People Pleaser Test: Answer These Questions To Discover If You Put Other’s Needs Ahead Of Your Own

Jul 23, 2022
People Pleaser Test Discover If You Put Other’s Needs Ahead Of Yourself

Think you’re a People Pleaser, but not 100% sure that this is you. Well, answer the following twenty questions to discover if you are putting other’s needs ahead of your own. There is a huge difference between being kind and people pleasing so this will help you get some answers. 

When I first discovered I was people pleasing I was a little shocked at my discovery. Here I was an ambitious woman working hard towards my dreams, going against the grain but when I looked a little closer I found that I wasn’t actually going after my dream I was working for others, proving my self-worth and a whole bunch of other real depressing discoveries. Luckily I worked it out because from then I have course-corrected to put my magic back out into the world and it’s changed my life. From moving to Scotland from Australia, to writing a book to growing a thriving online community. I’m living my dream life.

So let’s help you to get there too.  


People Pleaser Test

Answer the next twenty questions to find out if you are a people pleaser  – simply record a tally of all the ‘yes’ responses to each question. And remember be honest with yourself. There is no point avoiding a cringe-worthy yes when there is a way out of this pattern you currently find yourself in. So be true so you can learn what is really going on. 


ANSWER: Yes or No to each question…

I find it challenging to share and communicate my wants and needs. Yes/No

I often bury my feelings, desires and dreams. Yes/No

I walk on eggshells in order to keep everyone happy. Yes/No

I go out of my way to help others even though I need help myself. Yes/No

I say “yes” a lot, when I really want to say “no.” Yes/No

I feel guilty when I do say “no.” Yes/No

I worry about hurting others’ feelings. Yes/No

I constantly worry about what I said or did and what the outcome might be. Yes/No

I think I know what others will “say” or “do” in certain situations. Yes/No

I get upset when someone gives me criticism. Yes/No

If I get insulted or ignored I prefer to let it go than to raise attention to it. Yes/No

And if I do stand up for myself I feel embarrassed and anxious. Yes/No

Conflict makes me feel uncomfortable. Yes/No

It hurts my feelings when others don’t say “thank you” or appreciate me. Yes/No

I say, “I’m sorry,” whenever I might have offended someone. Yes/No

I am easily talked into things that please other people, but don’t please me Yes/No

I feel like a doormat and that I am being used. Yes/No

I feel like I need to ask for permission to do certain things. Yes/No

I dont share the truth if I think it will hurt someone. Yes/No

I have no problem asking a stranger for directions if I’m lost. Yes/No



How Many Yes’s did you get? 

Tally them up and find out how far you go to please others. And if you want to take your self-discovery journey one step further, take the People Pleaser Personality quiz with useful insights to help you to ditch the need to please and start living. 

Discover your People Pleaser Archetype


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