The Art of Celebration with Jordana Edwards

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On today’s episode, I talk with Jordana Edwards, the CEO and founder of Clean Tea and the Breastfeeding Tea Co. We are going to dive all in on celebration. I see so many people not celebrating their achievements in their life + business and acknowledging what they’ve done. The more you celebrate, the more you have to celebrate. This episode is packed with reasons WHY we should all be celebrating more.¬†


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On today’s episode, I am talking with Jordana Edwards, the CEO and founder of Clean Tea and the Breastfeeding Tea Co. We are going to dive all in on celebration. I see so many people not celebrating their achievements in their life business and acknowledging what they’ve done. Jordana is one of the very few people I see who do it vocally out into the world, but also with herself and her close friends, Jordana’s business started with three teas, which she handcrafted with her mom over seven years ago, Clean Tea and the Breastfeeding Tea Co is still a family run business with over 50 teas and gift boxes.¬† She has a multi-million dollar business and has gone from strength to strength every single year. She is truly an inspiring woman. Today let’s dive all in onto celebration and see the power of where celebrating can take you, because I believe it’s a snowballing effect. The more you celebrate, the more you have to celebrate. So let’s dive in.¬†

Hello. Jordana thank you so much for joining me on the show today. 


Hi Lizzie. Thanks so much for having me again. 


Today, we are going to be talking a lot about celebration. Before we do that, do you want to do a quick little intro? Yes. You’ve been on the show before, but for those who haven’t heard your last episode, can you do a little intro, what it is you do, and what’s happened for you, I guess, in the last few years.¬†

Thanks for this. Those who don’t know me, I am Jordana. I am the founder of Clean Tea and now the Breastfeeding Tea Co. I’m also the founder of an online group for women called Tweed to Byron Women in Business. I am a mother of three, a wife, and I’m allowed to say this, I’m a friend of Liz.¬†

Yes, you are. The beauty of being able to see, the pleasure of maybe I will interview people on the podcast that I know is that I get to see the insights of people’s businesses and also their lives. And, for Jordana it’s been an incredible year. Yes, she’s the owner of Clean Tea and the Breastfeeding Tea Co, but this year has been pretty Epic.¬†

2020 has been like super crazy. I guess it started for me as for most people, we all thought 2020 was going to be the best year that we’d ever had the best day yet. On the 1st of January, I got announced by Romany star in New York. As one of the top 20 women to watch in business disruption for 2020, not quite sure what the all apps meant, but I just thought it was super cool title. Being one of the women to watch in 2020 for businesses structure, and boy, did I pick it right? Because we launched a business and new brand right in the middle of COVID shutdown. Probably not something a sane or normal person would do. When I had put my heart and soul and passion into creating a brand that was going to help new moms with collic babies or lactation issues, I just needed my purpose and passion, I guess the fear that I had, that it was a terrible time to do it.¬†

Yeah, we launched the Breastfeeding Tea Co in April and then the FEMEconomy and the retail global published an article, naming me, the queen of business disruption, also a very cool title to have. Shortly after that, were published on and that was just mental. Like I’ve just never had so much public attention about how we’ve gone from being a market stal to, we’re on track now to do over three and a half million this year in turnover, just at Clean Tea. So, people were just captivated by our story. Straight after that, I went into the Ausmumpreneur awards and I was nominated for six categories and I won five trophies. Gold for food and beverage gold for regional business awards, silver for people’s choice, bronze in the of the year and bronze for innovative product for the Breastfeeding Tea Co. If that wasn’t enough, I decided to move our factory in September.¬†

We moved from a 100 square meter factory in Byron Bay that we moved to three years ago. I think it was right at, you had interviewed me for the last podcast. We hadn’t been in there long. That was like, really felt like this huge success for me to move from. What was my kitchen bench into a hundred meters square meter factory was amazing, but now we’re in 300 square meters in trade heads and now we have 17 employees. 2020 has had an enormous challenge for us, to do with staffing because of COVID shutdowns affecting, a lot of our staff had to leave and parents at home. So, me and two other staff members are running a million dollar business here, not just running it, I mean blending every tea and labeling every bag. And, on top of that, launching a new brand and pivoting our marketing so that we could survive initially was my first instinct and then thrive through what has been extremely challenging 2020.¬†

