Work with Lizzie

Everything here is designed to enhance your journey, to rediscover a life where you are standing up with passion ready to be wildly visible

SOUL excursion


This is an opportunity to be guided through the wilderness to rediscover and reconnect with your passion so you can stroll through life with confidence. Together we will walk through the negative thinking loops that play out in your mind. The ones keeping you stagnant from moving forward and sucking out your energy. My role is to bring a fresh perspective to your situation to open your heart to new possibilities, deepening your awareness so that you stop looking to others for the answers and trust yourself. I work intuitively with my clients to create a deeply transformative experience that illuminates their individual magic.

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A 6th month personalised guided tour

This is doing business with someone by your side helping you to navigate the vast expanse of endless steps that it takes to reach the summit. Together we will tackle each hurdle along the path to become wildly visible and highly sort after positioning you as an expert in your field. My role is to support you with a roadmap, clear strategy and an ear to talk through those tough moments where you question everything you are doing. Mindset and accountability are an entrepreneur’s fuel to making magic happen. And, I’m your personal tour guide with over 15 years of online experience, who’s ready to take the adventure with you.


12 week Journey of self Exploration


An intimate road trip that winds its way into the depths of your heart, mind and soul. This guided experience provides the perfect opportunity to master your mindset, trust yourself, set boundaries and take back your time. Each week we will come together to discuss each lesson and share our personal discoveries. My role is to support your learning, providing accountability and live coaching in order to help you break through the need to please and seek approval from others. Let’s finally disrupt the daily grind and embody our spirit so we can stand confidently in everything life throws at us. 

(strictly limited spaces)

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AN online course + Community


A community of adventurous hearts who are traversing the great unknown to seek out freedom. This is a family of like minded souls who are choosing to write their own rule book. Where they are reconnecting with themselves, so they can show up for their nearest and dearest while standing up for what they believe in. It’s leaning into self-confidence in it’s rawest form, the primal feeling of inner power and magic, thanks to lessons in the self-paced course. Join our monthly meet-ups, masterclasses and seasonal ceremonies to honour the journey thus far. Think of this as the base camp where you come back to rest, refuel and talk through the discoveries you find out in the big wild world.

Qualifications: Diploma of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Certificate in Positive Phycology, Certified Life Coach, Diploma of Graphic Design, Certificate of Fine Art

It all starts with a Choice

When you invest in expanding your skillset personally and professionally you are choosing YOU and deciding that you deserve the life and business you dream of.


A no obligation call, to explore the best way to work with Lizzie to suit your unique needs. 


A 12 week ViSIBILITY + LAUNCH course

You can show up online as the badass rockstar I know you dream of being,  but are you secretly holding back? This course is designed for ambitious women in business who are ready to awaken their wild side and let their unique self shine. This program focuses on sharing your message, creating content consciously, launching your offers and building up your intuitive muscle to guide your work.  It’s a supportive space to lean into the fears holding you back and get unstuck.


An intimate six month container for spiritual entrepreneurs

Magic happens when great minds come together. If you are ready to expand your life and business while being in a supportive environment then the Mastermind is for you. Each month, for 6 months, we connect online – for group video chats, one-on-one coaching and masterclasses with experts – to expand your mindset and business skills. It’s an exclusive container strictly limited to six go-getter entrepreneurs  with applications open only twice a year. Overall, it’s packed with accountability, high-vibes, constructive feedback, resources, masterclasses to upskill and support you.