Never Stop Learning with Megan Henderson

On the latest episode of the Choosing Change podcast, I sit down with award-winning Scottish musician Megan Henderson for a thought-provoking discussion about lifelong learning. Megan shares how she's come to realize that never stopping learning is one of her greatest life lessons.

Through experiences like becoming a mother and dealing with postnatal depression, Megan has gained a deeper understanding of herself. She's learned to embrace learning in small, anxiety-free ways each day through collaboration, observation, asking questions and embracing mistakes as opportunities.

As a musician, Megan's "safe space" for processing information is through music. She discusses learning from her bandmates and finding new inspiration through different creative partnerships. Megan also opens up about managing performance anxiety through breathing exercises - a tool she's adopted for many aspects of life.

Some key takeaways from their conversation include the importance of learning styles, accepting ourselves and each other, and asking for help when needed. Megan encourages developing an open and curious approach to continuous learning with compassion.

This insightful episode provides meaningful perspectives on cultivating lifelong growth and well-being. We explore how embracing learning with acceptance and without judgment can enrich our lives. This discussion is sure to spark reflection and motivation to keep challenging ourselves every day.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Learning is a lifelong process and we should never stop being curious and open to new experiences.
  • It's important to learn from others through collaboration, observation, and asking questions.
  • Mistakes are part of learning and should be accepted rather than judged.
  • Different people process and learn information in different ways.
  • Managing anxiety can be helped through techniques like breathing exercises.
  • Motherhood is a transformative experience that brings greater self-awareness.
  • Music allows Megan a safe space for processing information and learning.
  • Asking for help when needed is a strength, not a weakness.
  • Embracing learning with acceptance, curiosity and an open mind can enrich our lives.



"I've learned to not set myself goals that are going to fuel me with anxiety, because I can't reach that goal. It's like learning little things every day." - Megan Henderson

"My brain processes music really well, that's my kind of safe space." - Megan Henderson

On Anxiety "If I can feel it coming on … it's a technique that really works for me and just be like, Okay, take a minute, you've got this, just, you know, really kind of trying to reduce the kind of heart rate in that palpitation feeling. And just be like, it's okay, it's okay to have this feeling. That's a huge learning curve for me, is the breathing."- Megan Henderson

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Connect with Megan

Megan is multi instrumentalist and singer hailing from the West Highland town of Fort William and 2022 MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards Musician of the Year.

Megan Henderson’s profile continues to flourish with the 2022 release of her debut solo album Pilgrim Souls, an instrumental and vocal suite inspired by the art work of fellow Fort William native Christine Clark. Henderson combines beauty, energy and finesse to create a versatile programme of original music and song.

Brought up in a large family of highly respected traditional musicians her path to a career in music was almost inevitable. Always keen to explore her creative horizons she moved to Glasgow in 2007 to study Classical Violin at the RSAMD. Upon graduating she joined Scottish folk group Breabach. In her 12 years with the band, Breabach have carved

out international recognition as one of Scotland’s most innovative and creative acts. Six-time winners at the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards, they have performed at festivals and theatres across the globe including the Sydney Opera House and Central Park, New York.



Instagram: @mhenderson

Facebook: @Meganhendersonmusic



Connect with Lizzie



Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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