The Founding Principles Of Living In Your Spirit Essence

The Founding Principles Of Living In Your Spirit Essence

Our spirit essence is the energy that lives inside all of us and is often referred to as our soul purpose, our self-expression or even our intuition. I believe it to be a combination of so many things but the key to spirit essence is all about living a life where we are fully expressing ourselves from a place of self-alignment. For many of us, our spirit essence often gets pushed down as we grow up due to conditioning in our childhood or the need/want to fit in and belong. Our little quirks that are ours get hidden and tucked away for so many reasons. 

The greatest gift we can all give to ourselves is to know and understand our spirit essence so we can live a life that feels good but also serves our best interest. The journey to uncovering your spirit essence is one that is profound and transformational it enables all that you have ever know about yourself to the surface but often don’t speak or share. 

It’s pretty magical.

It helps us to navigate our lives, decide which way to go or where to go, to make decisions and of course live a life that is fulfilling. I believe that our intuition and spirit essence work in partnership and that it does take practice to hone this skill of really listening to self. 

Spirit Essence is who we are at our core; our vibrational energy of how we show up in the world combined with our unique gifts.

Now, who doesn’t want that….


The principles of living in your spirit essence 



Often owning our own truth is the hardest part of stepping into a life where we are living as our authentic self. Creating a solid foundation of self takes time to nurture as we keep evolving over time. Yet the underlying energetic vibration of who we are – often stays the same throughout our lifetime. A true sense of self is accepting every aspect of our being for who we are and having a harmonious relationship with it. One that enables you to express yourself daily in a way that lights you up, to do the deep inner work of looking at your beliefs, habits and exploring your emotions. We all have the answers within us we just need to know ourselves as much as we may know the people around us. 



Understanding and listening to the energetic dance we have within our mind and body enables us to sharpen our senses. Often I see so many of my clients not noticing what is actually going on around them or what their body is trying to tell them. Yes, they are on a journey of self but what is often happening around them they can’t see because they are so focused on what is happening in there mind. They simply can’t see or feel those niggles or signals in nature, in their environment or sensations in their bodies that are trying to get their attention. Mastering your awareness helps you to observe what may come next. It’s a fabulous skill to have and opens up your senses to see a deeper meaning to life. 



Our spirit essence and intuition live together, I believe that our intuition guides our spirit essence through life. However, a part of being able to listen to your intuition is to practice awareness and understanding how your body talks to you. We are all different, for example when your body has goosebumps what does it represent for you? Sometimes mine means a full-body yes to a situation while other times I get them if something is creeping me out the sensation is the same but the full-body yes is more of a raised goosebump all over while the creepy one is more in my neck yet it has the same feeling. Weird right. Well, that is me, I bet it is slightly different for you. The key to unlocking your intuition is feeling and observing what is happening in and around your body.



Everyone is unique being made up of all different combinations of skills and traits. Those combinations are the gifts that we often take for granted. My mentor Gail Larson always talks about how our gifts are lost to the world forever if we don’t share them. To live in your spirit essence you MUST share your gifts. I see it as a complete non-negotiable of someone who lives life on purpose guided by their spirit essence. It takes courage and full ownership of self to share your gifts with the world. 



Our spirit essence knows what is right and wrong (that gut feeling) and what we are saying out loud to others and ourselves can really be felt. Don’t forget your spirit essence is a vibration so when you are speaking your truth you will feel it just like when you are trying to please others notice the tone in your voice and what is your body saying.  When living in your spirit essence and speaking your truth you are sharing what you believe in, what you stand for and expressing how you truly feel.



Acceptance is a gift in itself, once we can accept ourselves and who we are it becomes easier to accept others for who they are. Our spirit essence helps us to focus on ourselves and reminds us that we are not here to change others who are not willing or wanting to change. It reminds us that some situations are what they are and that we have the ability to say okay to it instead of judging or letting other thoughts to come through that don’t need to be there. Acceptance is a beautiful practice for those that live in their spirit essence because it hones in on the present moment. The present moment is a powerful place to live in.


Those are the six founding principles of living in your spirit essence and from my experience, they all have multiple facets to them and take practice. The layers will keep shedding as you move through them. Embodying your spirit essence will bring you alive in a way that feels like you are living on purpose and leading from a place that feels right.

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