The Power of Truthful Conversations with Rie Pearson

The Power of Truthful Conversations with Rie Pearson

My conversation with Rie Pearson was truly eye-opening. Rie shared so much wisdom from her experiences as a police officer and working with victims of domestic abuse. One of the most important things I took away is the impact that being honest and speaking your truth can have.

So many of us grow up in environments where we're not encouraged to communicate openly. We're taught that our feelings and opinions don't matter. But as Rie explained, this causes deep trauma. Bottling up emotions takes a physical toll on our health.

Rie believes that if we were all more honest about our lives, there would be much less suffering. However, she acknowledges this is difficult when you're not used to it. We have to learn how to set boundaries, understand our values, and find our voice.

In relationships, starting as you mean to go on with honesty and clarity is key. But we must also hold ourselves to the same standards we hold others. Rie's advice to write out your "non-negotiables" and reflect on whether you embody those qualities was thought-provoking.

The most impactful part for me was Rie's approach to parenting. Prioritizing open communication and being a safe space, where children feel heard and validated, is so important for their wellbeing and ability to come to you with anything.

If you want to cultivate more meaningful connections and reduce trauma in your life, truthful conversations are so valuable. I feel grateful for the insights Rie shared and hope they inspire you too.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.

Highlights from this episode:

  • The importance of honest and open communication in relationships
  • Speaking your truth and being honest with yourself and others can lead to less trauma
  • Bottling up emotions can make you physically ill
  • It's important to set boundaries and be clear about your needs and values in a relationship
  • Parenting with honesty, openness and being a safe space for your children is important

Links & Mentions:

Rie Pearson's book "Be Kind No Excuses" is a guide for teenagers and parents to raise awareness of red flag behaviours of abusers.


"The truth is within us." - Rie Pearson

"If we were all a lot more honest about how we lived our lives, things would be, I wouldn't say easier, just less traumatic."- Rie Pearson

"If you keep your truth, if you don't speak your truth, if you keep all that resentment inside because if people are just going to take advantage of you and believe me, there are people out there who will take advantage of you. If you keep that inside of you, it's going to make you ill." - Rie Pearson

Do reach out to us to continue this conversation.

Connect with Rie

Rie Pearson is from North Tyneside. England. She lives overlooking the sea and describes herself as “Being on the Edge”!

Rie is married, and has three children, two in their twenties and a teenager.

Rie's career background is in policing. She was a police officer for 27 years and retired on her 50th birthday due to ill health. She specialised in Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, working strategically for many years. 

Rie's book, "Be Kind. No Excuses" is a guide for teenagers and parents to raise awareness of the red-flag behaviours that are a precursor to abuse in intimate relationships. 

Her Mission is to teach people what the early signs of abuse in relationships looks like. Abusers leave clues, even at the very beginning. Those early behaviours appear as “caring”, but when we look closer, they are really “controlling”. 

By learning what to look for, and to recognise it for what it is, we can know how to react and reduce the incidence of abuse. 



Website: {the place to get her book!!}

Instagram: @rie_rie_pearson_author and @bekindnoexcuses_cic 


Connect with Lizzie



Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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