The Wholeness Method Series – Part 4 – How to Protect Your Energy

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This week on the #wildsuccesspodcast, we are still focusing on the wholeness method. This series is all about helping you come home to you. Today we are talking about setting boundaries and protecting your energy. Once you understand yourself, it’s so important to look after your energy and yourself. In the episode, we are talking about setting boundaries and protecting your energy.


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We are talking about setting boundaries and protecting your energy. Once you understand yourself, it’s so important to look after your energy and yourself in the episode last week, I mentioned about, observing your most productive times when your most creative times that you can fill up your cup. 

How do you actually even make that happen? Right? The first thing you need to do is set boundaries for yourself and set boundaries with the people around you. You can implement the things that you want in your life. Setting boundaries, often people just assume that setting a boundary means saying no to somebody and look, to be honest, yeah, it kind of is. It’s just a part of it, rarely, but it’s asserting yourself. What you believe in is really what setting up boundaries all about, following through with what, you need setting a boundary. It can be as hard as you want to make it or easy as you want to make it. Let’s go with an example of when I first started going to yoga again, after having kids, it had been a really long time since I’d been to a yoga class, I had a eight month old baby at home. 

I was still, but boy did. I need some love for myself. I had to say to my husband, look, I really need this. You need to be home by this time every single week. So I can make my yoga class. Can you do that for me? So it took a bit of shuffling for him on his end at work because the yoga class actually started at four 30 in the afternoon, which meant that he needed to be home by four o’clock every day. After a bit of shuffling around with work and making that happen, we got there. However there was still some days where I couldn’t get to the yoga class because of work was running over time, because the way in which my husband works and his capacity, there is very project orientated. At times I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to always make it, but most of the time I knew an inventor. 

I was prepared for my no yoga class. I had to ask for my boundary of like, I need this. Can you support me in doing this? So a boundary can look like support or a boundary can simply be, sorry, you can’t talk to me that way, et cetera. It could be, you’re not paying me for this. We wouldn’t say that. You could, if you wanted to depends on how direct you want to be for what you’ve asked me to do. Like that is not in my job description, ? And you can simply say, of course, no. Or you can explain why what’s really interesting for like a lot of people, especially the people pleasers is that we take on extra responsibility without even realizing it. So let’s go back to the job. For example, I’ve watched in a few casual jobs over the years and inevitably I end up taking on more and more responsibility because I am seeking approval. 

I want to please the people that I work for and it then has me doing five people’s jobs, not just one person’s job. Like I signed up to get paid to do the one task, but then I end up doing five different tasks, and still getting paid the same amount of money. We’re still expected to do it in the same amount of time. It’s really interesting to observe that I said yes, in the first place, or how do I rewind those yeses that I’ve said, right? Sorry, once again, setting boundaries, like you need to have conversations to make this happen. Now a boundary festival can only be made once who you are and what it is you stand for. Going back to that very fast, actually I think it was the second episode in the series. It’s like, what are your beliefs? And what do you value once you know that you can see what’s right or wrong for you. 

The next thing is awareness of when it’s actually happening. You need to catch when you need to set a boundary, sometimes it’s flipping what you plan in advance. Awesome. Like yoga class. It was a plan in the events boundary where there’s other things that are alike or no, my friends just broken down on the side of the highway and I’m in a client call crop. What do I do? you’re using your time and energy wisely. Hey mate, are you on a safe spot? Awesome, great look, I’ve got 21 minutes with the client and then I’m on my way. I’ll see that. Or do you just drop everything and run? What is your boundaries? And it all comes back to your time and energy, your boundaries of that to protect that. Boundaries, the only way to test them is to start setting them. Life is an experiment. 

We’re here to experience things. We understand ourselves and our inner workings. By putting our needs first, we need to draw a few lines down. It’s only for the better off that you do that. And you can start small. Like you don’t have to just go, okay. I need to rearrange my whole entire life. I’m putting me first think of it as taking step by step. For me like the whole self care thing, having kids like seriously, I was like my number one priority. How could I look off to me more? So I have more energy for them. I started with one yoga class and then I increased, right? So it’s the same as boundaries. Like what’s the first boundary that you actually need to like stop implementing right now? It in your workplace? Is it in your home? Is it in a share house? Is it with your family? What’s the first boundary that you need to set to change your life. 