It’s December, as I’m turning 40 in a week and I’m pretty reflective on the fact that this has been yeah, the best year yet.¬†

I love this. I just love that the energy of the smile is like there’s viewing, listening, I get to see Jordana right now. The smile of just sheer luck, I’ve done this. There’s just such joy in your face. For those who don’t know, Jordana started her company five years ago, back at the market store in Byron Bay. Yeah,¬†

Actually it was seven years ago in Byron Bay. So, it was back when tea started to become cool because T2 had come out, but I really wanted to create a product that was clean. Hence the name, Clean Tea, free from pesticides, chemicals, additives, or scales, check your teeth. There are almost all of those labels that are not a natural ingredient. They really don’t need to be there. So, we’ve created a product that not only to buy love, but our customers have come to love. Now we’re selling, an excessive 8 million cups of tea a year. Like that’s crazy like the amount of cups of tea that we make, not customers, but cups of tea. It is just so crazy cool. Yeah, to go from a market store was a pretty big leap, but it happened one day when I’d had my third child and a storm blew into Byron Bay.¬†

I was literally hiding underneath my trestle table on my market stall. My phone was going with online sales. I like, why am I here? I could be at home with my babies and I could be, I could try and make this a successful online store. That was the day that I decided markets were enough for me to pack up my tent. That’s the last time that we did it. I poured all my energy and passion into creating a brand that people would love. We did a rebrand, we did new photography, we revamped the website, we created a sample box concept. Now we have over, I think we have 35 different types of gift boxes. So it was really neat. Yeah, in 2015, we had a boosted post go just $20 on a boosted post go viral overnight. We had a 2000% increase in sales. The last five years have seen me scale year on year, like double year on year.¬†

I don’t know if anybody else in business knows what it’s like to scale. It can be, it can be exhausting, it’s thrilling. Yeah, it’s certainly an incredible journey of five years to get to where we are now.¬†

Yes. Here you are this year and we’re celebrating all that you’ve achieved this year. So you’ve listed a few things. There anything else you wanted to add to the collection of awards that you’ve won media attention?¬†

Yeah. Yeah. I definitely think the media attention that we’ve had this year has been pretty phenomenal. You know, I was in Founder mag. That was super cool there. There’s just, I’m not showing away at first. I was on the news twice and for me, when I was told I was going to have to do live television, I was like, I can do this. When you’re actually doing the cross and you can see yourself and there’s questions, you don’t know any like, Oh, this is the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been. You’ve just got to remember, your purpose and your passion and your why, and what it is that the people want to hear from why are they interviewing you? Why do they want to hear your stories? So, I’ve definitely had to step outside my comfort zone. I’ve had lots of headshots this year. For the first time, really in the seven years, I think I thought I was building a brand that I could sell.¬†

Like that was probably the purpose and the end goal, but now I’ve realized that I can actually, and probably the biggest thing that came out of this year is just enjoying, receiving the income from the businesses and spending the money, but also being in comfort that I don’t have to sell it, but that’s not the goal. The goal is actually to continue to just migrate to keep our customers, not even keep them happy, make them happy. They buy our product because our tagline is, we hope you find joy in every cup. We just want to keep giving joy. And, if it keeps the 17 of my staff, being able to do the things I’ve done this year, I know so many of us have bought new cars or moved out of shared houses into their own houses. This has been so many leaps for them in their life, that, all these small purposes that keep this business keeps giving to other people that fuels, why I keep going and why I’m doing what I’m doing.¬†

