04 Turning Down the Inner Critic: How Self Care Can Boost Your Confidence with Leanne Sia

04 Turning Down the Inner Critic: How Self Care Can Boost Your Confidence with Leanne Sia

In this captivating podcast episode, I’m joined by the dynamic Leanne Sia, a passionate business coach and empowerment advocate. Leanne's mission is to help women break free from the grip of their inner critic and embrace their worthiness. The conversation takes a deep dive into Leanne's journey from battling health anxiety and feeling inadequate to discovering self-love and empowerment.

Leanne opens up about her transformative experiences, starting with her realisation that her health anxiety was linked to her feelings of not being good enough. Which involved experimenting with self-care practices, setting firm boundaries, and challenging her inner critic on her healing journey.

Throughout Leanne emphasises the importance of discovering what truly lights you up, experimenting with different self-care activities, and implementing boundaries to protect your well-being. Leanne also highlights the significance of questioning your inner critic and refusing to let it dictate your self-worth.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Leanne discovered that her health anxiety stemmed from a deep sense of unworthiness and feeling like she didn't deserve the life she had.

  • Practising self care through things like yoga, meditation, journaling and setting boundaries helped Leanne learn to love herself and show herself that she matters.

  • Leanne learned to turn down the volume on her inner critic, the voice in her head that constantly told her she wasn't good enough. Over time, she gained confidence and stood in her power.

  • Today, Leanne feels happier and more aligned at age 42 than ever before. She has become a role model for her daughters by demonstrating self-love and confidence.

  • Leanne's parting advice is to do one small thing every day that shows yourself you matter, as a way to start building up feelings of self-worth.



"I was born good enough and I'm going to die good enough. I'm not wasting any more of my headspace than can that I'm not good enough." Leanne Sia

"Do one thing every day, that shows yourself that you matter about self care a bit. Just one little thing, please, one little thing that you don't have to do, that no one else would notice. But it makes you feel good and assures yourself that you matter. Because you do."  Leanne Sia


Do reach out to us to continue this conversation.


Connect with Leanne

Leanne is a business coach and hype woman for coaches and basically, any female out there that is just not living the life that she wants to live because she's got a loud as fuck inner critic that's telling her that she's not good enough. I'm really passionate about helping women believe that they can do whatever they want and they can have the most fucking incredible life. 

Website: www.leannesia.com

Instagram: @_leannesia_

Facebook: @leannesiacoaching

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