A Lesson in Bravery with Clara Barthorp

A Lesson in Bravery: Taking Responsibility and Finding the Courage to Be Your True Self with Clara Barthorp

Are you longing to embrace life with more courage, passion and fulfilment but feeling stuck in fear or routine? Then you won't want to miss this inspiring conversation on the Choosing Change podcast.

Floral artist and entrepreneur Clara shares her hard-won wisdom on the transformative power of creativity, entrepreneurship and personal responsibility. She dives deep into her struggles with anxiety, anorexia and "shrinking" from life, and how rediscovering her joy through flowers helped overcome these challenges.

Clara's journey teaches us that embracing our passions, even through the difficulties of business ownership, can lead to profound growth and joy. But it requires facing our fears and taking charge of our mindsets.

Her insights, like asking "What would I do if I was brave?", will spark your imagination about living bolder. And her reminders to slow down and appreciate life's beauty are just what busy minds need.

If you're ready to start making changes towards a more courageous, fulfilling life, this episode with Clara is a must. You'll be inspired to look within, embrace your creativity and start living as your true brave self. One listen may just give you the nudge to start your own transformation.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Embracing one's creativity and passions can lead to fulfilment and personal growth, even through challenges like entrepreneurship.
  • It's important to take responsibility for one's thoughts, actions, and emotions in order to process difficulties from the past.
  • Living courageously means pushing past fears to pursue what truly inspires you, even if it requires bold changes.
  • Slowing down, being present, and stimulating the senses can help unlock creativity and reduce anxiety.
  • Asking ourselves "What would I do if I was brave?" can open our minds to new possibilities and opportunities for growth.
  • Sharing life stories and lessons can inspire others facing similar challenges to keep pursuing change and transformation.



"I've got one life on this earth. As far as I know it. And life's for living get brave." - Clara Barthorp

"I am in that state, when I am with flowers painting with flowers, I'm creating color, I'm creating shape, I'm creating form with my flowers." - Clara Barthorp

"What would I do if I were brave? Who would I be? And what would I do if I were brave?" - Clara Barthorp

"Creativity really does fulfil me, it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel excited. And it makes me feel in flow with life." - Clara Barthorp

Do reach out to us to continue this conversation.


Connect with Clara

Clara runs her floristry business Wilde Thyme, founded in 2013, from her beautiful shop in Jersey. Not only does she create natural, free flowing, garden inspired designs for her client’s weddings in the UK and beyond, she loves teaching people the joys of creativity using flowers and other means, teaching floristry skills which can uplevel people's lives.

She has a newly launched Flower School. Online courses coming soon

She is about to welcome a puppy into her island home to create some of the mess missing from her now three grownup daughters.


Website: www.wildethyme.com

Instagram: @mywildethymes

Facebook: @mywildethymes



Connect with Lizzie


Web: www.lizziemoult.com

Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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