So, you talk about, yeah, there’s been press, but there’s also been small goals in there. Like, as I’ve renovated my house and all myself, a new car, so, spa, I just dragged myself out. I think success is, it is sometimes monetary, but it’s also the feeling that it gives you and the joy that it can give. Many other people that are affected by a brand. When you have two brands, as big as ours, now that ripple effect is phenomenal. Even down to, the work with Share the Dignity because of the that you feature. I was rung by Rochelle, the founder of Share the Dignity and they, if anyone doesn’t know whoShare the Dignity, are really important. Charity that works on ending period poverty. You go, what on earth is period poverty. There are girls and women in domestic violence situations or girls in poverty situations.¬†

There’s so much stigma around periods that they don’t have access to normal sanitary items. They have to use socks or toilet paper. It’s just, in a first world country where there’s just so many opportunities, it’s so sad that this is happening.Share the Dignity is working really hard on giving sanitary items back to the homeless, but also putting in three dispenses in every school so that any girl has access to sanitary items. They rang me and said, they couldn’t hold their dignity party, that they hold every year because of COVID, would I create a dignity Tea for them? I was like, yes, absolutely. We’ve created a dignity tea and a dignity box. Far last month we raised $1,200 for them. Through a gynecological appointment that I had after we actually had to cancel our podcast, this story I had to go for an emergency gyno appointment, told her about what I was doing.¬†

She’s hosting a Dignity party at John Flynn hospital. This Sunday, we’re all the new moms on the ward. I can’t wait to see all their babies. My gyno is donating $5,000 to Share the Dignity. I can’t tell you the goosebumps I got when I realized that my news article created all this ripple effect. Sometimes being public with your success isn’t necessarily just about celebrating you, but the doors that are opened as well.¬†

Yes. I was going to ask this question later, but we’re going to focus on this now, because to me, what you’re saying is like how you define success is through the ripple effect. You create more for yourself and more in your business and your life, it ripples out. You are seen publicly, like, you’ve had these people approach you, and now you’re helping beautiful charities and setting up some new foundations for others. And it’s just, Oh, it’s so good.¬†

Yeah. Yeah. It’s really, it is that ripple effect and it is part of the success because I’m so proud to talk of the ways that the business has been able to help others because success, you can ask me what success is. That might be one of your questions later. Success for me was so many different things in seven years, like just to have a laugh. I remember when I got my first 100 followers on Facebook and I thought I was successful. It’s those moments that they make you cheer yourself. You have to be your own cheerleader because you’re not necessarily going to have everyone that understands how hard you work to get that particular goal. So, you’ll always have people cheering you on that are proud of your friends and family. What, if your success and your bragging about your success makes them uncomfortable.¬†

I’ve said this before then, they’re not your team members. They’re not your cheerleaders. You’ve got to go out and find them. I think that’s why I love our Tweed to Byron Women in Business group is because people can brag. You can get on there and say, I did this and we will all cheer for you. You know, that’s so important. For me, don’t discredit that the business is really hard. It’s not for everyone, not everyone succeeds, but the success is the reward. It’s also got, like we said, that ripple effect. So, I think everybody should take the opportunity to celebrate themselves because yeah, like I said, not everyone will understand how hard it was for you to work at something or how hard it was for me to go on television. ? So, I’m absolutely obsessed with Brene Brown and her leadership teachings. I think that being vulnerable is a part of success.¬†

That sharing your story shows that you had courage and shows that you have faith to believe in yourself and to leap into areas of new business or personal growth that you wouldn’t necessarily have done if you weren’t in business. So, success is part of any successful business, I guess you’d say is celebrating it as well.¬†

Yeah. We’re going to talk about that next. I just want to add one little thing, which I loved here was milestones, as you said, you first a hundred followers on Facebook, thatHappy dance, like I’ve done these happy dancers.
Through my businesses as well. You know, like you get to that. The next goal. 

