Learning to be okay with the natural ebbs and flows of life with Isla Hodgson

Learning to be okay with the natural ebbs and flows of life with Isla Hodgson

Are you struggling to accept the unexpected twists and turns that life brings your way? Looking for inspiration on how to cope with challenges in a healthy way? In this insightful episode of the Choosing Change podcast, marine scientist and shark advocate Isla Hodgson shares her powerful story of resilience through adversity. 

Isla takes listeners on her personal journey of learning to flow with life's ebbs and flows. From a young age she experienced immense loss, yet threw herself into her studies and career to cope. But eventually life's currents forced her to slow down and process her grief. Now she imparts the valuable lesson she learned - it's okay to feel unsteady during life's storms, and to let the tides guide you at times.

Isla also gets candid about her complicated emotions surrounding grief, and how it still affects her today. Her openness provides comfort knowing we're not alone in our struggles. Plus, she offers practical tips for self-acceptance, like focusing on accomplishments rather than perceived failures.

Discover how Isla's chance encounter with basking sharks led to a career shift she loves. Her passion for ocean conservation and empowering women in STEM shines through. Tune in for inspiration on adapting to change with grace, one wave at a time.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • It's important to learn to be okay with the natural ebbs and flows of life, and accept that things may not always go according to plan.
  • Major life events like grief and loss can profoundly impact us, especially at a young age, but finding ways to cope and heal is important.
  • Slowing down and allowing yourself to process difficult emotions, rather than constantly staying busy, can aid in healing and growth.
  • Past experiences, even those we didn't enjoy at the time, help shape who we become and lead us to new opportunities.
  • Embracing mistakes and vulnerabilities can help with personal development and self-acceptance.
  • Appreciating where we're at in the moment, rather than dwelling on where we wish to be, contributes to well-being.



Save Our Seas Foundation

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"It's okay to be struggling. It's okay to just be doing things to keep yourself afloat in that moment in time." - Isla Hodgson

"You're okay, wherever you are, and you're doing okay. In fact, you're doing more than that. You're doing great, even if you don't feel like it." - Isla Hodgson 

"I think I had a period of time for a couple of years, even where I was very, I wouldn't say quiet, like I was still doing stuff, but I wasn't driving, if that makes sense, like I was very much letting the wheel take me where I needed to be." - Isla Hodgson

"Grief is a complete and utter … monster in itself, and it has lots and lots of different facets to it, and it affected me in ways that I don't even understand now." - Isla Hodgson

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Connect with Isla

Isla Hodgson is a conservation and marine social scientist, science communicator, scuba diver and ocean advocate. She has a PhD in Zoology and has spent the last ten years as a research scientist and consultant, working across a number of different contexts and species. In 2018, sharks came into Isla’s life in a big way – she began working with basking sharks, the second largest species of shark in the world. This led to a job with the Save Our Seas Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the research and conservation of sharks globally. Isla now divides her time between her work with the Save Our Seas Foundation – communicating shark science and driving towards better protections for sharks - and her own research, which aims to improve the management and governance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and other tools for marine conservation.

Having grown up by the sea, Isla has always been fascinated by the underwater world. She is never happier than when in or on the ocean, or when that isn’t possible, talking about the ocean! She has always held a passion for science communication alongside her dedication to research. She has written for a number of mainstream publications, worked as a researcher for the BBC and has made several radio and TV appearances. Most recently, she appeared on popular science podcast The Infinite Monkey Cage for BBC Radio 4. Isla also produces and hosts the official podcast of the Save Our Seas Foundation, World of Sharks. 

In her “free” time, Isla can often be found diving in one of Scotland’s sea lochs, scrambling up mountains with her friends, or generally making a fool out of herself while trying to learn a new outdoor sport!


Website: www.saveourseas.com/worldofsharks/podcast

Instagram: @islatalksocean

X/Twitter: https://twitter.com/isla_hodgson

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