Becoming the Author of Your Own Life with Carol Robinson

Becoming the Author of Your Own Life with Carol Robinson

In this week’s episode of the Choosing Change podcast, I sat down with a dear friend and self-love coach, Carol Robinson, to explore the empowering concept of taking control of your destiny and writing your own life script. Carol’s journey from adversity to authenticity offers profound insights into how we can all reclaim our personal power and craft lives that reflect our true selves.

I have known Carol for many years, we met at a networking event and I knew we would be great friends. 

Carol shares her journey of self-discovery after facing adversity and divorce. She realised she was living according to society's expectations rather than her own heart. Through unpacking her emotions and reprogramming limiting beliefs, Carol learned to trust her intuition and live authentically. 

Some key lessons from Carol include journaling daily to choose your end results, taking small intentional actions, and prioritising self-care. She is honestly a self-love guru, and will inspire your pants off to fill your cup so you are living your best life. She emphasises the importance of filling your cup through nurturing relationships and mindfulness practices. 

Carol also discusses how to overcome self-doubt by visualising your ideal life and affirming your goals to your subconscious mind. She inspires listeners to embrace curiosity as they work towards their dreams with patience and self-compassion.

Tune in to be motivated to develop self-awareness, reconnect with your true nature, and start living your best life. 

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • You have the power to become the author of your own life by choosing your end results and taking daily action steps aligned with your goals and values.
  • Develop self-awareness through self-reflection, unpacking emotions and behaviours to better understand yourself.
  • Reprogram limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind by choosing empowering affirmations and visualisations.
  • Trust your intuition and don't let self-doubt hold you back from pursuing your dreams.
  • Prioritise daily self-care, self-love and mindfulness activities to stay aligned with your true self.
  • Fill your cup by nurturing relationships and finding fulfilment through hobbies rather than living for others' approval. 
  • Embrace curiosity, patience, and self-compassion as you work towards creating the life you desire.



Meditation: William Whitecloud - The land of plenty 



"It's learning to be selfish in a non selfish way." - Carol Robinson

"You have to have self compassion coming into … okay, I made that choice. That wasn't the smartest choice at the end result or wasn't the healthiest choice or it wasn't the right choice for me. But what did I learn from that?"  - Carol Robinson

"I remember sitting in the car thinking, this is not good. This is not the life that I want screaming at my kids to brush their teeth in the morning, just in case we're two minutes late for the school bell, you know, all these tiny little lessons were coming to me and, and it was actually connecting me more to my heart." - Carol Robinson

"You can go and listen to all the podcasts, read all the books, you can go to all the conferences, but if you're not taking tiny steps of action, then it's just nothing's gonna happen." - Carol Robinson

"I was living my life, according to what I thought other people were thinking of me, according to what society puts on to you of the way what your narrative is meant to be. And I wasn't connected to what was right for me."  - Carol Robinson

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Connect with Carol

With over 15 years of experience working with clientele, Carol had the privilege of guiding many with navigating their challenges. Her journey involves facilitating personal development events and providing private mentoring on crucial topics such as Self Love, Relationships, Intuition, Health & Fitness and Energy healing. 

Trained by global organisations, Carol specialises in working with ambitious people who are ready for a positive shift in their life, so they can thrive at life with the things that make them feel good.  Her mission is to empower others by unveiling the strength and resilience that already resides within them, recognising that transformation is not just a goal but an inevitable part of their journey.

Currently, Carol works with clients through 1:1 Sessions and her online group program; The Self Love Affair™. The sessions intuitively blend Mind, Body, and Spirit studies, creating an experience that opens minds to new possibilities. This approach nurtures overall well-being, allowing her clients to live more authentically in their true nature and purpose. This work inspirationally leads clients in cultivating the greatest Self Love Affair within their Career, Relationships, and Confidence.



Instagram: @theselfloveaffair

Facebook: @carolselflove

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