7 Journal Prompts for Life Transitions

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I feel we all transition from one time to another, some are big deep changes, others are major life events that demand change from us while the rest might niggle away at our psyche. Life transitions are inevitable and with the right support, you can decide on how long you will journey through them. That is why I have created these journal prompts. 

I have found journaling to be the most therapeutic tool, it has helped me through money blocks, people-pleasing and uncovering who I am down to my core. Self-discovery is potent and when practiced consistently journaling can help you to help yourself through just about anything.

The past few months I have been in a bubble of transition with our move from Australia to Scotland there have been a lot of unknowns, things in the air and now the settling-in phase. It has been tough some days while others have lit my soul on fire being surrounded by such stunning landscapes. It’s like I am on a see-saw of emotions and I know that rollercoaster feeling from other periods of transitions. Time does heal but we can decide on how long that process will take. 

On the days where I feel stuck in my emotions or in my head, I write. 

I encourage you to do the same, use the following journal prompts to assist your life transition.


Journal Prompts for Life Transitions


What is happening in my life right now?

Lay your cards on the table, write it all down. If your head is spinning out of control, write every thought down, perhaps your feelings are big – put words to them. Don’t worry about finding the right words, just get them out of your head and heart and on to paper, good is good enough. Explain the situation, perhaps replay it in your mind, the who, what, when and why.


Can you pinpoint and identify the change that is taking place?

Reading over your words from the last question can you see what is taking place? Perhaps you already know the change that is occurring because it has demanded your attention. Claim it, don’t be scared of it – this is the moment for us to take ownership of what is occurring.


How do I feel about what is happening?

Express those feelings, what are your two cents worth on the situation. Where are you feeling it in your body, is there deep sadness and grief and how is that transpiring, perhaps you are uncomfortable and at a fork in the road, explore that. Are you frustrated that change hasn’t happened already, how does that make you feel?


What I would like to happen is . . . 

How do you want the situation to unfold, what is the ideal conclusion at the end of this transition period that you are going through? What do you hope to gain or learn from this experience? For this prompt explore looking ahead, don’t wish on what once was, it’s time to open up your next chapter – describe what that might look like.


What am I uncertain of . . . 

The unknown is a place many of us want to run from, a transition usually ends up with us transforming a piece of ourselves in order to move forward. We all crave security so where do you feel compromised in this situation? Why?


What feelings & thoughts do I need to clear in order to shift my energy

Have you settled on a conclusion, given up hope – what is the underlying story that is playing out in your mind that is stopping you from moving through this situation. Are you holding on to something so tight because you don’t want to let go? 


How could I surrender deeper into this experience?

What can I do daily, weekly or even hourly to relax into the unknown? Ask yourself how can I nurture myself, be gentle and kind during this situation. Write a list of activities that you can incorporate into your life like- Journaling, meditation, yin yoga, walks out in nature, cups of tea with a friend that gets you in your entirety, a letting go ritual, read a book. The aim here is for you to come back to yourself in a way that supports you. 


Life transitions can be challenging and I hope that these journal prompts will help you move through whatever you are going through at the moment. And if you want more tips on creating a solid journal practice, head over to this blog post >> 8 Journaling Tips to get the most out of your practice


If you are struggling with the need to please having a professional to help you identify your habits will fast-track you to rewrite the behaviours that have kept you stuck in the past. As a cognitive behavioural therapist who has spend the past decade dedicated to this work. I would love to support you on your healing journey. Contact me today!

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