The Best Diaries for 2018

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Searching for a diary for 2018 can be a bit of a drag, there are so many options! However, hopefully I have put together six of the best diaries for 2018 for you to take a look at.

I have a few pre-requisites for my diaries and that is that a full week is on a page. I just prefer it but what I also love is having sections of my diary where I can plan out months or even set goals. I use it as a planner for meetings, events and also mapping out my promotional calendar.

The Best Diaries for 2018

A: 2018 Lively Floral Spiral Everyday Planner

I am a sucker for a pretty pattern and this diary by Rifle Paper Co really got my attention. I just love it. This diary includes inspiration quotes, metallic gold accents and a section for your celebrations.


B: Control Freak Jan-March Colour edition

I fell in love with these diaries after I had just bought my diary for the year. However, I think I am still going to buy one. Because they look so amazing. The main problem with traditional planners is that they really don’t understand or cater to the life of a modern-day business owner.  The #controlfreak is designed to help bring order to the daily chaos. Take a look because if you are like me and love to organise than this is your guy.


C: 2018 Wellbeing Inspiration Diary

Ok, so this is the diary I actually bought. I had one last year and I just bought it again from my local newsagent. The thing is, I love the pictures in it and that I can see the whole week in front of me. I use it to mark out my meetings and events. It’s not the greatest Diary I have ever had but it’s simple and it works for me at the moment.


D: Frankie Diary 2018

This cute diary is full of lovely painterly patterns, carefully hand-drawn by local artist Caitlin Shearer and bound in cloth. Featuring a week to a double-page layout, as well as a weekly notes section for all your important doodles, dates and daily scribbles, it’s 168 pages of organised fun, and the perfect size to fit into every handbag. This year it also included special treats like gift tags and cards, tear-out forget-me-nots, handy stickers, a conversions page, doodle sheets and a pocket to stash stuff in.


E: Melbourne 2018 Planner

Another beautiful diary with a print from Melbourne-based textile designer Cassie Byrnes. It’s got a 12-month planner and section for notes, goals, and checklists. It’s simply just beautiful.


F: 2018 Gratitude Diary

I am pretty sure one out of five people I know have this diary. It is wildly popular especially those who work in the life coaching field.  In the daily planner, you will notice a space at the beginning of each day to journal thoughts. You will be amazed at how this very simple practice and commitment will expand for you what is good and what is true! I really love the idea but I hold my journaling to a separate space away from my biz planning.



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