And that’s the thing. It’s a choice. You get to decide what’s best for you. Yes, there may be some uncomfortable conversations sometimes around it, but you’re doing this for you to improve your life. You improve your life. You improve the lives that are around you. Having awareness, Opta, you understand your limits in your beliefs is awesome. You need courage when you’re having those icky situations or, you’re going to have them or anything you can do is really like come into yourself and understand and acknowledge your beliefs and, get fired up about them. Really. There’s the execution, which is being assertive. That’s having most tricky situations. The next thing I want you to think about. After you’ve said no to someone, or you need to ask someone to like changed what they’re doing or a pattern of behavior or ask for change from somebody is to pause this moment where you’ve like finally caught all the courage you got assertive, ask for what you wanted. 

You clearly delivered either a yes or no, or you’ve made that statement. You need to bite your tongue. I want you to bite it for 10 seconds to not say anything. The reason being is that so many of us think that they need an excuse or long winded story reason as to why they’ve said what they’ve said, you don’t need to, I’ve witnessed this. And you know, what’s really interesting people. I had a friend call back peddling. They backpedal and backpedal until that they’ve set that boundary that back to where they started and now said yes to something or the lack. Nevermind, don’t worry. I didn’t need to ask you all good, and walk away. I want you to pause and wait for a response in those situations to see what happens. You might be surprised at the outcome from that the most important thing about this whole setting a boundary situation is to give yourself some credit, you all on this journey to experience, and you just went out and try to set a boundary, how yes, may not have gone the right way that you may have expected, or maybe it did, or maybe it totally went pear shaped Cole. 

You gave it a go guess what? It gets easier. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. The great thing about boundaries is it actually helps you to find better words and how to articulate yourself better. Those are the important keys to setting a boundary. Another thing I like to do to protect my energy is create a little imaginary field of golden light around me. Yes I’m totally going from one extreme to the other one being very practical. The other one here is slightly MOBU and I’m cool with that. If you want to give it a try, like, look, it’s up to you. I am all for one, protecting my energy. I am highly sensitive human being. I’m an empath. I pick up on other people’s energy, no matter where they are at, if they’re high vibing to deep despair, and sometimes I need to protect my energy in those situations. 

One of the greatest ways is to have that golden light bubble around me. And it’s like my little protection shield. What I do is I either stop in the morning, Nehemiah auto or outside of windows. I can see the forest and put my hand over my heart and one over my abdomen, or I lie down on my yoga mat. It’s depending on the day, how quickly I need to really focus in on this. I take a couple of big, deep breaths and I start visualizing a circle of golden light around me and I star from my head down to my toes. Imagine at the very top of my head as was a bubble. It like slowly grows over my shoulders, down my arms, around my hands, POS my hips onto my thighs nays. And then down to my fate. Now if I’m standing, I like to imagine that light and energy that I’ve created this field around me as a protection is grounding me into the earth. 

I visualized strength and courage in this protection bubble. Nothing can come in because this energy and white light around me is warm and comfortable and cozy. There’s many different meditations. You can get on insight timer to try a meditation of that for yourself. Or you can just simply, give it a go and create your own little visualization for yourself. A few other things that you can do is crystals as well. To protect your energy, I wear a piece of obsidian around my neck and another one, great one is black tourmaline. I use black tourmaline like on the driveway. As the entrance to our house, onto our property, I’ve put black tourmaline around some trays as people enter them, the property to try and also protect our energy as well. Both of those crystals sock in negative energy, sorry, there are also plenty of others that can assist you depending on what it is. 

You need like hot projection and things like that. Those are the basics to get started with another great thing that you can do to look after your energy is to make sure that you’re surrounded by people who love you unconditionally and have your back, having the support to one, implement your own boundaries in any area of your life, but also, to have your back in situations. It’s really great. You don’t want to be surrounded by a negative energy. You want to be surrounded by higher frequencies people with high energy, because it helps bring you into that energy as well. Yes, look, we all have bad days. Some days not. It’s totally coal that the whole idea is surrounding yourself with good nurturing energy helps you to feel good in your everyday life. If you’ll always going into a work scenario, say for example, what everyone’s really negative, it’ll slowly wear you down. 

It’s really important to make sure that you have supportive people around you with the energy frequency that you’re seeking. There you have it boundaries, I’m protecting your energy. We’ve got the super practical walkthrough of how to set a boundary to how you can get more spiritual with your practice and get yourself some crystals, a beautiful golden white light to hug you as you move through the day. Of course surrounding yourself with amazing humans. The next episode, our final episode of this series is all about shifting your mindset and getting your mindset on board and moving from a place of flow and ease and intuition and not from your ego. So for now, keep inspiring. 


If you are struggling with the need to please having a professional to help you identify your habits will fast-track you to rewrite the behaviours that have kept you stuck in the past. As a cognitive behavioural therapist who has spend the past decade dedicated to this work. I would love to support you on your healing journey. Contact me today!

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