How To Create A Vision Board

How To Create A Vision Board

Creating a vision board that means something –  changed my life. I remember watching the Secret years ago about the law of attraction and creating your dreams by visualization. To be honest my 24-year old-self was super skeptical.

Fast forward to now and the art of vision boarding keeps me moving forward with purpose and passion. The things I want, come to life with more ease and have me feeling like a powerhouse. 

A vision board is a visualization tool where you build a collage of images and words on a board that represents your dreams and goals. 

These days I have my vision board on a large corkboard (pinboard) that I can easily change around when it’s time for an update that lives in my home office. I walk past it each day on my way to bed and when I step into my office. I also have a second vision board but a digital version as my background on my laptop. Seriously my dreams and goals are in my face regularly. 

So, how did I go from being a skeptic to a complete vision board junkie? Well, it was when I did a bit more self-development and finally understood the laws of attraction (all of them not just one). It really landed when created a board based on the feeling I desired, from there things started to happen. 

The key to manifesting your dreams is FEELING!

Your vision board is meant to evoke a feeling in you. Now, yes you might want a new car the latest model on the market but what you need on your vision board is what it’s going to be like to drive that car, where you are going to take it, the adventures that await or the people that are in there too. 

“Through the Law of Attraction, visualization also magnetizes and attracts to you the people, resources, and opportunities you need to achieve your goal.” –


If your vision board is about feeling what do you put on there then? Your board needs to be a complete representation of your dreams and the feelings associated with it. I like to mix up my board and focus on a few areas of my life from my relationships, career to home. You might use pictures that you create or things from your past like invitations to awards nights that you want to go to every year. Magazines are a great place to start though. 


How long does a vision board last? Well, that is totally up to you, I like to update mine every six or so months and the one on my laptop I might have a month where I want to focus on one thing in particular and create a background specifically for that time. You will know when its time to change, perhaps your own goals have changed, or you may have reached them.


How to Vision Board

STEP ONE: Before you even begin it’s really important to know what it is you want in life – what are your goals right now. Which areas of your life are your focus point – is it your career, family, relationship, health, home? You absolutely can focus on multiple areas for your board but you need to know what you want in each. I encourage you to also get descriptive if you can about what you want and then the feelings associated with having it in your life. 

STEP TWO: Start sourcing your images, look at magazines, newspapers, flyers, books or online at your favourite place to get images – I use or Pinterest. I also print all images I collect online to cut up for my boards. You may want to use photos or even photoshop yourself into an image to make it realistic – perhaps your book is a New York Times bestseller! Power words, affirmations and quotes are also great things to add to your board. So, collect everything and make sure when you choose an image that it makes you feel something positive towards your goal. 

STEP THREE: The fun bit. Bringing it all together. Get your pinboard or cardboard whatever it is and start arranging, cutting, gluing, pinning to create a work of art that excites you to your core. Remember it’s about the feeling – don’t just put a sunset on there because it’s pretty, feel if that image evokes a sense of peace, would help you reach your goal. 

STEP FOUR: Place your vision board somewhere you can easily see it daily and spend a few moments at it. To make a desktop version I use with images from the places I mentioned in step 2. 


Now you have a vision board. Awesome! All you need to do is take 5-10 min each day to sit and breathe in your dream. Allow yourself to be swept up in the feeling of bringing that vision to life. (this is the important bit) I like to take three big belly breaths while looking at my board while I place my hand over my heart. I sometimes close down my eyes for a few moments to live through the scenarios on my board as if they were real feeling the warmth of my freshly renovated house, the incredible high of speaking on stage to hundreds to driving my new car that doesn’t rattle as I drive down the road.  That is the sensation I want to feel and enjoy and will keep me pulling closer towards having it. 

Vision boarding is super simple and once you master it, you will change the way you see the world. Enjoy.


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