Uncovering Your Shadows with Lizzie Moult

Uncovering Your Shadows with Lizzie Moult

Are you ready to gain deeper self-awareness and make positive changes in your life? In this powerful episode of the Choosing Change podcast, I’m guiding you through the transformative process of shadow work. 

Shadow work involves exploring the hidden parts of ourselves that we often suppress or deny. I’m sharing my own experience of how facing our shadows can be uncomfortable but necessary for personal growth. I'm going deep in this one, opening up about my emotional breakdown that almost forced me to do this inner work.

I offer up invaluable advice on how to start your own shadow work journey. Key steps include naming your emotions, finding healthy ways to release them, and journaling to uncover underlying beliefs and stories. I emphasise the importance of questioning where limiting beliefs originated and making small adjustments to feel more aligned with your true self.

I’m here to remind you that "shadow work is not for the lighthearted, it takes courage to change who we are." But facing our fears and insecurities is how we can gain self-trust and improve our relationships. 

I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Shadow work involves exploring and integrating hidden or suppressed aspects of oneself through self-reflection and acceptance.
  • Naming and processing emotions is an important first step in shadow work to gain self-awareness.
  • Finding ways to physically release emotions like crying, movement, etc. can help heal emotional shadows.
  • Journaling provides an outlet to identify thoughts, feelings, and uncover underlying beliefs and stories.
  • Cultural and family influences can shape core beliefs, and shadow work involves questioning where those beliefs originated.
  • Small actions and changes in perspective may be needed to feel comfortable with a new, truer sense of self.
  • Shadow work is a personal journey that takes courage but can facilitate personal growth and improved relationships.



"Shadow work is a term often used in psychology and spirituality to describe the process of exploring and integrating aspects of ourselves that we typically suppress, deny or reject." - Lizzie Moult

"When we know ourselves that deeply we can put things into place to nurture and support us." - Lizzie Moult

"Healing our emotions is tricky work. As humans, we're made up of predominantly of water. And when it's stagnant, water tends to slightly go a nice shade of green, right, like it goes pretty gross and murky." - Lizzie Moult

"I think if we have a shadow, that one thing that, you know, grinds us the wrong way or makes us upset or things that we just keep pushing further and further away. That thing is staying within us." - Lizzie Moult

"Shadow work is not for the light hearted, it takes courage to change who we are." - Lizzie Moult

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