I’m like the day that Facebook called me and told me that I was on the small business council. I thought I had conquered the world, to have this massive juggernaut call me. Even though they were just looking for real businesses, that was actually just what they were looking for, but I really felt like it was, I dunno, why are you going to ship all of the hard work that I’d put in that I was a small business, but more than that, I had a voice. Facebook wanted to work with us and he, how we, what advice we had for them to, change the platform to improve for small business. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had working one-on-one with Facebook, not just because of the things that I’ve learned, but hopefully, our group, our amazing 25 plus businesses from Australia that we’ve had some impact on making Facebook better for both the consumer and for business.¬†

Yes. I remember the day it happened. Like when I won the entrepreneur award, my neighbors all knew like there was screaming. There was, it was during COVID too. 

These are limited with the amount of paper we had. I think we had five people, sitting around a zoom. It was not a typical award, not, I was not standing on a stage and had a glamorous dress holding a trophy. We didn’t get a trophy that year. We got an acceptance speech via zoom. The only people we had to celebrate with was the five people that I have. But there was a lot of screaming. It was, yeah.¬†

Let’s talk about celebration. I think so many people just don’t do enough of this. It doesn’t matter if it’s in their life, but also like women in business, especially I think we really underestimate, reaching these milestones. It’s like we’ve reached them. We got a hundred followers. We go, woo. And then we move on straight away. Obviously those guideposts change as our businesses change. Why do you think it’s really important for us to celebrate? It’s hard to.¬†

It’s hard to answer for me because success comes, sorry. Celebrating success has become natural. To me, it’s like the higher that I get when I have, a business that can create a great deal of stress. Sometimes in my life that someone once said to me, you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. I’d like to think that the celebration of the successes that we have is the top of the way, you are riding, you are on a high, you are loving this. Those lows in the way of, those times that it is hard to, sometimes think, can I keep going? Do I have the cashflow? Am I going to have to put stuff off? Or why isn’t this working? Or, all of the challenges that I’ve had and believe me, there’s been thousands of them. They are strongly outweighed by the top of that wave and that success and that ride.¬†

I think it is so important to celebrate them because why else bean business, yes, there’s the ripple effect of what you might have, the income you might get for your family or the new car or the chance to employ other women. For me, other women who are working for me in becoming independent, that is such a huge part of what I believe is my success. Celebrating it is so important because you also become a leader and then other people can see how you celebrate, and then they have the opportunity to celebrate. So, I celebrate in different ways and I’m not shy about it. I don’t think that anybody should because you work damn hard. I don’t know any business woman that doesn’t work damn hard at any stage in their life. They will have said that, we talked about this earlier, that sometimes you’ve got to put in those 18 hour days and you’re allowed to celebrate the outcome of that.¬†

If you put in the hours, then you can jump up and down and cheer because you took a risk on yourself. You took a leap of faith and you have worked not just physically hard, but mentally hard, you’ve made sacrifices. Definitely shout out to the world that, Hey, I’ve created this and it may not be monetary. It may just be like our donation to share. The dignity was such, it made me cry, like to have that effect, to be able to, help end period poverty. Like I had no idea when I started a market. Seven years ago that would be the results. So yeah, definitely celebrating success. It’s a right as a business owner. Should, do you have any,¬†

Anyone who’s sitting right now listening to this going, okay, like maybe last week I landed an awesome client. Maybe I’ve had the best month ever in business. What’s some tips around how to celebrate from Jordanna?¬†

Yeah, definitely. I mean, that’s my point. The happy dance by itself is great. If that is your comfort zone of celebration, that’s also allowed you don’t have to be as vocal as someone like me and be like, Hey, I’m in the paper. If the happy dance is just you, that’s great. You go, the other thing that I love is group messages. If you’re in a group message like your best deeds or your work wives as I call them. These are the women in business that you align with, then that is like the next level up. You can have a group message where you’re like, Hey, this happened. And I’m so proud of it. I don’t want to tell the world, but I’m just telling you because I know that you’ll appreciate how much it means to me. I think that great messages are great and finding an online group like ours was like a Tweed to Byron Women in Business that you can go and have a brag, but also read other people’s successes.¬†

