Never Be Afraid to Chase Your Crazy with Nic Goddard

Never Be Afraid to Chase Your Crazy with Nic Goddard

Feeling stuck in a rut and longing for more adventure in your life? Then you won't want to miss this inspiring episode of the Choosing Change podcast. I interview wild swimmer, writer, and adventurer Nic Goddard, who shares her incredible journey of leaving behind a conventional life to pursue her passions for nature, minimalism, and living freely. Originally from England, Nic now calls the Scottish Highlands home with her family. As the editor of the local community newspaper, Nic writes passionately about connecting with nature, mental health, and living a wilder life.

A true kindred spirit

We talked about Nic’s life-changing moment when her then 7-year-old son questioned why his father had to work, which planted the seeds for their unconventional path. Nic shares their year-long trip travelling the UK in a tiny campervan, volunteering on farms, and learning off-grid living skills. Nic emphasises the importance of constantly evaluating your choices to ensure they still serve you and being willing to change direction. She also discusses embracing mistakes as learning opportunities rather than failures and validating your ideas by sharing them before taking the leap.

Nic's free-spirited approach to life is sure to inspire you to chase your own crazy dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem. So press play and get ready for a boost of wild inspiration!


I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Don't be afraid to pursue unconventional choices and live life on your own terms.
  • Constantly evaluate your life and choices to ensure they are still serving you. Be willing to change or adjust as needed.
  • Prioritise flexibility and making decisions as a family unit that work for everyone.
  • Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities rather than seeing them as failures.
  • Validate your ideas by sharing them with others before implementing changes.
  • Minimalism and living with just what you need can be freeing and lead to new adventures.
  • Small changes inspired by others can improve your own life in unexpected ways.
  • Following your inspiration and taking action is more important than overthinking decisions.



"Never do anything forever. It's always this works for now. And let's constantly look at it, and question and challenge ourselves and make sure that it's still serving us today, because it might have served us really well yesterday." - Nic Goddard

"You're only here once, just get out there. Absolutely live it. And if you get it wrong, then ‘ha-ra’ because you've got an opportunity to change it and do it a different way."  - Nic Goddard

"Never be afraid to chase your crazy and never get trapped by your dreams."  - Nic Goddard

"You only learn from mistakes, don't we?” - Nic Goddard

"I've always said from the outside a lot of the things that we do and a lot of the choices we make… can look really strange or wrong or completely out there or crazy. But actually to us, they've never felt crazy." - Nic Goddard


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Connect with Nic Goddard

Nic is a wild swimmer, walker, crafter, adventurer, educator and writer. She lives in the Scottish highlands with her family, cats and chickens. Currently Nic is the freelance editor of the local community newspaper and writes about nature connection, mental health and wellbeing and a wilder life for newspapers, magazines and websites.


Instagram: @nic.goddard



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Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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