8 Journaling Tips To Get The Most From Your Journaling Practice

My 8 journaling tips cover the important pieces to creating a solid journaling foundation from having a journal playlist to journal prompts. Keeping a journal has been a powerful way for me to process my thoughts and emotions into wise actions. I kept my first journal when I was 10 years old and swore that it would then be my memoir. Little did I know that words for me are therapeutic and to declare them to paper would actually change my life. 

I know it may seem so simple. Writing down your thoughts, but fuel it with potent journal prompts and it will help bring deeper thoughts to the surface that can really take you somewhere else. 

Now I am going, to be honest –  I am not a prolific journal writer, I find that I do it more when I am in a moment of healing to work through my darkness. Writing it out helps me to process the moment and helps me navigate the path ahead. It has healed my wounds and allowed me to accept and forgive so I can move back into alignment. When I am in my lighter self I use it more to manifest all that I want, I create big visions and plan out my next moves with careful intention. 

Journaling needs to be intuitive, it’s not a forced practice it does take discipline for those that are still learning how to use this as a healing tool. BUT once mastered it really opens up the possibilities to life.  Yes, it all seems too good to be true, taking five minutes out to write. 


Over the past years, I have used journaling to heal relationships in my life, create an epic 2-day business conference, to let go of limiting beliefs that kept me feeling small to stepping into who I really am and what I am here to do (hello purpose) and I did it all by writing. 

I have created this list to support you on your own journey to journalling. And no matter where you are with it, you might find one of these tips golden to try on to mix up your own practice. 


My 8 Journaling Tips to get the MOST from your Journaling Practice



When it comes time to writing down your thoughts and emotions its really important to keep the act as a sacred practice. So having a journal that feels good to write in is really important. Typing out your words is not the same as using a pen to paper nor is using scrappy-paper instead of a hardbound book with a beautiful cover. Make your journal a reflection of who you are! I like to think back to my childhood days where I use to have a diary with a lock on it. Go back to that feeling where you really took pride in your little book. It’s totally optional to have lines or not. I prefer them as my writing totally gets out of hand if I don’t have them. The journal I am using right now has good quality paper and gold on the edges – feels pretty special to use and yours should too. 



Don’t just write this journal belongs to (insert name) that’s boring! A powerful journal is one that has a declaration of who you are in it. I like to open up to the first page and write the following. Name, who you want to become and the difference you’re making in the world. For example – Lizzie Moult, International speaker, best-selling author and successful life coach running sold-out programs that encourage awareness and boost the confidence of all the participants. The reason why I do this simple little act is because I read it every time I open my diary and remind myself of who I want to become and what I am working towards in my life. Plus its a declaration of who you are becoming. 



Create a space with intention before journaling so you can focus on your writing without any distractions. Perhaps light a candle or some incense, set up a picnic blanket in your backyard, or snuggle up in your bed. Set your phone to airplane mode, send your kids away for 30 minutes and minimize the possibilities of any interruptions. You want to be in a space where you feel comfortable and in your skin and can focus on what you are about to do. You need to be able to express yourself with whatever comes at you when you write, if the tears come you need to be in a space that feels supportive. 



Music is really powerful and I have found having a journal playlist to help me feel as I write, it really brings on my emotions. When you are healing and moving through the darkness it helps to tap into what you are going through its a gateway to do that. 100% instrumental of course to allow your mind’s thoughts to come to the surface and be written down. Music with words often takes your thoughts away from what you are focusing on. If you don’t have a playlist tune into my Journal Playlist via Spotify HERE. It will have you tingling as you do your practice in whichever way you want to go with your words. 



Creating a solid journal practice all starts with asking yourself some really great questions. There are so many ways and approaches to journaling but the key is in the question and asking yourself the things that you are currently avoiding. I have a few methods I have journal prompts for when I am feeling icky and need to move through those feelings and then I have completely different ones for when I am feeling light and full of energy. I also love doing a journal challenge to work through whatever is on offer. For example, I have an ebook: The People Pleasers Guide to Freedom (30-Journal prompts). It comes with a powerful prompt each day. Simply take a look at what you want to focus on and ask good old google to help find you some prompts if you cant write your own questions.



When I was in the week of my 2 day conference I wrote each day about what I had achieved, and how I was feeling each day. And as it moved closer and closer I was acknowledging each of the things I did to create this epic event. I then had downloads after each day after setting up and running the event. It was a great way for me to see (really see) what I had done. It was an achievement that no one else got to feel and witness fully, just me. And the only person who can celebrate it the way we want is ourselves and it first comes with acknowledging ourselves. If you are on the edge of a launch, quitting your job, having a difficult conversation or about to win an award. Go deep and see yourself for all your glory, celebrate your achievement – because you deserve it!



I am not super strict with my journaling and once again I let intuition play it’s part of ‘when’ I actually do mine. When I am light I tend to do it in the morning, whereas when I am feeling darker and heavier it could be through the day or in the evening or both. Whatever is needed from me in the day. But the one thing I do practice is that I do it daily for at least 5min a day. Be flexible and find your own groove with it. Morning is great for intention setting and evenings are great for processing the day’s events. 



Don’t stop and reread your work EVER! The most important practice when it comes to journaling is staying in the moment and moving forward with your words. Don’t be tempted to stop, contemplate, and go back to the top and read what you have already written to help your next thing come out. It’s a common mistake. Staying in the moment really helps with finding words and exploring the feelings behind the questions you are asking yourself. And if you don’t know what to write or feel like your stuck – write it down. Acknowledge that you can’t seem to think or feel at that moment and keep writing what comes next, is it frustration or a negative thought popping in to say hello. I promise your body will have reactions too so write that if the mind is actually silent for a moment. Once you have finished if you really feel the need to go back and read what you have done sure. But make sure you are finished before doing so. 


There you have it my 8 tips to journaling and creating a practice from it so you can heal and manifest. My key takeaways are to set the mood with a journal playlist and get some great journal prompts and see where you end up. 



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