The Wholeness Method Series – Part 3 – understanding your energy

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This week on the Wild Success Podcast it’s part three of the Wholeness Method. This episode focuses on understanding your energy and using your inner guidance system to help navigate your life to make those big decisions. In theory, it’s about tapping into your intuition and finding out how it works. It’s a great episode that will walk you through a technique I use when I am stuck in a place of what to do.



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This week a part of the wholeness methods series. We are going to be talking about how to use your energy. We’re going to talk about how to use your inner guidance system to help you live your life, how to make decisions, and know what is true. 

It’s pretty cool. It’s about trusting your intuition here. Before we dive into that, let’s talk a moment about what your energy is. Hopefully from last week, you’ve kind of had a big moment of, wow, I know what I like. I know who I am. You’ve had a few, like a little Epiphanes, you’ve kind of felt who you are as well. What magic you have inside of what’s that essence, what’s that energy inside of you? What’s like, how do you want to physically show up into a room? Like that’s really important. One of the things that I love to get people to do in the wholeness membership is to look at when they are most creative. A part of, one of the lessons is about designing the ideal framework for your life. Now obviously being the bud framework, it is flexible. It is not like you need to set your week up and it’s got to look exactly like this. 

Let me tell you, I was like being very rigid with my hand movements just then, but that’s not the case at all. Your framework is to support you. One of the biggest things that I teach, and I’m going to give you guys back a tiny inside scoop on this is all about you’re most creative. Like when are you super productive? Do when that is? This is like another layer to the puzzle. Now you know what you do. Don’t like, or guess what? Your day is ruled by you. Are you most productive during the day? For me, I’m one of those really annoying early morning people. Yes. I go to bed super early, but I get up early too. Look, to be honest, it’s not really that early either, but I like to wake up in my own time. We’re talking like six 97 here in the morning. 

So that to me is early. My husband used to be able to sleep in. I swear till 10, 11 o’clock on the weekends before we had kids. I’ve always got up around that six to seven o’clock Mark, depending on the season. And it’s always felt really comfortable. I have immense energy when I wake up, I literally jump out of bed like what’s happening today? I’m so excited. What’s the plan? What are we doing? ? And I have my most productive time in the mornings. What I’ve observed over the years, and this is what I would need to take note off as well. How does your energy roll through the day? So once again, yes, I’m a morning person, but guess what? Come three o’clock in the afternoon, dude. I don’t want to do anything at all. Somehow, sometimes since having kids, I get a bit of a second wave of energy around the seven o’clock Mark, but it usually fizzles out after an Allah. 

I know that still mornings are my prime time. I know that if I want to get stuff done, either for my business or at harm, it needs to be in those hours. Don’t ask me to, do the dishes at three o’clock in the afternoon. Hell no, I don’t want to do the dishes at that time of day. I want to sit on the couch and relax and read a book. What I’m trying to let you all understand here is how to use your energy for you. Now I’ve worked with clients with all different times of day that are more productive. So let’s go. The polar opposite had a client who loved the seven to nine o’clock at night, Mark. They were super productive in that time. X she’s like, Oh, I just so creative that time. I have so much energy. I’m like, awesome. Like that’s cool. 

Like this is your creative time. I call having this energy like proactive time is like, it’s your creative time. This is the energy where you can pour in to a business projects. Things that you love. This shouldn’t be the time that you’re scheduling in stuff for other people. This is awesomely your time. How can you use it to your advantage? So I highly encourage you to start mapping out your day. Like when are you most productive? What’s it like for you during the week? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, for me Mondays, it’s always been my day of really grounding into who I am, but also planning Monday’s ruled by the moon. It’s reflecting back what I need to see to move myself ahead for the week. Tuesday’s my most productive day. ? Why Because I’ve got a list, I’ll get everything done. I’ll smash it out. 

The same goes through Wednesday and Thursday. However I work creative projects in my business in those mornings. I don’t actually officially start work until nine 30 in the morning. I’ve got kids hubby’s already at work. I understand that my creative time is like delayed by two and a half hours every morning. Once I dive in, I make I go and I usually work until lunch to get my jobs done. And then I start slowing down. I prioritize jobs, like checking my inbox and making sure it’s empty off to lunch. It’s not a morning to do task. It’s not how I’m best easing my energy. So your energy needs to be nurtured. Are you most proactive and creative find those times. Secondly, what do you need in your life to nurture your energy? So you are able to have that creative and proactive time, because if you keep running on, go, go and trying to make those productivity creative times happen. 

And you’re not filling up your car. It’s burnout. Absolutely. What do you need to do for downtime? Is that mean no work on Sundays? Does that mean a yoga class on Thursday nights? You get to decide this is your way of living. You might be energized by going into CrossFit and that’s super awesome. So do that. You need to decide what that is for me in yoga. Oh surrendering. Yes. I love those days. As other days were ecstatic dance for me on a Monday who fills my car. I have so much energy for the rest of the week. You need to find what fills up your cup and keeps your energy at a beautiful level. Get yourself a framework together, put in when you are going to be filling up your cup, but also your creative times on the projects that you’re going to be using your creative times in from here. 

