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Meet Lizzie, Storyteller, Mentor & Adventurous Aussie. 

My role is to educate people on how to focus on the good stuff and to stop chasing the never-ending 'should' dream that keeps them stuck in overwhelm, burnout and self-doubt.

Teaching individuals & inspiring workplaces to celebrate life, to feel confident and ultimately be happier!

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Lizzie Moult is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with a certificate of Positive Psychology and is an International Certified Life-Coach. Currently based in the Scottish Highlands UK

Hot topics that inspire, delight, and ignite action among women, professionals, business owners, and leaders worldwide include:

Keynotes & Workshops

PRIORITISE YOU - Is my story of overcoming the need to please and seeking validation. After three natural disasters, my life was turned upside down, my business was forced to close and I was a puddle on my couch. This was when I realised that my habits led me to this place and I had a choice to change (it was either live for others or myself).  I share practical tips and personal stories on how to rebuild your life, overcome limiting beliefs and prioritising yourself by connecting with who you really are and what it is you want.

CELEBRATE YOURSELF - This talk introduces the concept of self-celebration and what it truly means to celebrate life. So many people brush off compliments and sweep their accomplishments aside. The art of Celebration is for everyone and I share why it's so important and how it works. I want everyone in the audience to feel uplifted that their life is a celebration giving them an action plan to live their most happiest life - instead of focusing on all the shoulds. 

THE MOTHERLOAD - This presentation/workshop is mindset for mums in business, corporate leaders and high-flying CEO's who are juggling their career's while raising kids. We get to the bottom of mum guilt and how it works so we can change the narrative. Each participant will walk away with a toolkit to nourish their mind & body, that doesn't come with a sacrifice. These are mums that value family time and need a place to ground to honour that it's not all suns and roses. But they know they are creating something special and need love and encouragement to get back on track. 

RELEASING THE REBEL INSIDE - This presentation is about breaking the rules and not living by anyone's expectations. This is how to get into your own lane, remove the distractions and to focus on your business/creation/project with a clear mind. Comparisonitis and imposter syndrome holds people back from going for the life they desire. I will guide the participants step-by-step on how to overcome this with a negativity detox and a stern good talking to about their vision and priorities. 

OTHER TOPICS I COVER - mindfulness, mindset, mental health, off-grid living with no phone reception, living the laptop lifestyle, time management and following your passion.



I am open, and very happy to, create bespoke talks and workshops absolutely focussed on your specific needs and the message you need your audience to walk away with.

If you have an idea of what you'd like to communicate to your audience please don't hesitate to contact me.

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