental fatigue. This is mercury spinning our minds busy. 

BEST DAY FOR: communicating, writing, teaching, learning, emails, phone calls, creating. Think of this as a great day to express yourself.



Jupiter:  is the planet everyone associates with luck. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius. It signifies prosperity, wealth, success, growth, expansion, influence, accomplishment, travel and philosophy. 

Thursdays usually give me a second wind for the week. My energy gets all fired up thanks to the fiery nature of this planet. I can start to reap what I sowed earlier in the week. Or tackle tasks in the realm of big conversations, meetings, signing contracts and taking action towards my goals. By this stage in the week, we are all often feeling pretty good due to the fact Friday is only one sleep away. 

BEST DAY FOR: learning and expanding our knowledge, travel, starting a new project, working on a passion project or making business deals, signing contracts.



Venus: is the planet of love and money. Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. It signifies love, money, luxury, harmony, possessions, beauty, relationships, art, social activities. 

Friday fun day. The day we are all looking forward to at the end of the week, the day we meet up with mates, connect with our families after a busy week to get social. There is an energy of lightness to Friday where we are not taking ourselves so seriously, we are happy, easy going and wrapping things up. Our focus is often on what the plans are for the weekend and filling our coming days with social activities. In my business Fridays are often for clients and doing my finances. Each week I celebrate my money and it is also the day where I do any major financial transactions/investments. When I think of Fridays, I think of fun. It’s the day where I feel my whole family relax and soak up the good life. This is not a day to slog it out face down, it’s a day of social activity, soaking ourself in a little luxury and letting our hair down.  

BEST DAY FOR: Catching up with friends/family/partners, indulging (whatever that looks like for you), financial matters and love. 



Saturn: is the planet all about structure. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. It signifies commitment, responsibility, boundaries, protection, law and practicality.

Saturdays in our house are often getting on top of the household chores. It sees us sorting out the laundry, taking kids to sport or even me diving into a few hours of work. There is a real get shit done in a methodical sense energy that comes through on a Saturday. Perhaps you do your chores on this morning, go to the markets to get your fruit and veg for the week, or even do the lawn. Saturdays are a day of action but without the crazy drive like on Tuesday. It’s about taking one step at a time. It’s a day where we don’t compromise our limits in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This is where we create meaning in our lives. 

BEST DAY FOR: taking practical action, identifying our limitations and boundaries, creating harmony in our work. 



The Sun: a solar energy force that all the planets revolve around. The sun rules the sign of Leo. It signifies the giver of life, fun, children, ourselves, health, and wellbeing, prosperity, power and abundance. 

Usually, this is the day when I’ll have a sneaky afternoon nap to recover from a hectic week. Sometimes it’s all about our family and spending quality time together. To me, Sunday has always been a day of rest, it’s the day where we take it easy. With time I’ve come to honour Sunday as a day of self – where I spend a little more time looking after what I need. Do I need a nap, do I need a walk in the forest for grounding, do I need to do my nails. How can I replenish my energy but also have a little fun while doing so. Whenever I have planned to do a little work or tackle big tasks that require a lot of energy they often don’t get completed on a Sunday due to the fact I often feel resentment as I would prefer to be doing something else a little more fun. 

BEST DAY FOR: Looking after yourself, filling up your cup, having fun doing what you love.


Are you already working with the energy of each day? If so I would love to hear how and if not which days are you going to change up?


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