Finding Your Worth Beyond Success Lauren Bath

Finding Your Worth Beyond Success with Lauren Bath

Are you struggling with feelings of inadequacy when external factors like money, followers or achievements are lacking? Do you constantly chase unrealistic societal definitions of success at the cost of your well-being and alignment?

The latest Choosing Change Podcast episode is a must-listen that will challenge your assumptions about where true worthiness comes from. In a raw and inspiring conversation, Lauren Bath shares her powerful journey of self-discovery after the crumbling of her highly successful business empire.

Lauren discusses how she had to dismantle her identity that was tied to external metrics like money and fame in order to rediscover her worth as a person beyond any accomplishments. Through stripping away validation and focusing inward, she found a well of self-love, embodiment and intuition that has led to her greatest happiness and creativity yet.

Lizzie and Lauren explore the importance of embracing one's feminine energy through stillness, presence and listening to instincts over constant doing and achieving. They emphasize that this leads to better flow, alignment and magic in both personal and professional spheres.

This thought-provoking episode will encourage you to question where you derive your sense of worth from and how you can reconnect with your true essence. It's a reminder that fulfilment comes from within, not from any amount of money, likes or status.

So tune in to gain powerful insights and perspectives for cultivating self-worth beyond success. Discover how embracing your feminine power can transform your life and work in this must-listen episode!

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Our worthiness and identity should not be tied to external factors like money, success, followers, etc. but come from within.
  • Stripping away external validation and focusing on internal work like self-love, embodiment and intuition is important for personal growth.
  • Embracing one's feminine energy through stillness, being present, and listening to instincts leads to better creativity, alignment and flow in life and work.
  • Comparing oneself to others and chasing unrealistic societal definitions of success can be detrimental to well-being.
  • Having financial security and fulfilling goals is possible without excessive stress by living below one's means and in alignment with values.
  • Surrendering attachment to outcomes allows one to focus on service, contribution and being present in the moment.



"I am worthy as a person without money, success and accolades." - Lauren Bath

"We are born worthy, we are born perfect and everything that we're meant to be." - Lauren Bath

"The way that you feel, that is internal work." - Lauren Bath

"We actually need stillness. We need feminine we need embodiment. We need flow. Like we need intuition. These are the things that actually create the most fantastical dreams that we could possibly dream up for ourselves." - Lauren Bath

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Connect with Lauren Bath

Lauren Bath is a creator and visionary. She is also a photographer, writer, influencer, dreamer, artist, roller skater, chef and mother.

Just as she has many titles, there are many accolades too. She has over 350,000 Instagram followers, grown over a period of 13 years. She has worked on over 250 brand and travel campaigns as a professional Instagrammer and photographer. She’s taught hundreds of brands and business owners how to maximise social media and succeed in business through online and in-person events and programs. 

National and international media have featured Lauren, most notably she was interviewed by Peter Stefanovic for a 60-Minutes feature on influencers, and been a finalist for the “Women in Business” awards in the “Women for Change” category. 

In 2022, she took a business time out to focus on what’s really important to her - aligning herself and to get clear on her truth and what she wants to create next. That time was the greatest investment she ever made.

Now, in 2024, I am ready to move fearlessly towards my dreams again. Dreams that include a life of travel, choice, freedom and abundance for herself and the people around her. 

Some would say that Lauren’s biggest claim to fame was becoming Australia’s first professional Instagrammer back in 2013 or that her business highlight was scaling two businesses to seven figures at the peak of the pandemic. She believes that the best is yet to come. 


Instagram: @laurenepbath


Facebook: @laurenepbath

Linkedin: @laurenbath


Connect with Lizzie



Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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