The Wholeness Method – Part 5 – Mastering Your Mindset

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Today we are talking all about mastering our mindset which is the final part of the wholeness method series. And, let me tell you, it has definitely been a big game changer in my world, moving from a place of intuition, feeling and guidance, as opposed to living from a place of ego and pushing and forcing things to happen. I share how to move from negative thinking into a place that feels good.


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This week is the final part of the wellness method series. And today we are talking all about mastering our mindset. Let me tell you, it has definitely been a big game changer in my world, moving from a place of intuition, feeling and guidance, as opposed to living from a place of ego and pushing and forcing things to happen. I share how to move from a negative thinking into a place that feels good. 

Let’s go to an example for a moment, because when you’re ruled by ego, what does that look like? Now in the first episode of this series, I talked about how I was running an event and, I thought I was on the right theme. I was pushing, I was making it happen. I was doing all these things and I was going and going. For some reason, nothing was lining up. Everything seemed forced. It was a push to get everything done. I was doing it because I thought it’d be great for my business. I also did it cause I wanted, people to acknowledge to see me for who I was. Right. So that was my eager driving me. You know, I wanted acknowledgement. I wanted to be seen, I wanted to be like verified almost. That was my ego push. Whereas living in flow things go with ease the happen in divine timing there, no pushing things, just magically show up. 

What do I mean by this? So the very first event that I ran was – wild success live, I remember getting a big fat no from a company here in Byron Bay that I really wanted to collaborate with. And I was completely gutted. I was like, Oh, what a shame? ? Cause I really needed a good headliner to like really bring this event home. My intentions of like the event, what I wanted to happen that were like so true. Like I just believed in it a hundred percent what I wanted to create. And I was gutted. I did, but I knew that the show had to go on and I didn’t force at all, but I didn’t shed a few tears that’s for sure. It’s like, what do you mean? They said, no, within one hour I kind of turned my mindset around. I was like, okay, I need to find someone new. 

Who’s that going to be? I need a headliner for this event. Who could it be? So I got distracted after that thought, of course and started scrolling on Facebook. The next thing I know, I find an ad, Denise Duffield Thomas. She has got a new book coming out and she wants to do like a tour. She’s looking for events to speak out, Oh my God, are you kidding me? I love Denise. I love that books. It changed my world. Oh my God. Within two weeks I got a yes from there was then ironing out details of events and bits and pieces and all the things and it just kind of float. The event itself, all the components worked at flowed. However, the second one didn’t that was a big push. I had people cheering at the very beginning of then within months, there was no one left standing and three of my own doing it was my ego. 

I was working from ego, not from place of ease and a clear vision. I thought that’s what I wanted, but it may, he wasn’t and maybe that’s divine timing too. You know, he knew that coronavirus. Wasn’t going to like, okay, in saying that, there’s always a lesson in everything that we do. No matter seeing the light or the dark, there’s always a lesson in that. My biggest lesson is to really witness and fully see myself from a place of moving from ego. I can acknowledge that and I can forgive myself and accept that. That’s the first thing about mastering your mind, just full ownership, accepting yourself and your beliefs and patterns of behaviors. If you can do that, you can then move forward. One of the biggest things that I worked through a couple of years ago was letting go of judgment. Like we need judgment cause we can like it’s, making a call on something. 

I was living in a place of judgment where I was actually judging everything in everything that then created an outcome. What does that mean? Well, when I would wake up in the morning, middle of summer, I was like, it’s going to be so hot today. That feeling like you just know it’s going to be a stinker. It says it’s going to be 40 degrees. Like I’ve already made up in my mind at seven o’clock in the morning that it just going to be ridiculously hot. This was my pattern for like several years. Like I would judge a situation before it happened and I wanted to remove that. I worked on this solidly for a long time and the summer after I’d let his practice, I actually didn’t feel the heat for the first time. My body was like, okay, we’re living in the present now. 

Like well it’s actually not that hot. It’s still mid day. Cool. Like what else? I was able to observe instead of judge what was going on for me. Letting go of judgment of what was right and wrong or what is, was a big playing field for me to explore. That helped me, in that ego moment of pushing in the last event to not totally beat myself up for it because, divine timing, like the universe always has something else for us. If my event had not have failed, I would not have written an ebook. If I had not have worked with my mental, I would not have been encouraged to write. What’s really funny is I didn’t actually make it to her one in person event that I wanted to go to in the U S because sales for the event didn’t go as planned. I didn’t get to go, but I got to work with her and said for eight months ongoing, which was fantastic. 

