10 Journal Prompt That Every People Pleaser NEEDS.


Say Goodbye To People Pleasing And Hello To Living Fearlessly!

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You’ve been wondering why you're continually finding yourself last on your to-do list and are desperate for a little time to yourself. 



You’re just realised you are a people pleaser, and you're super lost at how you got yourself into this situation in the first place.



You’re constantly apologising, saying yes when you really what to say no and you can list off an arms length of excuses as to why you "should" be doing all the things. 



You’re READY to prioritise your needs but you just don't know where to start or how that even looks. 

Hi, I’m Lizzie.

And I know exactly how you’re feeling.

Right now, you’re in a frustrating place. You’ve been giving your all to others and not getting what you need. You’ve been doing your all to show your worth. But, while you feel as though you’ve done what you’re supposed to, you’re feeling a little dazed. 

You’ve checked all the boxes, yet life doesn’t feel like you thought it would. You’re chasing after the happily ever after, and it feels like the finish line keeps getting pushed back. 

I know what you feel because just a few years ago, as I sat on my couch in a heap of tissues and a big ugly crying mess—I was there.

And I get it.

It’s taken me over a decade of self-exploration to disrupt my need to be seen as ‘good’ and understand that I was ‘enough’— And I want to save you the time.


Consider this your invitation to do it.


Put yourself first and STOP the endless excuses that are holding you back. 


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