30 Days to Freedom


Ditch the guilt with these 30 real-life stories & powerful journal prompts to activate your soul and transform the people-pleasing patterns and behaviors you’d forgotten to stop and question. All, so you can start living YOUR LIFE on your own terms!

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You know how important it is to put your needs first, yet you’re still constantly people pleasing

What You Will DISCOVER...

★   How to communicate what it is you really want out of life

★   You will sharpen your awareness so you can catch yourself in the act and learn how to trust your instincts

★   Identify how you have stayed small in the simplest of situations

★   Master your mindset so you can live a life on purpose and with ease

★  The endless excuses you are probably telling yourself about why it is okay to put others needs first

30 Journal prompts to assist your own self-investigation

★  That it is finally time to put you FIRST!

People Pleasers Guide to FREEDOM

Hello, I am Lizzie Moult


Raised as a good Aussie country girl, I broke all the rules and created a life based on passion, with my laptop in hand, now living in Scotland.

Dedicated to the journey of self-exploration, I help people like you stop people pleasing, feeling small in life & putting others’ needs ahead of their own; and then guide them in turning these patterns around so they are speaking their truth, living life on purpose and full of confidence and power.

Over the years I have found journaling to be a fantastic tool to use along the self-healing journey. There is something powerful in getting the words out – about the burdens we carry, the thoughts we allow to whirl in our minds, the unease we feel in our gut – that helps put everything into perspective. It is an outlet that brings our focus back to the present whilst also declaring change.

Finally, you can free your soul from the need to please others and discover your true self with my down to earth approach to creating a life you love.

Jam-packed with inspiring anecdotes for those of us who always find ourselves saying YES when we really want to say NO, doing MORE when we want to do LESS and pleasing the heck out of everyone BUT ourselves!!

 Each day Lizzie shares a story of how she has accommodated others ahead of herself (people-pleasing) and the surprising excuses she told herself. With daily journal prompts to dive into, you will move through identifying your habits to setting boundaries and taking action to create the life you dream of.

What People are Saying

"Nurturing, relatable and completely straight up, this ebook cuts through the B.S. and puts you back in touch with your body, soul and essence."
"These journal prompts are powerful!"
"Lizzie's real-life examples put me right smack dab in the middle of my mess and showed me my people pleasing tendencies, which led me to journal through my own situations"