Intentionally Slowing Down Your Life, For a More Connected Way of Living with Jane Lindsey

Intentionally Slowing Down Your Life, For a More Connected Way of Living with Jane Lindsey

Are you feeling burnt out by the hustle of daily life and secretly seeking more balance? In this insightful episode of the Choosing Change podcast, I talk with textile artist and botanical enthusiast Jane Lindsey from the Studio Club to discuss the importance of intentional living.

Jane shares her own journey of constantly striving for more through her business ventures, only to realise she had lost touch with what truly lit her up - creativity, nature and stillness. She experienced burnout before making the conscious decision to simplify her life through setting clear boundaries.

Some highlights from their discussion include Jane's realisation that you cannot passively drift into a slower lifestyle, but must actively work to redefine what "slow" means for you. She also emphasises the value of small daily rituals that nourish your soul without overwhelming your schedule.

Jane now lives a freer life running her online studio club, prioritising the freedom to follow her passions wherever they may lead. She encourages finding activities that help you feel grounded and listening to what energises you versus what depletes.

If you're seeking to regain control of your time and reconnect with your values, this episode provides invaluable insights on creating an intentional life through mindfulness and slowing down your pace. Take some time to listen - you won't regret the wisdom you'll gain.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Living intentionally requires conscious effort, you can't drift into it passively.
  • It's important to define what "slow" and "simple" mean for your own life specifically.
  • Setting clear boundaries around work, technology, and activities that deplete your energy is crucial for sustainability.
  • Rituals, routines, and small daily practices can help you slow down and feel more present and connected over time.
  • Stillness and being fully present allows you to better listen to your own needs and creativity.
  • Prioritising freedom, health, and personal fulfilment over constant growth and external measures of success leads to greater life balance.



"I think as a society, we really fear inactivity and stillness, and therefore, it becomes quite scary to do it." - Jane Lindsey

"You cannot drift into a slower, more simple, more intentional life." - Jane Lindsey

"It’s better to feel guilty than resentful." - Jane Lindsey

"Work out what being slow means to you? And actually take that away from any, you know, Pinterest pages of chickens and heritage apple trees? Put it into states of being..." - Jane Lindsey

"Everything I do has this kind of a much more structure and ritual with it. But the bits in between it flows a lot more." - Jane Lindsey

"I think that once you've got stillness, the being able to hear and listen comes." - Jane Lindsey

Do reach out to us to continue this conversation.


Connect with Jane

Jane Lindsey is a textile artist and botanical dyer living in the middle of Scotland in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. She runs an online membership called The Studio Club which is for people wanting to bring more creativity and connection to nature into their daily lives.

Jane has a varied and wiggly job path - starting out as Curator of British Art at the Hunterian Art Gallery in The University of Glasgow, changing career in 2000 to retrain in horticulture and start a micro flower farm catering for weddings and events, selling at farmers markets and online. The flower business began in her small clay soiled back garden and when the only plants left alone by the slugs were snapdragons, that gave her the name for her business; Snapdragon Life. Ill health meant that she had to give up flower growing, as it was too physically demanding, and she pivoted into textile crafts, building a large wholesale and retail embroidery business. Then, in 2016, feeling that such a large scale operation was out of alignment with how she wanted to live, she gave that up and began The Studio Club, an online community which focuses on kick starting creativity through mindful and nature based monthly projects.

This year she is creating a dye garden, where her cut flower beds used to be, to produce small scale dye and botanical printing materials for sale.




PHOTO CREDIT -  Kat Goldin 

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