Using Essential Oils to Destress with Leia Dillon

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This week on the Wild Success podcast, we are talking about essential oils with Leia Dillon who is an advocate for toxin-free living. We dive into how essential oils are made, best practices and how to use them to help us destress.

Leia Dillon, mama of three living in northern NSW with a humongous passion for making natural, toxin free living simple for busy mamas, as well as helping them to learn how to use a natural option as a first point of call in the home for all-of-the-things!

Over the last 6 years, I have helped thousands of families bring essential oils into their homes, and grown one of the largest doterra communities in Australia – helping them to support their children, themselves and ultimately to be able to live with less toxins and better wellness. 


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Hi Leah. Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. 


No worries. Thank you so much for asking me. 


I’m so excited to dive into our topic today on essential oils because I’ve been using them for years, but I noticed, many people still quite don’t have their heads wrapped around how it all works. Before we even go there, I would love for you to share your story, what it is you do and how you ended up doing this?


 Sure. I have been sharing and teaching people about essential oils for the last almost six years now.  Before that I was a high school teacher and I really loved that. To be honest, I was only kind of just finished university and because I’ve got three young kids, I was studying behind the scenes, so it took forever. I really just started full time working and I got into using essential oils. They were, for me, there was something similarly to what you just said. I’ve always used essential oils and natural therapies growing up. My mom’s two best friends were naturopaths. We had that strong, natural influence and I’ve always had that, at the front of my mind, especially when I became a mum. Yeah, I was really drawn to the essential oils. I kept seeing them, when you get a new car and then you see that car everywhere, it was like that with essential oils, that something sparked the interest in me and then I just kept seeing them everywhere. 

I needed to get involved in this. It’s totally my jam. Yeah, so I just started using the oils. My now middle child was two at the time and a little four year old as well. I just wanted to use them around the home basically. Mostly for cleaning products in the beginning just to make my own products at home and limit the amount of toxins and things like that we had in the home. I just became totally obsessed with them. Which I, I tend to do with things that could go right in there. If I love it, I want to know everything about it and be a real guru. So I kind of did that. I just learned and learned lots about them and then naturally started sharing them with people, which, is what I really advocate as well, being a mom. I think a woman as well, you can’t help, but if something works for you, especially in the home and in an impactful way, you can’t help but tell other people. 

I just became this essential oil fairy, making blends for people, in my life. Oh, I’ve got an oil for that. The business side of things really grew organically. I just started making blends for people and they wanted to get some, so I just continued doing that on the side of my teaching career. On the weekends, I started running a few workshops and it just really filled me up, teaching I was high school teaching and at a school that was pretty challenging. It was really exhausting while I loved it. It was exhausting. Doing the workshops on the weekend was something that filled me up personally, I’d come away from that like lit up and so pumped in, really stoked about the impact that I was having. And it really just took over. It got so popular that I was just running loads of workshops, constantly doing it online. 

In my lunch breaks at work, I was talking to people about oils and like, Oh, this is getting a bit intense, but, yeah. I guess it really started to, once it turned into a bit of a business and started to produce for me in that way, I really had to have a bit of a think about just kind of our life plans, and I was struggling because, I’d always been a really, a mom that was very hands on and attachment type mom and all of a sudden I was working full time and, I was really missing out on everything with my son with school. It was really pulling on my heartstrings. This essential oil business started to really take off, I thought, well, what, I could do this. It did take a little while for me to adjust to that because I think because I had just finished university, I was like, I can’t quit. 

Now. It would feel like, although I do use a lot of those skills now, the teaching side of things, so it’s fine. There was definitely that pool that was like, Oh, I can’t really just quit teaching when I literally just finished uni, but it just happened. It just evolved. It gave me that freedom to be more present with the kids, which I really loved and to just do something extremely fun every day that I have such a passionate interest for. And just, yeah, I still pinch myself. It’s it’s, I probably haven’t taught for three or four years now taught in high schools. I still can’t believe that I just talk about essential oils all day. It’s bloody great. 


