Find the Perfect Work Life Balance

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Work Life Balance?

Let me guess, right now your to-do list is on the table next to you and you know there is another six things that need to go on it plus your family is due home any minute and you need to whip up dinner and put the family hat on for a few hours before you return to your computer to just catch up????

Any takers????

I know it, I have done it,  I sometimes fall into it and then I get so overwhelmed and unhappy I fall into a pile of entrepreneurial self-doubt mess. Yuk.

These days to stop those small slips backward into crazy town I have taken on a few practices to manage my time and myself better. Allowing myself to actually have a life, because in the end when I do that my work is actually better. I create super quality and killer results for myself and my clients. It’s a win-win.

So I want to share with you those practices that I think you could adapt into your life to make sure that you keep a level playing field of work and life balance.

Because I bet you started your biz so you could have more free time too! That is the reason why I created my business, I wanted to have more family time, flexibility not long stressful hours.

Six TIPS to Find the Perfect Work Life Balance

Plan out time for life and love

It may sound absolutely ridiculous to do this but I strongly believe that if I have scheduled in an activity the more likely I am going to do it. Yes, I know that yoga class is on a Wednesday night but you won’t go unless you make the time for it.

Map out time during your week for yourself to plenish your mind body and soul. Then it’s family and friends that need to be added into the week. I do not work on Sundays, it is family day. Not even for a few hours or a sneaky check my email. It’s the day I am present 100% for my family. It totally works.

Take out time wasting activities

You heard me! Yes, you don’t need to check your Facebook page every 15 minutes to check to see if someone commented or your inbox. Anything that distracts you from getting your work done effectively or doesn’t enhance your life or biz needs to be minimised.

It may even simply be looking at your relationship with people around you, people who suck up your energy with gossip and doesn’t serve you, or wasting time web browsing or even taking another tea break.

Outsource & ask for Help

What tasks do you really despise doing? Is it your taxes, answering the never-ending email list or even writing content for your blog? The great thing in business is that you can find people to help you with your work. It’s an outlandish statement – yes, help!

Creating a team of people to help you with your work is the most supportive and invigorating way to grow your business. You can get rid of the tasks you don’t want to do and outsource them to a VA, or get the mother-in-law over to take care of your kids so you can pump out a few hundred words.

Please note that there are some tasks in your business you really must do like some of the more personal emails but general inquiries can be dealt with by a VA for example creating a better work-life balance.

Download your Brain

So you’re feeling like your to do list is soooooo long. You know it might be but all that stuff in your head needs to come out. All of it. Before starting or ending your work day, take 15 – 20 minutes to write everything in your head, I mean everything. Yes, the toilet paper you need to pick up later when you get the kids, I mean everything, phone the vet, email sally about her new branding, organise a meeting with a local supplier, ideas for blog posts, website adjustments. Honestly, my brain works so fast that all that could be sitting in there and you know what it’s tiring.

Each day I have a list of my work things I need to do a list for home and life which goes on my fridge once I have finished writing it. So when it comes time to turning back on to wife and mum I am ready and I won’t forget the toilet paper.


Start small

Stop doing all those things. Set yourself up with some clear goals,  I work in 90-day block and then break that down into months. I set clear goals for the month to reach just one thing. The reason why I set that one goal, is so I achieve it and then can move onto the next goal. Instead of trying to do it all. As much as I would love to think I am superwoman I am not. I take the time to plod along each task to complete it.

So if you are working on growing your audience. Why not just focus on growing your audience just on Facebook for the month, I promise you will see better results from focusing your energy on the one project than trying to do all the things. Next month you could do Instagram. You see, the overall theme is growing an audience but breaking it down into smaller pieces makes it easier to manage.

Move your body

Dance, do yoga, go for a walk, get out into nature, run, skip, roll or shake. Your body carries all your tension and if you don’t loosen them up it will keep tightening and so too will your mind. Keep the flow of your body fluid and able and so to will you mind follow.

Each day I walk for at least 30 minutes outside of my house. I look what is around me, the sky, the smell of freshly blossoming flowers and just focus on observing. It’s a great way to just slow down.

I would love to hear what you do to keep your work life balance in place.


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2 Responses

  1. Meeting with you last week inspired me so much, Lizzie. 🙂 I took a whole week to just be, to reconnect with myself and our life here, and give my brain time to process all we discussed. I’m feeling so much stronger, braver, happier, and inspired. 🙂

    1. That’s wonderful Krista! Honestly reconnecting with what you really want and to acknowledge it is so important to creating the big picture. Can’t wait to connect with you Thursday

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