The Power of Pausing & Reframing Negative Thoughts w Sarah Wilkinson

Overthinking and Embracing Life: The Power of Pausing and Reframing Negative Thoughts with Sarah Wilkinson

Are you someone who often finds yourself stuck in a cycle of worry and overthinking? Do you sometimes miss out on life experiences because of fear or anxiety about potential negatives? In this powerful episode of the Choosing Change podcast, I talk with Sarah Wilkinson to discuss proven strategies for breaking free from excessive worrying thoughts and fully embracing life.

Sarah shares how a difficult childhood event led her to consciously choose a more positive mindset at a young age. Now a lecturer and celebrant from Scotland, she discusses her greatest life lesson - that overthinking often does more harm than good. Sarah advocates focusing on living fully in the present moment rather than dwelling on what-ifs from the past or future.

The conversation delves into specific techniques Sarah uses daily to manage anxiety, like positive reframing, relaxation, and spending time in nature. She also stresses the importance of making decisions with trust in yourself and enjoying experiences rather than fixating on potential negatives. Listeners will come away feeling inspired to practise new thought habits through cognitive behavioural exercises and build resilience to life's uncertainties.

This episode is a must for anyone struggling with overthinking patterns. You'll gain practical tips while also feeling motivated to embrace life to its fullest. Don't miss this chance to learn from Sarah's journey of overcoming worry and fully committing to each moment. One listen may just help you gain a new perspective and take that first step towards positive change.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Don't overthink things and go with the flow - things usually work out in the end if you trust the process.
  • Focus on living in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.
  • Manage anxiety and stress through positive reframing, flipping negative thoughts, and grounding techniques like spending time in nature.
  • Build resilience by practising cognitive behavioural therapy techniques like challenging negative thought patterns.
  • Have courage to make decisions and take risks by trusting yourself and embracing uncertainty.
  • Find ways to enjoy life and embrace both good and bad experiences rather than fixating on potential negatives.
  • Overcoming overthinking is a process that requires consistent practice of new thought habits.



"I try to kind of embrace things, take a plunge, go for it. And it's not always easy. But you do find I think the more that you do that, that actually things aren't as bad as you maybe expect them to be and think they might be." - Sarah Wilkinson

"I think my greatest life lesson is not to overthink things, to kind of go with the flow every single come right in the end."  - Sarah Wilkinson

"Anything is possible." - Sarah Wilkinson

"We have one life to live. And we should enjoy that life to the full, it's almost cheeky, not to, you know, kind of a waste." - Sarah Wilkinson

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Connect with Sarah

Sarah Wilkinson is a lecturer at the University of Highlands and Islands in Caithness, Scotland where she teaches psychology and other subjects. In addition to her academic career, she is a humanist celebrant, conducting ceremonies such as funerals, weddings, and namings. When she's not working, Sarah enjoys spending time with her dogs, walking along the beach near her home, and meeting new people.


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