I know that yours will always be different and it will mean something different to you, but you’re allowed to share. In those safe spaces, I hate going into groups where it’s like, we only post this on Tuesdays and we only do shares on Thursdays. I’m like, Oh, I might, if I’ve had something like that happen and I want people to know it’s going to happen, like right there. I’m not going to wait a week when it’s old news and nobody’s sharing about it. And remember that also your successes. I keep saying this, these are leadership qualities that will inspire others to not only share their success, but to be interested in your story or your lessons, or, it’s like mentoring in some way. The more we share as a community of women in business, the more we learn from each other, trust me, the more money all going to save.¬†

We’re all making the same mistakes, costing money. If we can all share, the lessons we’ve learned and the successes that we’ve made, then as a community, we can all grow and success could be, something that everybody has. And hopefully somewhere in that everybody stands. I mean, as I also, I’m really public on my profiles. I share on LinkedIn, what I do I share on Facebook, what I do I share in the group, what I do, we put as successes on a website, because I think I’d said to you before, I always thought that my business was for sale. Like that was the end goal, but actually now I’ve made it about me. Now I’ve made our customers realize that they’re supporting a family. They’re supporting the women that worked for me. Really we’ve just created so much more of a tight-knit community. I love that customers address emails directly to me.¬†

I did honor this. I want to thank you for the tea or my daughter absolutely loved her birthday present. So, and we are talking about, we sell a lot of tea, but it’s amazing that the customers still know that I’m the one that’s going to get the email and I’m going to read it. I’m so grateful that we still have that communication between each other. When we have those big sale days and we’ve got a, you’ve seen my videos, hundreds of orders, thousands of orders caught up at the front door. We share it. We’re like, Oh my God guys, have you ever seen so many orders? And our customers are like, go. ? So they inspire us to keep doing what we’re doing.¬†

It’s reciprocal, right? Like, I think with celebration, you’re taking people on the journey with you as well, because that’s the thing like, you don’t just always share the highest, there’s the learnings. There’s lots of little bits of go along with it. I think by sharing the highest, a lot of people just leave that bit out. They’re too busy worrying about everything else. I think in the group a couple of weeks ago, so we’re both in the Tweed to Byron Women in Business group, which stood on and started, someone was like, I’m almost at a thousand followers. Can you help me out? And that was like a big thing, like that was a space you could do it, you don’t see that a lot. Like they’re asking for help, but they’re also working towards their goals. You know, like it’s there to celebrate. Another thing you mentioned as well, I call them biz besties.¬†

The people that you go to celebrate with, I always go straight to my husband. I’m like, I do the happy dance with him solo even as by the phone, I’m like, Oh, this happened. I go to my besties and relax, Oh my God. Guess what? And having that little community around you to support you through the thick and thin of lack, the rollercoaster of business, the challenges and the good it helps you. To then expand on that way, you all being more public about it, about the inspiration for others to like, okay, if Jordan is a mom of three and she can do it well, I want to do it too.¬†

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I love that. My story inspires women to take that leap of faith. I mean, Julia who you recently interviewed on a podcast, she’s one of my mentees. So I’m just so proud of her. It was like two years ago that I first taught her how to build Facebook ads. Now she’s just thriving in an e-commerce market. She is a gun at Facebook ads, and I’m so proud that I have been part of that journey, and she always talks about it, because I’m a couple of years ahead of her. Like she was talking about, Oh, when I get my bigger factory or when I come today or when I win five trophies, like it’s not, she also has her own successes. She’s achieved so many awards in a freedom beverage area. She has such enormous community support. I’m all about sharing her success, but I’m just proud that my successes fueled her to start her business.¬†

Yes. And it’s not competitive either. That’s the guy by the way, everyone. I know both of these women well, and it’s not, Oh, well I want to do this now too. Like, I want to do it because it’s possible. Yeah, absolutely. I’m sure Dan is going to cheer me on when I do this and I’m going to cheer Madonna when she does that. Like it’s, there’s love in that. Yeah.¬†

