The Best 25 Affirmations: For Positive Living

The Best 25 Affirmations: For Positive Living


Daily affirmations are a great way to give your day a positive spin and remind yourself of who you are and what you are capable of.  I love short simple affirmations because they are easy to remember and when you stick them on post-it notes around the house they are easy to read at any distance. 

I place my affirmations around my house from the bathroom, the inside of my wardrobe to the one next to my bed. I have different ones for my office to keep me motivated with an abundance mindset. 

These are my top 25 affirmations

  1. I am brave
  2. I am grounded
  3. I am wise
  4. I am courageous
  5. I am loved
  6. I am confident
  7. I am beautiful
  8. I am enough
  9. I am worthy
  10. I am strong
  11. I am playful
  12. I am whole
  13. I am calm
  14. I am present
  15. I am abundant
  16. I am vibrant
  17. I am resilient
  18. I am powerful
  19. I am spontaneous
  20. I am successful
  21. I am healthy
  22. I am creative
  23. I am smart
  24. I am fearless
  25. I am unstoppable
 I would love to know your favourite affirmation or where you stick them around your house.


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