Celebrating Your True Self this Year with Lizzie Moult

Celebrating Your True Self this Year with Lizzie Moult

Welcome to 2024! In this New Year's episode of Choosing Change, I’m sharing powerful insights on how to connect with your essence and celebrate who you truly are.

I discuss the importance of tapping into your "essence" - the place within your solar plexus where your soul resides. She guides listeners through a breathing exercise to connect with this inner wisdom. Our essence knows what experiences light us up and what drains our energy.

A key message is learning to trust the feelings and nudges that come from within. While the path isn't always clear logically, having the courage to follow your intuition can unlock new possibilities.I share my own story of trusting a vision that led our family to Scotland.

Rather than resolutions, I recommend setting small, achievable goals aligned with nurturing your passions. Goals don't need to be huge - consistency is key. I outline some goals for the coming year focused on self-care, relationships and hobbies.

I also stress the power of celebration. When moments bring you joy, pause to acknowledge it with gratitude. This trains your mind to recognize happiness already present in your life.

Overall, this inspiring episode provides tangible tools to connect with your essence and embrace who you truly are in the new year. Tune in to learn how celebrating your true self can unlock fulfilment.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Tapping into your essence/soul and learning to trust the feelings and nudges that come from within.
  • Celebrating the moments and parts of yourself that make you feel alive, happy, and expansive.
  • Setting small, achievable goals aligned with what lights you up rather than unrealistic resolutions.
  • Not being afraid to trust your intuition, even if the path isn't clear or logical. Having courage to follow your feelings.
  • Exploring what you like and dislike can help uncover your true essence and what experiences make you thrive.



"Your goals don't have to be huge. Just make one step every day that you're working towards them. It's that simple." - Lizzie Moult

"When you make these big decisions and trust in those feelings, that's when life starts to unfold. It's not always going to play out how you expect it. I've trusted things and they've left me in debt. And I'm like, Oh, really, but there was lessons in there. But I had to experience loss this time in financial situations, but okay, I bite the bullet. What did I learn here? Okay, cool. Well, actually, there was some things there that I didn't quite back. Okay, cool. Okay, great. Thank you, universe. Thanks for giving me this little nudge and message, right." - Lizzie Moult

"When something brings you alive, trust, it's meant for you. It wouldn't make you happy otherwise, right?" - Lizzie Moult



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