Tips for Building Brand Awareness

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build brand awareness

Are you ready to stand out and set your business up for success? Then these tips for building brand awareness will get you in front of more of your potential dream clients. Brand marketing is such an important element in growing a business and it often gets put on the backburner when we are working in our business.

It doesn’t matter what stage of your business you are in. Practicing or even implementing a few of these tips should see more people start to engage with you or at least your name be mentioned more often.

Before we dive in, it is really important to understand your brand and the message you wish to share and know who you are wanting to engage with. If you haven’t visited or looked into your ideal client work for a while I highly recommend doing this first before you start – Why not complete my Ideal Client Workbook. 

Once you truly own your message and are ready to scream it out and tell everyone then it’s time to tackle these tips

Tips to Build Brand Awareness

Leverage and Network

It’s often so easy to forget to tell people in your inner circle and acquaintances what you do. Take the time and personally email them, call them or meet up with them and let them know about your latest offer or what you send out each week in your newsletters. Then ask them to also share your offer with their friends and family.

Networking is a fantastic way to get in contact with potential new customers. Seek out events in your local area or if you love planning then run your own event themed around your business. You need to be where your dream clients hang out – so if it is going to the hairdresser each week – do it, if it is going to monthly business networking sessions – do it or it could be your kids birthday party. Talk to everyone and have your elevator pitch ready about what it is you do and how you help others.

Be Personal and Authentic

There is only one you, and you are special and unique and your dream clients need to know more about you! When you are heading over to your favorite Social Media platforms make sure to show your true self. Talk about a local topic, put your face out there be it a selfie, Facebook Live or an Instagram My Stories. ‘People BUY why you do it’, so show them behind the scenes, your daily life and share your brand message.

Potential clients loving seeing a face to a brand and getting to know you deeper. If you have been shying away from putting yourself on your social media pages, now is the time to start doing it. It can simply be a photo of you driving off to work with a caption explaining the feeling of how you love the drive, your morning coffee – anything really.

Get seen in Google

Yes SEO (search engine optimisation) is important, I can’t stress that enough and if there is one thing you can do right this moment to stand out. It’s this – Get on Google Maps. List your business so people in your local area can find you. It takes 7-10 days tops to do it and then you can add photos to your profile, your website, opening hours and more. It is just another way that people can find you. How often do you use google maps to find something??


Create strong business friendships with others in your field and collaborate. Doing this is a great way to step into a new audience it could be via a guest blog post, an event, an FB LIVE or even a podcast. These collaborations with people in your niche serve your dream clients more and will often leave them wanting to know more about you. Reach out to someone you admire and ask to collaborate on a small project.

Give Back

A brand that is aware is building brand awareness. It’s something I don’t do enough but I support a few good international causes and have done so for years just by contributing. But too often I forget to think locally. How can your brand be recognised locally in your community by helping at events or donating to a not-for-profit organisation? Years ago I helped with flood-relief clean-up I met some amazing people and it was such a great way to sneak in some networking but also to be seen as someone who gives back. I love brands that are aware and conscious.

I just want to make a small note: When you sign up for giving back to the community or to a not-for-profit make sure you want to do it. Don’t just do it because it is your last resort of finding ways to meet new clients. Do it because you love to help and find the right thing to contribute.

Let me know if you give any of these a go and see how the contribute to building your brand awareness in your local area or online.


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