The Power of Environment with Lilli Robinson

The Power of Environment with Lilli Robinson

In this inspiring episode of the podcast, artist Lily shares her journey of self-discovery and how making big life changes ultimately led her to a place of fulfillment and creativity.

Originally from London, Lily found herself in an unfulfilling career that left her feeling anxious and "robotic." She knew deep down that the fast-paced city life wasn't right for her sensitive nature. It took courage but Lily eventually mustered the strength to leave everything behind and move to the Scottish Highlands, following her heart.

In Glencoe, surrounded by the dramatic landscape she finds so inspiring, Lily has been able to tap back into her creative spirit. She now runs a successful art business sharing her illustrations of the local scenery.

Lily discusses important life lessons like learning to prioritize your own happiness over others' expectations. She emphasizes the power environments have over our mental wellbeing and encourages taking time to understand yourself at a deep level. Small daily acts of kindness, embracing creativity as a "sixth sense" and surrounding yourself with supportive people are also keys to living an enriched life.

For anyone questioning whether a major change might be right for them, Lily's story offers hope. With self-awareness and courage, we all have the power to design a life of fulfillment on our own terms. This episode provides insight and motivation for anyone seeking to strengthen their creative spirit and find more magic in every day.


I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • It's important to understand yourself, your values, and what environment truly supports your well-being and creativity.
  • Don't get swept up in living for others or external validation - you need to focus on your own happiness and fulfilment.
  • Being aware of how your environment and senses affect your mental state is powerful for making positive changes.
  • Small daily moments and acts of kindness can bring magic to both your own life and others.
  • Speaking your truth, having supportive people, and leaving unhealthy situations are important for growth and change.
  • Creativity is a muscle that needs exercise - find ways to engage it daily in a way that brings you joy.



"Knowing yourself is the key to creating the life you want." Lilli Robinson

"Being in nature and places that ignite us creatively can act as a form of mental and emotional nourishment." Lilli Robinson

"I think environments have a powerful effect on our mental health and state of mind." Lilli Robinson

"I believe our surroundings play a role in supporting our well-being equivalent to a 'sixth sense'." Lilli Robinson

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Connect with Lilli

Lilli is a 27 year old artist living in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.She is hugely inspired by the mountains and all things in nature. She graduated from Arts University of Bournemouth, where she studied Textiles specialising in print design and after graduating moved straight to London to start a job in a fashion print studio. She now runs an online illustrative gift shop called Discover and Draw which was created in 2019 as a way to translate the positive physical and mental impacts outdoor adventures have on our health and wellbeing. Which she created when she moved to the highlands as well as helping run a local creative charity that runs bi-weekly free art workshops for young people to support their mental health and wellbeing. If she is not working away in her studio painting or packing orders she loves to spend her free time out in nature with her husband Aidan out hiking or climbing out on the water or in it. 







Connect with Me


Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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