Letting Go of Judgement with Lizzie Moult

Have you ever noticed how much time we spend judging situations before they even happen? As a lifelong weather watcher, I was as guilty as anyone of making assumptions about how each day would unfold based on the forecast. But one insight changed everything for me.

In this episode of the Choosing Change Podcast, I share how a workshop on letting go of judgment sparked a revelation. By constantly declaring "It's going to be hot today!" I was setting myself up for discomfort and disappointment. My expectations became self-fulfilling prophecies that ruined my mood.

Curious what would happen if I stopped looking at the forecast, I conducted a 10-day experiment. To my surprise, even on a record-breaking 40°C day, I felt calm and comfortable. Without judgments clouding my perception, my body responded differently to the heat.

This opened my eyes to how the mind influences our experiences. If I could change my physical reactions just by adjusting my thoughts, what else was possible?

Slowly, I applied the lesson beyond weather to my daily life. Releasing preconceived notions about situations and people allowed me to live more fully in each present moment. I discovered unexpected joys, like spending more time with friends at the beach that summer.

My biggest life lesson? We limit ourselves with labels and assumptions. But when we open to endless possibilities, everything transforms. Now I strive to meet each day, and person, without prejudging what might occur. The rewards of non-judgment have far exceeded any forecast.


I can’t wait for you to listen.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Judging situations or outcomes keeps us closed off to possibilities and can create self-fulfilling prophecies through our expectations.
  • Releasing judgment allows us to be more present, accepting of reality as it is, and open to new opportunities.
  • Our thoughts and beliefs have power over our physical and emotional experiences, so changing our mindset can transform our lives.
  • Small practices like not looking at the weather forecast or engaging in judgmental conversations can help break habitual patterns of judgment.
  • Letting go of attachment to outcomes we can't control, like the weather, frees us up to enjoy life more fully in each moment.



"When we make judgments, we project outcomes and expectations that our mind then believes, even if they're not true. This can create self-fulfilling prophecies." Lizzie Moult

"Judgement keeps us small and closed off to possibilities by assuming we know how things will turn out." Lizzie Moult

"Releasing judgement allows us to be more present, accepting of what is, and open to different possibilities rather than deciding things beforehand." Lizzie Moult


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