There’s always these beautiful little lessons, even when we’re driven by ego, we learn more about ourselves. Letting go of judgement for me and being observant of what’s actually happening in the present was more potent. Once you have full acceptance of, okay, I was just living in ego. Oh shit. Yep. Here we go. To actually be able to forgive yourself for choosing that path and know that it’s totally okay that you chose that path because I bet you, there was some damn fine lessons in that. What, sometimes you don’t even realize those lessons until five to six months later. And that’s totally okay. Sometimes that good one sometimes, you’re just like, Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that. But forgiveness of yourself is really important. Now why do I say self? It comes back to judgment. Many people, not so much myself anymore used to want to point the finger at someone who can we blame? Why did this happen? Me so perfect example, my bent failed. 

Do I blame it on coronavirus to be fair and fully honest, I called it before coronavirus happened, literally the week of the first outbreaks before any other events had been canceled in Australia. I caught it. I knew instinct and gut intuition was like, Oh, Don Liz, the army person to blame was myself because I believed at the time that it was a great idea to do it. My intentions weren’t as clear, I guess, for this one, as it was from the other. It was really interesting to observe that and the lessons just kept on reveling and unraveling. I could blame people. Yes. Oh. They did this and they left and they said this and they, he did that. Like, Oh my God, it could be endless. Right. It’s fricking exhausting blaming others. What you can do is acknowledge what you’ve said or done and be totally cool with that. 

Cause from here, you have the ability to keep moving on. Cause you get to make the next choice. What’s next. It’s an entrepreneur. It’s like gateway really. That’s what I did, but I also allowed, here’s the thing, with mindset. It’s like, we need to allow things to unfold as well. That’s really important because once again, that pushing, if I had have just been like, okay, what’s next? You know, event’s done. What’s next. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. I wouldn’t have had a moment of opportunity to reflect or to see what I know. Now I purchased an AA book. I didn’t start a project. I didn’t go straight back into coaching. You know, I didn’t rush for anything. I’m creative energy. I used and channeled that I homeschooled my kids. Thanks coronavirus. But you know, that’s what I did. 

I walked up and down our Valley in the rainforest. I connected back to myself. Shifting your mindset, once again, this practice of strengthening, your awareness of self is so strong in the wholeness membership. I teach a method of how to switch your mindset from positive to negative thinking. The foundation of that comes to self, acceptance, forgiveness, releasing and choosing what’s next. Always in choosing what’s next is setting an intention for me with your mind set, like once you’ve observed and witnessed and accepted what has happened and occurred in the lessons that it’s given you and what your next move is, that choice that you’ve made because that’s the thing you have the choice to move on. You have the choice to have a better thought. Best thing you can do is set yourself an intention to move towards next. What I love to have to support my intentions are affirmations really simple. 

One story. I just adore simplicity. You know, I am enough. I am courageous. I am going to be the best STEM event manager ever. I probably wouldn’t use the word damn, but what I’m trying to say. It’s really important to use the right words, but words that symbolize what it is that you’re trying to achieve. You know, once you’ve assessed your situation. From me going from event to ebook to now and where I’m headed, I’m living from a place of purpose. Cause I understand what that is and what I’m here to do. It’s like my intention now, especially with this podcast, this little series is just to give you that guys, a taster of what’s been happening and unfolding in my life, but this year has impacted so many people. My intentions for the podcast is to get more real life, tangible people and share that true on a story. 

It’s more about the story than it is necessarily always tangible advice and lessons because I find that in the story, there’s always lessons. It’s just how we, view them and see them or hear them. I’ve set myself a few little affirmations around the desk and that’s exciting to have them. I want to feel those. I have a five star rated podcast. I am an excellent interviewer. My guests love talking to me. My podcast gets shared every single week. Those are all affirmations and that’s just for the podcast. So your mindset can be mastered. It’s up to you to choose how and when you’re going to do it, hopefully over these past few weeks, you’ve sharpened your awareness to observe your thoughts. And that’s the key here with mindset. It’s your thoughts instead of letting your thoughts rule the way of your life, check back in with your body, go back to that exercise. 

We did two weeks ago. What is it that my body actually, my inner knowing wants me to hear. I wasn’t listening to that in a voice through the events set up at all. I wish I had it, but that’s hindsight now. The wholeness method, it’s all about coming home to you. It’s about knowing who you are, being capable of, observing yourself, observing your energy, how to use your energy in the best possible way and what you need to do to protect your energy and set boundaries for yourself, but also to live from a place of heart and intuition instead of ego. If you want to do more of this work, I would love to invite you into the wholeness membership. It really is a beautiful community of women doing self exploration, sharing and diving deep into their own beliefs and patterns. What I’ve shared over the last few weeks is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s in the online course. 

For now, thank you so much for listening and we will be back to interviewing some people next week. So until then, keep inspiring.


If you are struggling with the need to please having a professional to help you identify your habits will fast-track you to rewrite the behaviours that have kept you stuck in the past. As a cognitive behavioural therapist who has spend the past decade dedicated to this work. I would love to support you on your healing journey. Contact me today!

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