The Wholeness Method Series – Part 2 – Unlocking Your Truth

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This week on the Wild Success Podcast it’s part two of the Wholeness Method. This episode focuses on unlocking your truth by simply sharpening your awareness and coming home to what it is you love. It’s a great episode that will give you the tips to help you identify how to fine-tune what it is you love.


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This week on the podcast, we are diving into the wholeness method, a five part series all about coming home to you. Last week, I covered about people-pleasing, but also my journey this year and how I’ve got to where I am now, because it’s been a ride. 

Let me tell you this episode, we are diving into becoming aware of your truth and your essence. Sorry. What does that even mean? Right. The first thing, I believe that for anyone on the journey of uncovering their purpose, their soul is to really have a deep understanding of self. What are your beliefs? What do you believe in and hold true to your heart. Now I say this with a lot of emphasis, because I really want people to understand that this episode, I really want you to take notes. I really want you to think about who you are, because this is like the core piece of the puzzle, right? So your beliefs is the sky actually blue. Yes. It’s up to you. Do you believe that socks and sandals is okay? Yes. No cheese on spaghetti. Bolonaise yes, no. Great. These are your beliefs. Okay? Your beliefs of what you hold as true to you. 

If you think it’s weird that someone’s putting grated carrot onto a sandwich, that’s totally cool. They might think that grated carrot is like the best thing ever on that sandwich. It’s not up to you to worry about someone else. This episode is all about you and yes, I’m giving you permission to be selfish into the self-inquiry of who you are. I encourage you over the coming week to explore your own beliefs. What have you noticed like that? You say, Oh, I don’t like peace, ? Okay, cool. Why do you not like piece and where did that come from? My husband is always challenging me. Cause I used to be like, I don’t like olives. I like it’s always food, but that’s because I didn’t know either. Over the years I now love coriander. I will always hate things with olives in it, there still not my favorite, to be honest. However at least I’ve given them a try to understand, well, is this for me or not? And that’s the same for your beliefs. Like you need to test the waters. It’s so easy for us to not like something, but to find things that we love is a whole new story. Sorry.

From understanding your beliefs, we need to understand your values with values. I see this in relationship to something. Okay. So I value people who are honest. I value that as one of my own values is to show up and be honest. I value people who express their feelings. I like to express my feelings. What are your values? And yes, knowing your values for your business is awesome. What about you personally, is integrity important to you is having a bit of fun name, important to you. Find what it is that you like, your values now going into what it is you actually love. 

It’s going to take some time to uncover all of the things that you’d like, because it’s an experiment, right? And the only way to find out like there’s olives scenario is to try things. Once, and has given some a try, you it, but you have to say no a whole bunch first. Right. You also need to catch yourself in those moments and be like, Ooh, I really am enjoying this Pata. I can’t even think of the word where the olives mashed together. Okay. So yeah. What do you love? You may really find something that you are really like, Oh my God, I need this in my life. Every single day for me, that is taking grounding breaths. When I can have a little boogie, if I can, but also things like for me, like I love yoga. I love being around people who light me up. 

I love having deep conversations. What is it that you love? And sometimes it’s really important to like, if you don’t know what you love is to rewind back in time and think of moments of joy. This is for me, like the whole dancing thing, like that’s, I just always have loved dancing. There’s something really fluid and beautiful about it. Of course I’ve got that in my life because I really love it. I also really love good food, but what else do I love? I love my forest. I’m not a big lover of living in suburbia. I do not like living in a high rise building. I do not like, living in a big city. I love them to visit, but I love my sanctuary. What is it that you love really feel into that? The other thing that’s really cool about doing Mike, these big self questions is you actually get to shop in your awareness because you’re stepping outside side of yourself, out of your comfort zone for a moment. 

And actually getting honest with yourself. When you’re sitting there at a table with friends, what’s your behavior, what do you order? Do you do it to fit in? Do you order something really lucky? Like worried about like you indecisive save because like what if someone gets the one that you wanted and then you don’t order it? Oh my goodness. Wouldn’t that gin is better than mine. Oh my goodness. Like what’s happening around you. All these things that happen around us, often little science of what we need to know now becoming aware of your truth is trial and error. It is a journey. But let me tell you this. There is a little piece of you inside in your heart, in your soul. That’s connected that wants you to know who you are. It wants you to be lit up all the time. It wants only the best for you really. 

What’s around you, that lights you up. What do you need more of in your life? Comes back to that love question as well, but often as little signs around and our everyday life that, signifies things for us, observe them. You know, symbols are really quite potent. What are they trying to express to us? What’s the story. There is like my soul, trying to communicate with me. I’m a big one that, are in a guy I didn’t system helps us. Sometimes having hard situations, like they’re actually happening for a reason. Cause there’s like a greater good that is to come from it. It’s a greater learning. It’s a great lesson. Here to experience in life, like go full into that. Now your spirit essence is like your soul’s vibration. I like to call it the energy that lives inside of us. We all have one. This is something that I teach in the wholeness membership and also in the embody of spirit program. 

It’s giving yourself like your energy and name. It’s like the vibration in which you are in, when you walk into a room, do you walk in and go straight to the corner? Or do you walk in with like, a bit of grandeur around you and like effortlessly walk into having someone like give you a glass of champagne, that’s effortless. What is your like essence that you have inside of you? What is the manner in the way that you do life? Once again, it comes with observation. The only way to see is to shop in your awareness. Little things that you can do to sharpen your awareness festival, big, deep grounding, breaths, hand over heart, simply doing three big, deep grounding breaths after something has happened, can help you see it in a new way. Meditation is another fantastic tool to get you into your body. 

Perhaps you’d have some movement that you like to do that pulls you back into your body. The whole idea of sharpening your awareness is to notice your thoughts, but not for them to rule you observe. One of the things that I often do as well is journaling. Journaling is really powerful. Once again, we all have different strengths and different likes. This list is for you to find the one that suits you. I know because I like to write that journaling is very freeing and also grounds me because sometimes I need to clear my mind in order to be able to sit and take those breaths, but everyone has the opportunity to breathe. This is the one that I recommend for everybody. Cause sometimes, I don’t have 10 minutes to meditate, but I definitely have 10 seconds to have three big, deep belly breaths coming home to your truth is sharpening your awareness and observing and understanding who you are at your core, your beliefs, your values, what you like, what you don’t like. 

This is what I’m hoping you all take away today. On the next episode, we are going to talk about how to use your energy, that essence that you have inside of you, how to learn, how to trust it, but also when to use it’s pretty powerful. Today and for the next week, observe yourself start compiling the list of who you are and accepting all your and weaknesses approach to put that in there too. Now I think about it, sorry, extra bonus question is identifying your strengths and weaknesses because guess what that’s who you are. They are beautiful when they’re worth celebrating as well. So until next time, keep inspiring.


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