What I have learned about Podcasting

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Over the past two months, I have been consumed by getting my podcast ready to launch. It has been a crazy ride thus far and still today I don’t have a launch date confirmed. But it is coming…

What I wanted to do today is share with you a little of the behind the scenes learning I have been doing. Some of these lessons apply to all of us and one is for if you are thinking about podcasting yourself.


What I have learned about Podcasting

1. Go with the Flow

I had planned that my podcast would be released first on 11th April, and now it is the 1st of May. However, even the 1st of May looks like it might not happen. But that’s cool. Because I have been doing so much learning. And I am now more confident than ever with what I am creating.

Going with the flow seems like such a laidback way to approach something but it is the thing that reminds me that things unfold when they are supposed to.

For example, I have been looking for an editor for my podcast for about two weeks, after my first month of playing around with editing software I decided I needed help (more on this later) so I had to find someone who could do it for me. I posted some ads on my local Facebook Group, I narrowed down all the people to one. Locking this person in felt great and a huge sense of relief. Here is the thing, turns out this person was really hard to get in person. I made several calls and nothing. So That turned out a dud. I then moved over to Fiverr. I had a chick do my intro and outro so I thought hey, there will be people here that could do editing too.  Yes, there was, and there are loads of podcast editors there. I gave a few people a go and wasn’t quite happy with the result. Which left me again thinking Oh, shit! Is this podcast thing ever going to happen??

After the failed Fiverr campaign, I then asked on my personal Facebook Page. And it turns out that a good friend of mine who I have been friends with for over ten years has a sister who is totally talented at sound editing and works in radio and is always looking for freelance work on the side! YES!!!!

The next day I spoke to my new sound editor. I was beyond excited, she lives in the closest city to me, she is recommended by a friend and hell she was so inspiring to talk to on the phone.

Things tend to work out when they are meant to. I wanted a sound editor who was female, lived locally and had a passion for all things marketing and business. I got just that. I just had to go with the flow of getting to this place.

2. Invest in a Microphone

This one is for anyone who is thinking about podcasting or even doing a recording for Youtube. Having great sound quality really makes all the difference when your listeners are tuning in to either listen or watch you. If they can hear you clearly the more likely they will come back to hear from you again. I did a couple of recordings (which you will notice when the podcast goes live) that I did with my laptop computer. I thought I could get away with it. Turns out my microphone on my laptop is not the best. Reverb and muffled sound is not sexy.

I ended up purchasing a Rode Podcaster Microphone because it was highly recommended along with another. But what I loved about the rode mic was that it was Australian Made. I love supporting Aussies so I went with it.

3. Have a team

Or support network. Whatever you need to help you get this project off the ground.

Turns out I don’t have the time to learn about sound editing, I am sure it is easy but I can easily pay someone else for their time who are skilled in this area. In my early years of entrepreneurship, I use to learn everything myself to save on money. These days my time is more valuable and the hours I did waste trying to figure out how to do sound editing I won’t get back. When I realised that I needed help I put it out there. It took a while to get the right person but it came. So the lesson is – do what you are good at, and find the people that are skilled in the areas you are not to help you.

The second part of having a team is all about SUPPORT. I am lucky to be apart of an incredible mastermind. Because the ladies in there have been with me the whole way! I am talking about the name, my ideal listener to even helping me decide on which cover art should represent my podcast.  They are cheering me on all the way. And while they are holding me accountable I am more passionate about making this happen. It is no longer just a crazy-liz-idea it is coming to fruition.  So get a team of people around you to talk with to help you on this project  –  it will be the best investment you make.

4. Have Fun

After my nerves finally taken over by confidence and passion. I knew that podcasting was going to be so much fun. I have to admit it took me a while to fall into the fun of it. When I booked my first round of guests I was shitting myself. I had thoughts running through my head. Am I going to pull this off, these people are huge and I admire them so much, why would they want to be on my podcast, what if I ask crap questions. EEK.

Turns out the first few interviews are a little stiff. But by episode three you will hear a change in my voice, I became relaxed and started to have fun with it. And that is what I wanted this project to be. Not just me typing words away on a computer but a real conversation with people who inspire. And I get to bring them to you.

So if you are ever doubting a project that you have taken on – sit in it. Because if you are aligned with it you will glow. Like me, I knew this was something I would love, I was just scared and nervous. And now I love it. And I just have fun with each person I speak to.


So there you have it four crazy lessons that I have learned over the past few months about podcasting. I am hoping that next week I will have an update of when we will be going live. But until then you will just have to hold tight another week.




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