I really want to talk about your energy as a way, a form of expression. How do you show up in the world? I really outgoing. Are you an introvert? Are you an empath? Like there’s so many different things that you can be. It’s really important that the way that you use your energy is nurturing for yourself, but also for others. We’re going to talk next week more about protecting your energy. Cause this week, I really want you to start observing and witnessing how you react and respond to people throughout your day to yourself. And just understanding that today. I want to invite you guys to do a really cool exercise. It’s all about how to listen to that guy in a feeling, we all have different signals in our bodies and we all have different sensations. That mean different things. It’s kind of tuning into what those are. 

Like the energy that we have inside of us, I like to call my spirit essence. It’s like almost like my intuition, soul guidance, Hinkle, anything you magic. If you want to call it, your guardian angels could be living in there. Like it’s that portal, your solar plexus, your energy center. When you get your heart and your solar plexus and that energy center together to guide you, amazing things can happen. Truly amazing. Things can happen. Today I wanted to give you like a little run through of how to listen to that feeling because here’s the thing, your energy shows itself through your body. You’re happy, like your expression as a smile, but also has a sense of warmth to it as well. Whereas when you’re sad, it’s almost like a closed off feeling. It doesn’t feel warm. You feel cold. How many people like overheating when they cry? How many people actually have blankets on them with a big cup of tea, right? Like, it’s that comfort. 

We need that warmth when we’re feeling that. What I would like to get you to do is for a moment, we are going to see how your body talks to you. I’d like you to close your eyes down. I would like you to think of a situation right now that you need to make a decision on a clear decision here. I’m thinking so eyes closed and decision. Okay. You’ve made up your mind about the decision. Now what I would like you to think about is the possibilities of a yes or no. I want it to be really simple. I don’t want you to get too carried away. It’s just a yes or no. Just as a quick example, I want to move house. Let’s say, is it time to move homes right now? Okay. That’s my question. It time to move house right now and so on? Yes. 

Yes. It’s time to move a find my dream house. I’m ready to go. It’s a, B would be no, it’s like, no, it’s under stay there for a bit longer. Your dream house is still coming. So my yes or no. In your mind with your decision, I want you to go and really think, okay. What’s my yes. No. Okay. We’ve got a great, okay. Let’s focus on the first one. Your yes. Answer. I want you to start imagining the yes. Unfolding the endless possibilities of that. Yes. What does that feel like to have the, yes. What’s your body doing? What are you observing? Okay. Now let’s go through your option B the know, what does that feel like? What’s happening to your body? When you think about the no possibilities. If you fast forward a couple of months from now, what does the noise look like? Okay. 

Okay. You guys, so you can open up your eyes hoping. No one’s driving a car right now. I just thought of that. This exercise should not be done while it’s driving a car. I like to do this exercise lying down on my yoga mat. My really peaceful and quiet and just taking a couple of big, deep breaths and really tuning into my question and visualizing the possibilities. Possibility a and possibility B. Now generally when your body says yes, like that smile that I spoke about what happens. There’s a sensation now in my body, it’s almost like an expansion of self. I feel open to the possibilities. Sometimes I get like a little tickle in my heart. Sometimes I get a full body of goosebumps of excitement. Each of us have different signals in our body, but overall, you should feel a lightness to answer that you want answer that doesn’t sit right now. 

I’m also just want to clarify a yes or no. Sometimes a no is actually what we need to hear. Know the difference between like that it’s divine timing that it could be a no and no might be actually a good thing. Please know that a note often feels very restrictive quite often when I’m visualizing something that I, that’s a, no, that is not meant to happen for me is that my body calls up and wants to hide. I do get smaller. I feel smaller. From expansion is it’s meant to be, it’s not meant to be, is complete opposite. Quite often for me, when the answer that I’m seeking, isn’t right, there’s almost like a reaction, a dread, a feeling of overwhelm. It’s important to observe those in the body because the most important thing about understanding and using your energy for greater good is like, you should always be moving from a place that feels good. 

No one likes people who push. I know that from experience, as I mentioned in the first episode was like, I had to stop pushing my was a moment there that I was pushing and things just would not going right. Using my in a guidance system more and understanding and listening to that has helped guide my decisions and look, to be honest, the whole scenario in the first episode where I shared about the event, like I was driven by ego a hundred percent. I’ll talk more about that in the last episode of this series. It’s important to know the difference because sometimes the ego, it folds the crap out of me. I really thought and felt that was right. I actually didn’t then take time out because I was so busy doing and not observing. Last week, I really encouraged you to sharpen your awareness and to observe more this week. 

I want you to double that, but this week be observant of your energy and what your body is trying to signal to you. Next week, we are going to talk all about setting boundaries. We’re going to talk about how to protect your energy and look after you. So until then, keep inspiring. 


If you are struggling with the need to please having a professional to help you identify your habits will fast-track you to rewrite the behaviours that have kept you stuck in the past. As a cognitive behavioural therapist who has spend the past decade dedicated to this work. I would love to support you on your healing journey. Contact me today!

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