Embracing the Present Moment with Laura McGuire

Embracing the Present Moment with Laura McGuire

Trigger Warning: Mention of Sexual Abuse

This episode of "Choosing Change" mentions the topic of sexual assault, which may be emotionally challenging for some listeners. Our intention is to provide you with advance notice that we will be addressing these sensitive subjects. We want to ensure that you have the option to proceed based on your comfort level and well-being. If that is not you this time, we will see you next time. 


On this episode of the Choosing Change podcast, I sit down with adventurer and breathwork teacher Laura McGuire to discuss the lifelong journey of cultivating presence. Laura shares how after experiencing trauma early in life, she spent years seeking fulfilment through accomplishments and experiences while avoiding dealing with her emotions.

It wasn't until a partner pointed out how she was failing to be fully present even in beautiful moments that Laura began her focus on living fully in the now. She dove into Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now and embodied yoga practices to connect more with her physical sensations. Laura also incorporated breathwork like pranayama and freediving, which require full concentration on the breath to enhance safety.

These practices have helped Laura be "grounded in who I am" wherever life takes her. She emphasizes that presence is a skill developed over time, as old thought patterns can resurface. But regular breathwork is a powerful way to return to the body and moment. Laura guides listeners in a mindfulness exercise to experience slowing down with the breath.

The key is responding skillfully to life's changes from a place of self-awareness rather than clinging to expectations. Cultivating presence through mindful movement and breath cultivates gratitude, adaptability and comfort in one's own skin. It's a journey worth embarking on to fully experience each moment.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Living fully in the present moment takes practice, and is a lifelong journey. We may fall back into past/future thinking at times.
  • Breathwork is a powerful tool for cultivating presence. Practices like pranayama can help ground us in the body.
  • Embodied movement like yoga can enhance awareness of how we're feeling physically in each moment.
  • Being present allows us to respond skillfully to life's changes, without clinging to expectations.
  • Presence cultivates self-awareness, self-acceptance, and gratitude for each experience.


Resources & Mentions:

BOOK: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 



"Having presence means that you're able to just be with what is and be with where you're at, and be grateful for that." Laura McGuire

"Breathwork is the gateway drug of the presence practice." Laura McGuire

"The one thing that's constant is change. And so we have to be adaptable." Laura McGuire


Do reach out to us to continue this conversation.


Connect with Laura

Laura McGuire MsC is a British adventurer, expedition leader, yoga and breathwork teacher and Scuba and Freedive Instructor. She has a MsC in Outdoor Education and believes everything is better outside!  

She has spent the last decade, working all over the world in the ocean. She has led over three years of full-time expeditions in Timor-Leste, Belize and Costa Rica. Some of her career highlights include teaching the first Timorese woman her PADI professional divemaster course, swimming with orca and melon headed whales, teaching weekly chair yoga classes at a retirement village in rural New Zealand and teaching kids how to dive.


Website: www.mara-adventures.com 

Instagram: @mara_ocean_adventures


Connect with Me

Web: www.lizziemoult.com

Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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