Prioritising Happiness with Kim Marshall

Prioritising Happiness with Kim Marshall

On this episode of Choosing Change Kim Marshall of Little Bay Brownies shares her powerful story of overcoming loneliness and prioritising her own happiness. As a mother of three living in rural Scotland, Kim struggled for years feeling unhappy but unable to express herself for fear of upsetting others.

That all changed when she realised it was okay to do things just for her own well-being. Small changes like counselling, journaling, and daily self-care helped shift Kim's perspective over time. But a major turning point came when she set clear boundaries - even with family members - about how she would and wouldn't allow people to treat her.

At first this ruffled feathers, but Kim learned boundaries aren't selfish. They allow you to properly care for your mental health so you can care for others from a place of strength. Cutting off contact with toxic relatives brought Kim peace and acceptance of her past.

Now Kim prioritises listening to her inner voice without guilt. She lives authentically running her baking business while being the best mom she can be. Her story inspires others to choose their own happiness through self-acceptance, communication, and empowering boundaries. Kim proves how small changes can lead to profound life transformations when you put yourself first.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Realizing it's okay to prioritise your own happiness and do things for yourself, even as a mother or wife 
  • The importance of setting boundaries, both with yourself and in relationships - How small changes like counselling, journaling, and daily self-care can lead to big shifts in perspective and well-being over time 
  • The value of opening up and being vulnerable with trusted people in your life for support 
  • Learning to accept the past and stop allowing others to dictate your feelings


"You've just got to go for it. You know, we're not we're not here for very long hours. It's kind of a short life and you just want to live it as happy as you can doing what you want to do." Kim Marshall

"I think as a mum … just kind of realizing that I'm allowed to do stuff for me. And I'm allowed to make decisions that make me happy. I think because for a long time. I've just kind of done what other people thought I should do and be what other people thought I should. Kim Marshall

"Keep going and … accept. It's part of you. It's who you are… good and bad. So you've got to … learn to accept yourself I think." Kim Marshall

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Connect with Kim

Kim Marshall is a Baker originally from Leeds, a mum of three. She moved to Scotland about 11 years ago after discovering Scotland at the age of 16 when she went on holiday with her husband's family, she had never seen this much green, felt this much calm, felt freedom.


Instagram: @littlebaybrownies


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Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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