Honouring Women's Transitions from Menstruation to Menopause with Milina Opsenica

Honouring Women's Transitions from Menstruation to Menopause with Milina Opsenica

Trigger Warning: Mention of Abuse

This episode of "Choosing Change" delves into the topic of eating disorders, which may be emotionally challenging for some listeners. Our intention is to provide you with advance notice that we will be addressing these sensitive subjects. We want to ensure that you have the option to proceed based on your comfort level and well-being. If that is not you this time, we will see you next time. 


The latest episode of the Choosing Change podcast featured an insightful conversation with Milina Opsencia about women's experiences across the different phases of their menstrual cycles.

Milina shared her personal journey of overcoming shame, trauma and disconnection from her body through womb healing work. She described experiencing a dark period of depression and anger before realising she needed to tune into her body's natural rhythms. This prompted Molina to start facilitating educational workshops to help girls and women embrace their cycles in a shame-free way.

Some key topics discussed included the importance of honouring life's transitions like menstruation and menopause as important rites of passage. Milina emphasised the value of self-knowledge and checking in with how our bodies change. She advised starting open conversations with daughters about periods to break cycles of secrecy. Supporting partners through perimenopause was also addressed.

The insightful conversation provided a wealth of wisdom for women navigating their own cycles or seeking to empower others. Honouring our bodies' natural transitions can help overcome shame and cultivate empowerment. Milina's story inspires taking the time to truly listen to ourselves and embrace life's changes with courage and community.


I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Honouring and being aware of one's natural menstrual/hormonal cycle can help overcome shame and empower self-knowledge.

  • Trauma and disconnection from the body can be healed through modalities like womb work that address physical and emotional aspects.

  • Facilitating open communication about menstruation, sex, consent etc. with daughters can help break cycles of shame and secrecy.

  • Perimenopause is a time of transition where women can choose to face challenges or grow into a new phase of life.

  • Supporting partners through hormonal changes involves understanding it as a natural process rather than a personal flaw.

  • Life's transitions like menarche and menopause are important rites of passage that society should acknowledge and support women through.

Resources & Mentions:

Empowering First Periods Facilitator Training: https://bloomingperiods.co/empowering-first-period-workshop-facilitator/

Blooming in Perimenopause Membership: https://bloomingperiods.co/blooming-in-peri-menopause/

Three Steps to a better first period download: https://bloomingperiods.co/free-stuff/

insta: https://www.instagram.com/bloomingperiods/

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"We get a choice. And I think that all comes back to knowing ourselves, how well do we know ourselves."  Milina Opsenica

"I now have that foundation to check in with my body." Milina Opsenica

"We either deal with it and go through blossomed and a great version of ourselves, or some really struggle, and they might not deal with it very well. But we get a choice." Milina Opsenica

“I had to consciously change how I was even within my own home. So I had to speak a lot more, I had to start talking to my family, you know, telling them that I had my period” Milina Opsenica


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Connect with Milina

Milina is a dedicated advocate for female empowerment, specializing in workshops for tween girls and their mothers/female caregivers. These workshops focus on educating and empowering girls to embrace their menstrual cycle as a natural and beautiful process. Milina creates safe spaces for open conversations and helps girls develop a positive relationship with their bodies while navigating this important stage of life.


Website: https://bloomingperiods.co/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloomingperiods/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bloomingperiods

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