16 Questions to ask yourself when you feel worried

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How often do you find yourself worrying about things that you really don’t need to be? Many of my clients come to me in a state of constant over-thinking, and we are talking non-stop mind chatter that cripples their ability to create the life they want.

This is usually due to worrying about others first! It’s natural to be concerned about others’ well-being but it should not affect one’s own life. Worry is triggered by the unknown and the following questions are to help guide you to acknowledge your thoughts and question if they are really worth mulling over or can be released. 

Mastering the mind takes a whole lot of work but if you find yourself in a bit of a state you can go through the questions and decide for yourself. Is what I am worrying about really necessary?

The lesson in the decision is then to focus your attention elsewhere and do something that builds positive thoughts and momentum instead of being stuck in a cycle of worry. 

16 Questions to ask yourself when you feel worried

Is this thought I’m having absolutely true?

Is it useful for me to be thinking about it?

Is it something I need to be thinking about right now?

How does this thought make me feel?

Does this thought add value to my life?

Is this thought new or old?

Have I had this thought before?

Is this thought my own, or has it come from someone else?

Is this thought part of a pattern?

Am I letting this thought affect me?

How can I reframe this thought?

What would happen if I let this thought go?

Can I share this thought with others?

Is this thought distracting me from what is important to me?

Who would I be without this thought?

What lessons does this thought hold?


Print these questions out and put them somewhere to remind yourself to check in with your thoughts. Perhaps you want to take them to the next level – get your journal out and write down your answers and reflect back your findings. 


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