I think that’s why those business besties are important, but it’s not just, we are talking about celebrating. The highs was also celebrating the learnings. We both as business owners in food and beverage this year have struggled with supply. We talk about all the positives this year, but one of the negatives that has come out of COVID is a lack of product so we can cut and stuff. Right now in peak season, we ask scrambling for the last bottle, like pieces like available product in Australia. There’s a real risk of darn everyone panic. There’s a real risk of tea shortage. So, and it comes from a maximum supply demand and then minimal supply availability because of the transit. So will change. We don’t have flights in anymore. We’ve got a backlog of all of the ships off shore. These are the challenges that we have, but Jullia had messaged me and be like, Oh my gosh.¬†

Just, this is just such a struggle. For me to her too, and say, yeah, I hear you. We celebrate the successes together, as much as we discuss the challenges, but we met through the traits of our women in the business group. Those networks are the places that you’ll find your peeps. If you don’t have a peep, then, just get in there, introduce yourself, make a connection with someone who has a business, similar to yours and go for a cup of coffee or tea and find those business besties. Because like, for me, none of my personal friends, like my three besties, not a single one is in business and has any clue anything about stress or success? Like they’re proud of me, but I actually don’t understand. Sometimes having a conversation with them, that’s got to do with the struggles of juggling business, motherhood, self care, all those things.¬†

They’re not until five or they don’t understand. Yeah. It’s important to find those business besties. I love this. Okay. One final question. Best piece of advice you have ever been given. Recently I was picked up by the federal government entrepreneur programs. This is where clean tea and the breastfeeding Tico moves from being a small business into a medium to large business. Really scary for me because I’ve always identified as being a small business owner, but at what point do you reach your medium to large business? It’s actually terrifying. So, I was given that mentor at the same time that we moved to and there were a lot of struggles moving an entire factory and then all the extra space and they’ve got cash flow issues and regulation concerns. There were just a lot of hoops to jump through and boxes to take in order for us to get back into the same speed of production that Burringbar, and I was starting to burn out.¬†

I was so stressed. As I had some, female health problems and I had forced myself to go to a mental meeting. Despite the fact I was in incredible pain and my beautiful mentor, Maria, said to me, Jordana, you are the greatest asset in your business. I was kind of shocked. I thought I wasn’t putting myself first. Natural words have ever been spoken that you are the greatest asset to your business. As well as celebrating all the successes, I have had to learn that burnout does not equal success and learning to say no is incredibly liberating. So, you know, today is Wednesday. It is my official now self care day. You slipped in there cause it’s only week two. As I had good friends as well. I had to drag myself out of the spa. Today I went for a walk on the beach. My kids at school, gone for a walk on the beach and United today is about not being online today.¬†

That reading books, eating good food meditating and giving my brain and my heart space to just be me again, as well as being a mother, as well as being like an Epic boss lady, a friend, and a wife, I need to still be me. I’m really embracing that, your success in some ways is this day. That for me, I now get one self-care day off a week where I have an incredible team that can manage my business. I know that yeah, giving back to myself today also helps me to be the greatest asset in my business. Don’t forget to look after you through all of the growth and then the ripple effects happen. Yes, Jonah, thank you so much for your generosity, with your story and what’s happening in your life today. I’ve loved our conversation. Thank you so much for having me Lizzie. I think that when you love what you do, you love to share it because you love the impact and the ripple effect that it has on others.¬†

Mentoring other women in business for me, fills up my cup and people say, you give too much, but truly it fills up my cup to see the ripple effect that has on families and the amount of employees that they have, the opportunities that they get, but also what it gives back to our community. So, I think you find that tribe that you want to be in and what’s that ripple effect happens, but definitely take time to look after you and celebrate you because you are pretty amazing. If you have a woman in business, you are already amazing.¬†


We don’t need to add anything else to that, except for boom. Thanks, Jordana.¬†


Thanks for having me, Lizzie. I’m going back to the spa.¬†

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