Yeah.  I just love how you like the word fun. Like I think so many people, like we do some business from a place of passion, but still having that key element of like play and fun in the business. Like that’s awesome. Yeah, I want to know why you love essential oils so much. 


I think that you can use essential oils for so many different things. Every time I think I’ve really utilized them and nailed one aspect of it, I learned something new about them and I really love, not only using them for myself. So I’m a product of the product. I use essential oils for so many different things, and we make all our own cleaning products, all of our own body care products and skincare products. I’m using the oils and the kids every day, they’ve both got their little oil nooks in their room. 

They use them in their diffuser at night time. Like we literally use them so much for so many aspects of our life and they are so versatile. There’s something that, there’s innocent, there’s a little saying in our world that there’s an essential for everything.

Just getting back to plants, like I think we’re just, so I dunno, my whole goal in this is to really help mums see how simple it is to incorporate natural things like this in their home. I think there’s a bit of a perception that to be making your own products or to be using natural things, it takes time and it’s hard and it’s really not. So that’s just my goal. All of this is to help families have less processed junk, in their homes. That’s processed cleaning products, processed skincare products, processed food, obviously, processed, medications to a degree, little things to do with skin cells and stuff like that can really help with helping the respiratory system just really limiting and taking it, taking back that level of processed junk that we have and getting back to plants, that’s where it all came from.

Well I would love to know more about this cause that’s the thing like where do essential oils actually come from? So like, obviously I know some come from leaves. 

Yes. All different parts of the plant. They’re basically pure extracts from plants and they come from different parts of the plant. So they might come from the root. They might come from the bark from the residence or Frankincense is extracted from the resin of the tree. Like they go along in school, the tree and then they go back a day or so later and they get all that resin and that’s what they extract the oil from. Then, our floral oils comes from the flowers from the petals. Citruses are extracted from the rind of the fruit. From all different parts of the plant, depending upon what the purpose is for the essential that you’re extracting. We have oils that, like we’ve got coriander, essential oil, for example, that comes from the root of the coriander plant. It smells like you open it up and it smells like your dried coriander that you put in a Curry. 

We have cilantro essential oil, which comes from the leaf of the plant. Sometimes they double up like that because they have different properties and different benefits. 


That’s so cool. I didn’t even know that like you could get to like, so I use, in cooking cause being a cook, 

Carianne divert and coriander leaves two completely different flavors and, things and how you would use them, like coriander roots really basically like curries and things like that. The freshness of the waves, he had deceased completely different. So I love that. Yeah. Yeah. 


Awesome. The leaf, it’s delicious, you can put a drop in your avocado dip next level. Cilantro is really great at drawing out heavy metals and toxins. There’s just an abundance of uses of essential oils. I think that’s what I love about it. It’s always something new and there’s always new ways to incorporate them into your life. 

All right. I need to know your top three oils that you use personally and swear by your go to’s?


I think the top three. Probably frankincense would be one of my most used. So frankincense to me is extremely grounding. Really great for helping with anxiousness and stress, really great helping to wind down your brain. I use it, I’ll tell you just like three quick ways that I would use it in a typical day. I have a drop under my tongue. I had a drop under my tongue for I called today because, just to help me to feel grounded and stable and not be like, which I’m probably doing anyway, but just imagine if I didn’t have different take. I use it in, particularly in the moment if I’m having, a bit of anxiety attack or experiencing some tightness in my chest and in my body due to anxiousness, which thankfully, I don’t get very often, but when I do a drop of frankincense directly under my tongue is for me the fastest way to help me to feel normal and safe and calm again, so that I always have the puddle in my bag for that reason. 

I also like to rub of Frankie on the base of my neck before bed, because I’m someone who goes to sleep and thinks about a million trillion things that are totally irrelevant while my husband’s snores. And I’ll stay up for hours. That really helps me to wind down as well. I also use frankincense every day on my skin because it’s really great for fine lines and wrinkles. So that’s one of my biggest ones. Wow. Yeah it’s awesome. Here. I am like I use frankincense cause it smells nice. There’s 70 rabbit holes. I could go down. 

