The Weight of Our Words Matter with Lizzie Moult

The Weight of Our Words Matter with Lizzie Moult

Have you ever noticed how the words you use to describe yourself and your experiences can impact your mood and outlook? In this episode of the Choosing Change podcast, I’m sharing a powerful life lesson about the weight our words carry - and why we need to choose them wisely.

Through personal stories from my own journey of self-discovery, I illustrate how negative self-talk can gradually weigh us down over time. But also how intentional use of positive language can lift our spirits and influence those around us. You'll be inspired by my transformation from an unaware young woman to a conscious communicator.

This episode drives home the message that our words matter. From how we communicate with ourselves to how we interact with others, the language we use sends vibrations out into the world. Tune in to learn practical tips for catching negative thoughts, replacing them with empowering affirmations, and prioritizing words of joy, peace and calm.

Discover how small changes in vocabulary can make a big difference in well-being. Leave feeling motivated to thoughtfully select words that uplift rather than diminish. This is a must-listen for anyone seeking to spread more lightness in their life through the power of positive speech. One listening is all it takes to start paying attention to the weight behind your words.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Our words have power and weight, so we must be mindful of how we use language and the impact it can have.
  • Negative self-talk can accumulate over time and weigh us down emotionally and physically. We should catch negative thoughts and replace them with positive language.
  • The way we communicate, both with ourselves and others, is a skill that takes practice. Being aware of our word choices is important.
  • Apologizing should be reserved for real issues, not used as a filler word or to criticize ourselves unnecessarily.
  • Using positive, uplifting words can boost our own well-being as well as positively impact those around us.



"Our words carry their own weight. So when I say that I words carry weight, our words matter, and we should take responsibility for the words that come out of our mouth." - Lizzie Moult

"When we start looking at our words and how we use them, each word has a vibration to it. The words like joy, peace, calm. They feel good, but words like not enough. fear, hate? They feel heavy and they try to push us down." - Lizzie Moult

"Watch what you say, your words matter."  - Lizzie Moult

"When we start thinking about ourselves, and yeah, the words and the way we describe ourselves, because I see this all the time, especially the word sorry, like, please, if you're gonna say, sorry, please be apologising for something that has actually happened. not trivial bullshit."  - Lizzie Moult

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