Finding Grace Through Death and Rebirth with Hannah Wallace

Finding Grace Through Death and Rebirth with Hannah Wallace

On this week's episode of the Choosing Change podcast, Hannah Wallace joins me to share insights from her own deeply personal healing journey. Hannah describes how at a young age, she faced major life changes that plunged her into darkness. But through perseverance and support, she emerged stronger by learning to accept where she was at.

Hannah helps us understand that as humans, we all experience natural cycles of "death and rebirth" throughout our lives. Major transitions involve metaphorical deaths of old selves that must be grieved. During these times, feeling safe and releasing resistance is key. Rebirth then allows questioning of beliefs and choosing what truly nourishes our well-being.

Both Hannah and I have navigated challenging periods involving illness, disability, trauma and more. By openly discussing our experiences, we hope others feel less alone. A takeaway is that each person's process is unique - experimenting mindfully aids wellness. Hannah emphasizes embracing all aspects of self, including quirks, with compassion.

Finding grace, joy, fun and softening rigid patterns also support healing. I'm grateful Hannah joined me to provide profound insights for all undergoing life's changes. Her wisdom reminds us that with perseverance and community, light emerges even from our darkest of days.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Life involves natural cycles of death and rebirth that we must honor and navigate.
  • During times of death or transition, it's important to feel safe, release resistance, and accept where you're at.
  • Rebirth allows us to tune into our true selves and wants, not external expectations.
  • We should embrace all parts of ourselves, including quirks, and soften rigid patterns.
  • Finding grace, joy, fun and compassion for ourselves can aid the healing journey.
  • Everyone's process is unique - experiment to find what supports your wellbeing.
  • Sharing openly about challenges helps others feel less alone in their experiences.


"Be kind to yourself because until you can do that, you can't make peace with where you are."  Hannah Wallace

"The biggest thing is trusting that at the end of the day you will come out the other side." Hannah Wallace

"During the death process, it's important to accept your situation, release resistance, and start to feel safe in that process." Hannah Wallace

"Rebirth is an opportunity to question your beliefs and patterns, and choose yourself, love, peace and non-conformity over external expectations." Hannah Wallace

Do reach out to us to continue this conversation.


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Hannah is the host of the podcast finding grace, a disability model and advocate, a writer, blogger, speaker and priestess. She guides people to find grace in their lives, and to help them integrate their darkness and light and embody themselves fully. 



Instagram: @thehannahwallace 

Facebook: @thehannahwallace 

Twitter: @hannahwallace_


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