Next one is probably lemon because I use that in cleaning. That was the oil that really drew me to my whole essential oil, kind of journey and obsession to begin with is, to claim with it. I use lemon, oil, bicarb, soda, and white vinegar to clean everything. I also use lemon in my water every morning as a nice little detoxification and alkalizing little reset for my system. 

So yeah. And three number three, probably geranium. I absolutely love geranium, really beautiful. It’s like a big warm hug. It’s all about floral oils and really lovely, emotionally really beautiful for helping you to feel loved. Yeah, so I love that at nighttime, generally as a bit of a perfume. 


Yeah.  I like how you describe geranium aa warm hug.


Well, it’s the feeling you get when you get a bunch of flowers and you feel so loved. It’s like the flow loyals have that, traditional they’re known for making people feel special, loved, and wanted and cared for. It has to be something that comes from that. That’s amazing. You know, 


I’m asking this question from someone who likes, loves and lives by oils. Like these are three oils that I was actually not expecting at all. Like lemon. I’m like, yeah, I use lemon sometimes and like my water, but geranium, I would never thought like, I’m like a Rose girl. So I love that. There’s like a huge depth. 

It is beautiful in a bath with some salts. Delicious. Yeah. 


Well, that’s exactly it. There’s a depth of options here as well. Like there’s so many different varieties and things like that. 


You’ve just explained beautifully like frankincense and the properties of grounding and, removing anxiety and things like, so one of the things I know a lot of people use oils for is exactly that, like, my mom, I remember as a kid, like. 

Oh, lavender.  Now mind you, I like the smell of lavender come full circle, but stress, like it’s a big one for a lot of people. Do you have a little something for stress?

Yeah, sure. We’ve got, it is a big part of what we do and what people need right now, and it wasn’t, it was one of the latest things that I learned about essential oils, was the emotional benefits of them. It’s become something that I’m super passionate about. In the beginning it was cleaning, then it went on to the immune system and I couldn’t believe how well they helped support my immune system and the kidneys immune systems. Then, after that, I kind of started to learn about the emotional properties and like, you I’d use lavender for the sleep and I’d use lavender on my eldest when he was a little tiny baby down his spine, because that’s just a common thing, ? but really learning about the way that the oils can support us on an emotional level is incredible. The best way to learn about that is to experiment because you can notice and you can tell how it makes you feel like that frankincense I’ve tried other things. 

It just takes away that horrible feeling that you get when you’re feeling anxious. Just cyclically for me, but we have quite a lot of oils for emotional needs. We have a lot of blends, which is really helpful as well, especially if the people that are new to essential oils because the blend might be called something like, balance. That’s really great for helping you to feel balanced. It’s great when they name it, something like that really helps. But I do have a little tip. One little thing that I teach my customers is this little practice that I call breath before you leave. The way that I like to use this is as a mom and the majority of my customers are moms busy moms with multiple kids and multiple things going on in their world. We know that in the morning, crazy, getting your kids ready to get out the door. 

How many times a day, I didn’t want the blue cup. I want the red cup. It doesn’t matter what we all know. I like to put a bit of a reset on my day because I don’t want to start my day already anxious, already wound up and already stressed. I have this little break before you leave, and this is how I do it. You can adjust that to, how, what flows in your life. Basically I tell the kids to go get in the car. I come back in the house and go to my little oil cupboard and I put a couple of drops of balance in balance. If you don’t use doTERRA essential oils or you don’t have many essential oils, anything calming and grounding. Any of your tree oils or your florals, like I mentioned, so you could just use frankincense. You could do say to wood, you could use anything that’s really grounding and coming. 

