Prioritising Health & Wellbeing to Reclaim Joy with Ebony Newton

02 Prioritising Health & Wellbeing to Reclaim Joy with Ebony Newton

This episode follows Ebony's journey of burnout, recovery and reclaiming joy through prioritising her health and wellbeing. Ebony was juggling a busy freelance career, two young children and her small business Dotty Black. She was a people pleaser who struggled to set boundaries.

After catching COVID, Ebony developed long COVID symptoms like fatigue, brain fog and chest pain that lasted for over a year. She realised something had to change for her health and happiness. She made some simple changes like cutting out caffeine, changing her diet and focusing solely on her business Dotty Black.

These changes had a profound impact on Ebony's energy levels and overall wellbeing. Following a nutrition plan healed her long COVID symptoms and improved her sleep, mood and productivity. Ebony learned the importance of nurturing herself, setting boundaries and focusing her energy on one thing.

Ebony's story shows how making small changes and prioritizing health and wellbeing can transform our lives and reclaim joy. Her honest and vulnerable journey may inspire others struggling with burnout and overload.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation.


Highlights from this episode:

  • Prioritise your health and well-being. Ebony realised she needed to make changes to improve her health and reduce burnout. Focusing on herself and her business helped her recover.
  • Start small and make little changes. Ebony made simple changes like changing her diet and cutting out caffeine which had a big impact on her energy levels and fatigue.
  • Be honest with yourself and others. Writing an honest social media post helped Ebony connect with people who could offer support and advice. Being vulnerable can open doors.
  • Focus your energy on one thing. Ebony decided to focus her full attention on her business Dotty Black instead of trying to juggle multiple things. This helped her make progress.
  • Nurture yourself. Ebony learned the importance of making time for self-care like exercise, proper nutrition and sleep to improve her well-being.


"Stop trying to be the best person to everybody else. You need to be the best person to yourself." Ebony Newton

"Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you continue in the same lifecycle that makes you unhappy, expecting a different result, you'll never get it." Ebony Newton


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Connect with Ebony

Ebony is a mother, designer and small business founder of Dotty Black, based in the North East of England.


Instagram: @dottyblackgifts

Personal Growth Instagram: @this_is_chapter_40


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Facebook: @lizziegmoult



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