1000 Days of Sobriety and Finding Confidence with Ebony Newton

1000 Days of Sobriety and Finding Confidence with Ebony Newton

Are you looking for motivation to reduce your drinking or quit alcohol altogether? Then you won't want to miss this insightful episode of the Choosing Change podcast. 

Guest Ebony Newton shares her powerful journey of achieving over 1000 days of sobriety. As a former binge drinker, Ebony hit rock bottom with health issues that prompted her decision to quit alcohol. She dives deep into her past struggles with excessive drinking and the scary wake up calls that led her to change.

Ebony discusses the challenges of socialising without alcohol but emphasises how far she has come in building self-assurance. "I've got to be absolutely comfortable in your own skin all of the time," she says, finding empowerment in confidently having fun without substances. 

Through sobriety, Ebony has discovered a new zest for life. She highlights the wellness benefits like financial savings and mental clarity. Most inspiring is Ebony's realisation that "I don't think I'll ever drink again" due to all she has gained from leaving her past behind.

This episode provides invaluable lessons on gradually reducing drinking, overcoming insecurities, and replacing alcohol with natural highs. Ebony proves that 1000 days of sobriety can unlock confidence and a fulfilled alcohol-free lifestyle. Tune in for an uplifting conversation on prioritising health and reclaiming joy without substances.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Quitting alcohol can be a gradual process of taking it day by day and week by week, rather than an abrupt change.
  • Having a supportive buddy who is also reducing their drinking can help avoid feelings of isolation.
  • Sobriety provides many benefits like improved health, financial savings, and confidence without relying on substances.
  • It's possible to socialise and have fun without alcohol by finding natural highs and developing self-assurance.
  • Overcoming initial insecurities leads to empowerment from being comfortable in any situation without substances.
  • Quitting alcohol aligned with Ebony's goals of prioritising well-being and allowed her to discover new passions and activities.
  • 1000+ days of sobriety has provided Ebony with clarity, presence and an alcohol-free lifestyle she doesn't want to change.




"I've got to be absolutely comfortable in your own skin all of the time. And when I've been out, and I'm not drinking, and everyone around us is drinking, they're obviously in they're sort of happy, confident bubble. But I've got to fit in there and feel confident, I've got to be confident and dance on the dance floor without having the liquid that kind of makes all of your limbs and everything a bit more, you know, looser. Yes, you've got to feel confident, and I didn't anticipate that thing that I would have to overcome. But it's an amazing feeling to be 100% They're like, you don't need alcohol to have a good time. Because you are confident that you know, I don't know, it's quite an empowering feeling. Actually." - Ebony Newton

"This new world that I didn't realise was there… I don't think that you would ever regret it at all, just in my personal experience to gain that much confidence within yourself." - Ebony Newton

"I think that it was just to kind of day by day, week by week kind of thing. And then slowly, the more that I was sort of just doing it, and it really aligned with everything else I was trying to do to heal, they almost wasn't room for that, because it just was so disjointed from all of the other things that I was doing in order to sort of heal my chronic health problems that were currently part of my life." - Ebony Newton

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Connect with Ebony

Ebony is a mother, designer and small business founder of Dotty Black, based in the North East of England.

When her firstborn was diagnosed with Autism and Muscular Dystrophy, life took an unexpected turn. Managing medical appointments, a second baby, and client deadlines left her feeling overwhelmed.

Seeking something for herself, Ebony launched Dotty Black, an online gift shop inspired by her family’s journey and dedicated to celebrating differences and neurodiversity. Initially a side hustle, Dotty Black became her main focus in January 2022 after she battled long Covid. Stepping away from the deadline-driven freelance world, she prioritised her health and healing.

Dotty Black flourished under Ebony's guidance, partnering with Moonpig and Thortful and increasing passive income streams. She committed to personal growth by quitting alcohol, listening to positive podcasts, hiring a life coach, and embracing a nutrition-focused healing journey. Her self-discovery journey also led to an ADHD diagnosis in May 2022.

Today, Ebony enjoys life more than ever. She exercises, loves paddleboarding, and engages in mindful activities, achieving a long-sought balance. Ebony Newton continues to grow Dotty Black, spreading positivity and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual.


Website: www.dottyblack.co.uk

Instagram: @dottyblackgifts

Personal Growth Instagram: @this_is_chapter_40

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Web: www.lizziemoult.com

Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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