Chamomile, anything like that, just pop a, dropping your hand, rub your hands together and just take three deep breaths. It’s just like putting a reset, pressing the reset button on your day. Really helping you to ground back in, feel calm and just restart. Because I then get in the car and I usually rubbed the base or the rest of that on the base of my neck. I jumped in the car and I smelled so strongly at this balance oil that beautiful, aroma will travel through the car and the kids will break that in as well. Then, we’re leaving each other calmly. Im not a eratic when I drop them off and boot them out the door or anything like that. It just kind of puts a bit of a reset button. So that’s my little tip. 


Oh, that is beautiful. I’m going to start practicing that. Like we have of dance party in the morning every now and again, to like, reset, like energy-wise, cause I’m like, then we go out the door and we still have some time that frantic. 

Couple of minutes to get to the car. But having that like being breaths. Oh yes. You’re telling me, have you had any essential oil disasters? 


Ooh, disasters. I don’t think I’ve had any that we can learn from. Cause obviously there’s a lot of experimenting when it comes to it Totally. There’s definitely a lot of safety around essential oils. They are extremely potent and strong, and always read the bottle so most, the essential oil bottle should tell you how to use it and any kind of safety precautions, but we do have what we call hot oils. So oregano is a really hot oil. Didn’t happen to me, but I do remember a story about somebody’s partner or husband doing something with Oregon oil and then going to the toilet. And that wouldn’t be fun. It’s very hot, like physically hot to the body. Wash your hands really well if you’ve been using a spicy oil like oregano, especially if you’re going to go to the toilet or do anything like that. 

Yeah, I think that’s probably one of the, I haven’t had many disasters to be completely honest. I do remember, yeah, a few disasters at workshops and things like trying to make a product and something like dishwasher, tablets, and putting too much vinegar in and exploding everywhere. You’re trying to tell people how easy and simple recipes just going to stick on their table. That’s the thing I love how, it’s trial and error and experimenting and finding the smells and, things like that. One of the things, as well as like, you just said the strength, like essential oils is strong, really strong. If you’re new to using essential oils, make sure that you always dilute them. What that means is adding just like one or two drops of your essential oil to your hand, and then using some carrier oil, like coconut oil or something like that before applying to your body. 

Because if I did put that, if I put Oregon well, right on down my kid’s spine or something like that, cause it’s really great for your immune system and, fighting off nasties trying to attack it. If I did put that straight on their skin, it’s not going to burn a hole in them or anything like that, but it would get really itchy and feel really irritable to them. So I’ve done it before. It’s not dire, if that ever does happen, they’ll safety tip is to just put more oil on it. You don’t want to wash essentials as a way cause obviously water and oil don’t mix. It’s just going to disperse those further. If you just get more coconut oil and then rub that over the top, it’ll stop instantly there. That’s cool tip, add oil to the oil. People want to just grab water, grab oil. 


 I love that. Do you have any other tips that you would like to share with anyone who’s at the beginning or any currently using essential oils? Yeah, just experiments. Like were just mentioning and keep your mind open. 


Yeah, go to what you’re drawn to. If you’re smelling essential and you love it, use it, diffuse it, there’s nothing really that I wasn’t really taught exactly how to use essential oils. I obviously read lots of books later down the track, but just use your intuition, you’ve got a diffuser, what diffusers are for generally put, pop your oils in there that you like to smell of and turn it on. You can put the oils on your body, grab some carrier oils and coconut oil put a couple of drops in the oil, and put it on your body. There’s something, when we really listen to our intuition and what we’re, what our body’s telling us and where to put the oil and what to do with it, I don’t know. 

They speak to us like floral oils. I remember the first time I used floral oils and you’d just want to rub them on your heart. I don’t know why you just do, and that’s a great place to put them. They’re just experimenting and trust your intuition and trust your nose and yeah. Learn and really think and feel into your body and how the oils do make you feel so that you can really harness those beautiful properties. 


Everyone’s going to be buying essential oils after this, in the show notes today, we will have Leia’s details for Instagram and websites and all the things. If you want to go and find where she’s at and talk more essential oils. Cause I’m sure she would love to answer any oily questions. Thank you so much, Liea, for being on the show with me today. That is okay. 


Thank you so much. It’s lovely to chat to you.


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