Overcoming Emotional Manipulation and Finding Yourself Again with Kirstie Squires

Have you ever felt trapped in a situation where you felt you had no control? Where your sense of self was slowly stripped away until you didn't recognize yourself anymore? In this powerful episode of the Choosing Change podcast, Kirstie Squires shares her deeply personal story of enduring emotional manipulation and abuse, and how she found the strength to reclaim her life.

Kirstie describes the slow, insidious way her independence and identity were eroded over 11 years through controlling behaviors, gaslighting and isolation. Despite being a strong, self-employed woman, she found herself constantly walking on eggshells to avoid conflict or retaliation from her partner. At her lowest point, with her job, home and mental health in crisis, Kirstie felt completely broken with no way out.

But through the support of loved ones and her own commitment to healing, Kirstie was able to start peeling back the layers of manipulation to see the truth of her situation. Researching topics like narcissism and the law of attraction helped her understand what happened and regain her sense of self. Now, Kirstie lives every day with gratitude, surrounding herself with friends on camping adventures and living fully without regret.

Kirstie's story is a powerful reminder that no matter how trapped you may feel, there is always hope for renewal. For anyone enduring emotional abuse, or who knows someone who is, this episode provides insight, encouragement and proof that you are not alone. Tune in to be inspired by one woman's incredible journey of overcoming her greatest adversary and reclaiming the life she was meant to live.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • It's important to never say never and always believe there is a way out of difficult situations, even if it's not clear at the time.
  • Seeking help from even just one trusted person can make a huge difference, whether it's a friend, family member or professional.
  • Educating yourself on topics like narcissism and emotional manipulation tactics can help with understanding what happened and gaining clarity.
  • Taking ownership of one's situation and committing to personal growth and healing is important for overcoming trauma from the past.
  • Appreciating the small joys in life daily and living without regrets can help maintain a positive mindset going forward.
  • Having a strong support system of caring people makes recovery from emotional abuse and difficult times much more achievable.


BOOK - The Secret by Rhonda Byrne 



"Never say never, in that moment. It's never, never say you can't do it, and never say you can't find a way out because there's always an answer." - Kirstie Squires

"Money means jack shit. And that's me being like, it means nothing. Because you can leave with nothing like nothing, and you can rebuild, you can rebuild." - Kirstie Squires

"I did a lot of research on me. Why was I like this? Why did I let somebody take so much of me. And I grew and started getting stronger."  - Kirstie Squires

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Connect with Kirstie Squires

Kirstie Squires is a seasoned hair professional with a passion for her craft that spans over two decades. Beginning her journey as a Saturday assistant at just 14 years old, Kirstie quickly developed a love for the artistry and creativity of hairdressing. Through hard work and dedication, she transitioned to self-employment, establishing herself as a respected stylist and business owner.

Throughout her career, Kirstie has faced and triumphed over numerous challenges, including navigating toxic relationships and overcoming the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these obstacles, Kirstie's resilience shone through as she adapted her business model, embraced online sales, and received unwavering support from her loyal clientele.


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Web: www.lizziemoult.com

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